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In a Nutshell

Albertsons is a grocery delivery service that does it all. From delivery to coupon clipping and packing, Albertsons is the ultimate in modern grocery shopping. It’s done away with the inconveniences of weekly shopping, including waiting in line, hauling heavy packages, and impulse buying as you wander through aisles. With locations across 35 states, a loyalty rewards program, and personalized deals, Albertsons is changing the way people shop.


  • Personalized deals and lowest price match
  • Free rewards program
  • Online or in-person shopping available


  • Rewards offers expire at the end of each month
  • Points don't roll over

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Albertsons at a Glance

Services available
Grocery delivery, pickup and go, same-day delivery, cake and deli trays
Rewards program
Gas and grocery rewards points
Rewards program
Pickup fee

What’s Unique About Albertsons?

Albertsons is revolutionizing the way we do grocery shopping as a culture. Instead of roaming through aisles, waiting on long lines at the grocery store, and carrying heavy packages out of carts into cars and to our counters, Albertsons does it all for you. From picking out the groceries to hand-delivering them to your door, that’s the beauty of Albertsons grocery delivery. While there are a few other grocery stores that offer this type of service, Albertsons really stands out for a few reasons:

  • Outstanding rewards program

Albertsons has one of the best loyalty rewards programs out there. Not only can you use points on groceries, but on gas as well. Here’s how it works:

  • Earn a point for each dollar you spend at the grocery store or pharmacy

  • Earn 2 points for every dollar you spend on gift cards

  • 100 points = 1 reward

  • 1 reward = $0.10 off per gallon

You can redeem rewards for discounts on either groceries or gas, and when you reach rewards status points, you'll unlock free items. So, you automatically get freebies just for doing your regular grocery shopping.

The thing to keep in mind is that rewards expire at the end of the month, so use them while you have them because nothing rolls over.

  • Pickup and delivery options

Albertsons is a convenient way to make grocery shopping happen faster. What’s nice about this service is that it offers multiple delivery options, including pick up on your own, self-packing, and full-service. It’s nice that Albertsons offers so much flexibility, so consumers can choose the shopping style that suits their needs best.

  • Personalized deals and coupons

This is one of the coolest features Albertsons has to show for itself. You’ll get personalized deals based on your shopping preferences. You’ll receive discounts and coupons on items that you shop for regularly or items that might be of interest to you. Albertsons also offers digital coupons, so you can save when you shop online (or in-store) without having to clip coupons old-school style. Members can also take advantage of rainchecks on coupons that have been sold out before they could get to them.

  • Load to card coupons

Another cool feature of Albertsons grocery delivery service is the load to card coupons available. Since Albertsons offers digital coupons, you can load them onto your members' card and have them automatically added to your account. This is much easier than having to cut coupons!

How much can you save? Well, according to the Albertsons website, members save as much as $300 PER WEEK! That’s an impressive savings by all accounts.

  • Shop by history

This handy feature cuts out lots of time for people who do the same shopping week after week. If this is you, you’ll save a lot of time and tedious repetition by selecting the shop by history option. Albertsons will automatically buy the items that you’ve previously selected for your weekly shopping. You can also customize your history shopping so that Albertsons only picks up certain repeated items.

  • Personal shopper

Picky shoppers are really going to love this option. You can put in personal notes about your shopping to get the exact item and type you want. For example, if you only like green bananas, you can specify this in your personal shopper notes, so you get exactly what you want.

How It Works

There are 2 types of ordering options:

  • In-store shopping

Use your Albertsons club card to receive discounts on in-store purchases. This is convenient if you want to do the shopping yourself and save. You can choose to do the entire shopping experience yourself, along with coupons to save more, or you can have Albertsons pick up your shopping and deliver it to your home.

  • Online shopping

You can place orders online and have any of the 3 delivery options apply (delivery to your home or business, drive up and go, or rush delivery). Additionally, Albertsons has a cool mobile app to add convenience on top of convenience. You can use the iOS or Android-compatible app to make a shopping list, cash in on rewards points, or edit your preferences for future deliveries. Albertsons has done an excellent job on the mobile app, and now that you can shop on your phone, you can do it anytime, anywhere. It’s truly giving consumers the ultimate shopping experience.

Albertsons' online shopping and app are synced. So, you can simply start on one platform and continue on the other. Plus, all the just for U offers automatically apply when you're using the app or ordering online.

Delivery Options

Albertsons offers 3 types of delivery options:

  • Self-packing deliveries

You do the shopping yourself. This is good for those who enjoy the shopping experience but not the hauling part. It's also convenient if you want to shop on your way to work but won't be going home afterward.

  • Pack and go

Albertsons staff will do your grocery shopping and pack it up for you. Then, you'll come by and pick up your order on your way home. This is a viable option if you don't like shopping but don't mind schlepping.

  • Full-service packing and delivery

The ultimate in grocery shopping convenience, Albertsons will do your shopping and packing, and then deliver it to your door.


Albertsons is not just a convenient way to go shopping; it's also incredibly affordable. For just $9.95, you can have someone do your shopping for you. We say that's a tremendous bargain. Here's a quick look at pricing options for Albertsons grocery delivery services:

One hour delivery window
Two-hour delivery window
Four- hour delivery window
Price for orders greater than $150
Price for orders less than $150

So, we’re talking about laughable amounts. If you’ve ordered $150 worth of groceries, getting it shipped and delivered to your door for less than a dollar within 4 hours, is an extraordinary service. Even if you want it right away and have less than $150, you’ll be paying less than 10 dollars. That’s what you’d pay if you were ordering takeout and having it delivered. So, Albertsons is an extremely affordable option for anyone.

New online customers can receive free delivery for their first online order for orders of $30 or more. Keep your eye out for other promotions throughout the year.

Help & Support

You can reach customer support on the phone or read through the informative FAQ section.

Bottom Line

Albertsons is truly a godsend. Whether you lead a busy life and don’t have time to stand in a grocery store line or hate the idea of lugging around heavy packages, Albertsons grocery delivery is the answer to all your woes. The delivery and service charges are laughable, and the rewards program is generous. By all accounts, you can only gain from this affordable, convenient, and efficient grocery delivery service.

Albertsons Albertsons Visit Site

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