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10 Meal Delivery Kits to Rock Your Thanksgiving Dinner

Detrick Snyder
Turkey Thanksgiving dinner
Whether you love hosting for Thanksgiving or can't stand it, meal kit delivery services can come in clutch when you most need the help.

You may be so busy that you didn’t have time to plan your meals for the week of. Or perhaps you just want the whole Thanksgiving meal delivered to your door. Maybe you’re just bringing a side dish to the main event. Whatever the case may be, there’s a meal delivery kit for your Thanksgiving holiday.

Hello Fresh

Serves: 4 – 10

Cost: $16.99 – $25.82 per person

Description: HelloFresh’s Thanksgiving box provides all the ingredients for a complete Thanksgiving feast, delivered to your door. You get everything you need for your stuffed turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, cranberry sauce, antipasto, and apple crisp for dessert. 

HelloFresh is one of the few meal kit delivery services that send a whole turkey, rather than just turkey breast. You can also substitute the turkey for a beef tenderloin dinner that serves 4 – 6. A crostini appetizer is another add-on, but other than these two options, the Thanksgiving box cannot be customized. 

Hello Fresh emphasizes easier preparation methods, so even though there is still prep work to be done with Hello Fresh, you can count on it taking less time than expected. If you’re looking for a classic Thanksgiving feast for a small gathering, Hello Fresh’s kit might be great for you!

Home Chef

Serves: 2 – 10

Cost: $6.99 – $9.94 per serving

Description: Home Chef’s menu for Thanksgiving week is chock full of spiced-up Thanksgiving staples to supplement your traditions. 

The “Thanksgiving favorite” holiday menu includes a turkey breast roast for 8–10, cheddar cornbread, cheddar-sage biscuits, brussels sprouts, and loaded mashed potatoes. With the unique spin on old favorites and the flavor-packed classics, you can tell that these recipes were designed with rich Thanksgiving flavor in mind. 

Home Chef not only saves you a grocery trip but also delivers recipes so good that they may make it on next year’s menu. Although Home Chef doesn’t offer a ready-to-go one-click Thanksgiving kit, the options they provide liven up the table and cut out much of the day’s work.


Serves: 4

Cost: $4.32 – 8.99 per serving; $10.99 – 13.99 per serving without discount

Description: Even though Sunbasket has no Thanksgiving menu, Sunbasket’s flavor-forward, mostly organic offerings are sure to wow your guests, even if you wouldn’t find them on a traditional Thanksgiving menu. 

The lack of Thanksgiving-themed meals notwithstanding, Sunbasket has a lot going for it as a meal delivery service. Customers get the option to mix and match hands-on meal kits and fresh-and-ready premade meals with dozens of delicious options to choose from, even if you’re following a diet or have specific dietary preferences. 

Considering Sunbasket’s offerings, the meals available for the week of Thanksgiving are probably best reserved as an appetizer or side for the main meal. Otherwise use Sunbasket as a way to free up time in the week while still giving you the chance to enjoy a healthy dinner.


Serves: 1 serving per meal

Cost: $11– $15 per serving 

Description: Factor_ has limited Thanksgiving options for those looking for calorie-conscious traditional Thanksgiving fare. 

While their homestyle turkey & gravy is undoubtedly the most Thanksgiving-themed meal offered on turkey week, other meal options like the sage chicken and maple butter sweet potatoes or the stuffed pepper casserole would be quite at home on a Thanksgiving menu.

With keto, vegan, calorie-smart, and chef’s choice meal plans, Factor_ is ideal for people looking for heat-and-serve convenience of a delivery meal service. You also get personalized coaching options and a healthy, fresh, whole foods weight loss plan, making Factor_ your health ally after the time change falls back. 

Considering the fact that Factor_ aims to provide healthy weight loss solutions in their grab-and-go meal format, this meal delivery service is probably best for small households who want to stay on track with their diet over the holidays.

Blue Apron

Serves: 6 – 8

Cost: $13.75 per serving, add-ons are extra

Description: Blue Apron’s all-in-one Thanksgiving kit is a solution for a hassle-free way to host a small Thanksgiving gathering. 

The basic spread of roasted turkey breast, brussels sprouts, mashed potatoes and gravy, cranberry sauce and an apple crumb pie will satisfy any essentialist’s list of holiday fare, but the add-ons are where Blue Apron shines. 

Additional sides like flourless chocolate cake and truffle parm knots, vegetarian options for plant-forward eaters, and premium recipes like scallops and herb-roasted chicken give you the flexibility to craft what your family and friends really want for Thanksgiving dinner. 

Be sure to plan for the prep work that goes into a Thanksgiving meal — even though Blue Apron removes the headache of grocery shopping, there’s still ample chopping to be done. The all-in-one Thanksgiving kit offers a balanced Thanksgiving meal with plenty of options to suit your needs.


Serves: 3

Cost: $8.99 – $11.79 per serving

Description: Freshly’s holiday menu is the solution to an effortless friends-giving side or a heat-and-serve component of the Thanksgiving meal. 

The main holiday menu includes the staples: carved turkey and gravy with sauteed green beans, grain-free stuffing, and a sweet potato mash. That’s about it though, and there is no all-in-one package for someone hosting a complete Thanksgiving feast. 

Although the variety of Thanksgiving options is limited, you can always supplement the main dish with Freshly’s usual options. Plus, Freshly’s utterly convenient meal plans could free up some much-needed time earlier in the week.

Freshly offers what few other meal delivery services do: a premade Thanksgiving-themed meal that takes just minutes to prepare. 

Freshly may be a great option for someone too busy to cook, but you’ll need to double up if you have more than three mouths to feed and you’ll need to supplement it with other options for a more complete Thanksgiving dinner.


Serves: 2 – 4 

Cost: $4.99 per serving, flat rate

Description: With only a single recipe that includes turkey, you might call EveryPlate’s Thanksgiving selection “bleak”. Although there’s no Thanksgiving day meal kit, nor a selection of Thanksgiving-themed meals, you still might be able to craft a Turkey day meal to gather around. 

The southwest turkey & black bean chili (if only for its namesake ingredient), the firehouse mac ‘n’ cheese, and loaded southwest sweet potatoes are the best options to start off with. Then you have all the other affordable and tasty options on EveryPlate’s menu to choose from. 

Ultimately, EveryPlate is probably best for feeding you and your family on the week of Thanksgiving, but it’s not a great option when it comes to getting a Thanksgiving meal kit delivered to your door.

Green Chef

Serves: 2 – 6

Cost: $5.75 – 6.50 per serving with a discount on first 4 boxes; $11.49 – 12.99 without promo code

Description: Without a Thanksgiving meal to speak of, Green Chef’s delivery kits are good if you want to bring an unconventional side to a Thanksgiving table. 

Green Chef offers three healthy meal plans — keto + paleo, plant-powered, and balanced living — and uses organic ingredients whenever possible, making it a good choice for people wanting to stick with a healthy meal plan through the holidays.

Green Chef’s blog also offers helpful tips for repurposing Thanksgiving day leftovers, representative of their emphasis on minimizing food waste. 

With gluten-free and other diet-friendly options, and an average 30-minute cook time for most meal kits, Green Chef delivers a nice balance between cost, quality, and convenience that’s hard to beat, so consider them for supplementing a Thanksgiving course.


Serves: 1 person per meal plan

Cost: $3.24 – 5.48 per meal + snack (double without signing up for the subscription service)

Description: As a veteran in the weight-loss meal plan category, Nutrisystem’s strength is their portion-controlled meals, not their variety of Thanksgiving options

To their credit, Nutrisystem offers a roasted turkey main dish in honor of the occasion, as well as other pre-made turkey-themed meals like turkey mac and cheese, turkey sausage pizza, and two turkey breakfast sandwiches. 

Plus, Nutrisystem’s blog suggests tips on how to enjoy Thanksgiving without unwanted weight gain, complete with dozens of nutritious plant-based recipes. 

Nutrisystem doesn’t have a Thanksgiving meal option, but if you want to watch your portions around the holidays Nutrisystem could be a good option for you.

Fresh and Easy

Serves: 2 – 6

Cost: $5.25 – $5.75 per serving

Description: Home Chef’s Fresh and Easy line of convenience-centered heat-and-serve meals may be great for slashing meal prep and eliminating food waste, but their Thanksgiving day options are almost nonexistent. 

The one Fresh and Easy holiday option is their Thanksgiving biscuits, which would make a delectable addition to any traditional Thanksgiving meal. 

Putting aside their limited holiday options, Fresh and Easy is one of the easiest home delivered meal kits on the market. That makes this a good option if you want to free up time around the holidays. But, for a traditional Thanksgiving experience you would be better off exploring Home Chef’s other holiday options with a bit more preparation.

Bottom Line

For a traditional Thanksgiving dinner delivered to your door, look to Hello Fresh, Home Chef, Blue Apron, or Freshly. Other meal delivery kits may not have a full spread of classic Thanksgiving dishes, but they can still fill in as a side dish on the day of or help to free up some time on Thanksgiving week. Visit our page of the best Meal Delivery kits to see which one is best for you!

Detrick Snyder
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