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Professional Expert or DIY: Which Logo Design Approach is Right For You?

Oli JohnsonByOli JohnsonFeb. 11, 2020
DIY vs. Experts
When it comes to designing yourself an icon, there are two main ways you go about it: DIY or turning to the professional expert. The DIY option allows you to get creative and tweak your own design until you’re happy with the results. In contrast, putting your logo design in the hands of professional experts, with many years of experience can yield some impressive results.

In this article, we explore the key things you need to consider before deciding on a logo design company.

Logo Design Options
You can use a professional or design a logo yourself.

Look at Your Budget

The first step to deciding whether you should design your own logo or let an expert design one for you, is to look at your budget. Professional logo design services understandably charge more for their personalized, premium services whereas companies offering online DIY generators tend to be cheaper. For example, 99designs offers comprehensive logo design packages for around $290, whereas FreeLogoServices will allow you to design your logo and purchase it for just $44.

Are You Happy to get Creative?

The second aspect of logo design to address when choosing between the DIY logo design option or connecting with a professional expert, is to consider if you feel up to the creative task. In other words, are you confident in your ability to design a great icon yourself?

If you think you have some basic creative skills and a good eye, then you may benefit from using a DIY logo service. FreeLogoServices offer a DIY generator which is fairly simple, fast and easy to use; you can design your logo in just 4 steps. It also offers a range of templates and professional logo designs to help you design your logo. Others offer a free design consultation, like Logoinn.

How Long Do You Want to Wait?

If you’re eager to use your freshly designed logo straight away, then FreeLogoServices allows you to design a logo in minutes and you can have access to it straight away. This is a definite plus of using this service and we recommend it if you like fast results. In contrast, the professional designers at 99designs or Deluxe have to envision and sketch out your logo first, so you’ll wait a little longer for the finished result.

DIY or Expert Logo Design Professionals?

To summarize, there are a few key things to consider before you choose your ideal logo design service. Budget, your personal creative capabilities and how long you want to wait for the final product are all important things to consider when it comes to deciding between the DIY logo design option and a team of professional logo design experts.

Now you’ve considered which logo design option is best for you: DIY or hiring a team of professionals, have a look at our logo design service reviews to find the right match for you.

Oli JohnsonByOli JohnsonFeb. 03, 2020
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