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Ooma Home Security Review

Sarah Badani

In a Nutshell

Ooma is a wireless home security system you can tailor to meet your needs. It integrates with smart home devices and keeps you up to date on what’s happening in your home at all times. With real-time alerts, customizable triggers, and powerful sensors, this wire-free system comes with a keypad, window/door sensors, and motion sensors. Everything can be controlled by the mobile app for ease of access and control.


  • 24/7 pro monitoring available
  • Real-time alerts
  • iOS and Android apps for remote access


  • No pet mode for motion sensors
  • Not available in all states
  • Not smart-home compatible

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Ideal For 

  • Homeowners who want to be connected at all times
  • Renters who can’t drill into walls

Why Choose Ooma?

Ooma is a popular home security system that embraces wireless technology, incorporating mobile devices into the very design of the product. Here are a few reasons consumers like this system:

It’s made for homeowners, not technicians

Ooma is extremely user-friendly. A wireless home security system, Ooma doesn’t require any tools, drilling, or rewiring to connect to your home. Because Ooma is a wireless smart home device, it’s useful for homeowners and renters alike.

Mobile app for continuous remote access

From the mobile app, users can check the status of each sensor, deactivate the alarm, or schedule when to activate or deactivate the sensors. The app keeps track on an activity log, maintaining a daily timeline of what goes on in the home.

Ooma Home Security Features

Besides the convenience of the mobile app and the overall user-friendliness of the system, Ooma home security has some great features such as: 

  • Remote 911

If an emergency happens when you’re not home, you can automatically dial 911 to send rescue aid to your house immediately. 

  • GPS arm/disarm

The system will automatically arm or disarm itself based on your location. For example, you can set the system to activate whenever you leave your driveway. You won’t ever have to worry about forgetting to arm the system when you leave the house.

  • Build your own system

One of the best parts of using Ooma is that you can customize the system to meet your needs. You get to choose the components you want instead of paying for features you don’t need.

Ooma also offers premade packages for homeowners who’d rather not spend time hand-picking features. Packages range from $150 to $180, with free shipping.  

  • Personalized protection

Ooma has a good customization system. You can set up various triggers and decide how you wish to receive alerts. You can even specify hours when you want the sensors turned on or off.

  • Real-time alerts

With real-time notifications, you’ll find out the second an alert is triggered. Ooma also features inactivity alerts. If you have an elderly parent, a pet, or a teen you’re keeping tabs on, you’ll be notified if there’s been NO activity in the home. This way, if your teen isn’t home on time, your pet isn’t detected in the house, or your parent hasn’t shown any movement, you’ll know right away. 

Security Services

Ooma has a huge range of sensors, so you can tailor it to match your home’s layout and personal security preferences. Sensor types include:

  • Motion sensors

Ooma has sensitive motion sensors that tell you when there’s movement in or around your home. If the sensor is triggered, you’ll receive an alert via the notification method you’ve chosen. Motion sensors have a range of up to 35 ft and an 85-degree field of vision. These monitors have a tamper sensor that triggers an alert automatically if something has been opened, touched, or removed.

  • Garage, front door, interior door, and window sensors

These sensors work with magnetic activation. If a sensor’s magnetic field is disturbed, you’ll automatically get an alert. Door and window sensors are the most common and useful home security features. You can put them on any door or window of the house to keep tabs on activity going in and out of these areas. What’s more, these sensors can be used for interior rooms as well as for front door coverage. Say you want to keep your toddler from wandering out of the playroom, or make sure a family member doesn’t go into your office when you’re not home, put sensors on those doors. You’ll receive an immediate alert if the door is opened. 

  • Water sensors

Not all home security systems offer a water sensor. Ooma’s water sensors help you prevent major water damage and expenses with early leak detection beneath sinks, water heaters, and faucets. This is a great way to avoid leaks, flooding, and other water-related issues. 

  • Sirens 

Not home to chase intruders away? Ooma’s siren will do it for you. Skeptical? Trigger this alarm once, and you won’t be anymore. The Ooma siren rings out an intensely loud 105-decibel alarm if triggered. The siren comes with a back-up battery feature so it continues sounding the alarm even if it’s removed from the outlet. 

Monitoring Services

Ooma has DIY and professional monitoring services. DIY monitoring is free (other than the cost of sensors) and gives you real-time notifications, audible Telo announcements within your home, a mobile app, and a remote siren. If you want more professional home security monitoring, you can choose from the Secure or Pro Secure plans:

Secure Plan
Pro Secure Plan
$5.99 per month
$14.99 per month
Unlimited sensors
Real-time push notifications
Mobile app
Remote siren
Remote 911
Phone, text, or email notifications
Auto arm/disarm
Professional monitoring

Help & Support

You can connect to Ooma’s support via phone, live chat, or email. You can also browse the detailed FAQ sections on the site.

Hours: Weekdays 5am-5pm PT, Weekends 8am-5pm PT

Ooma Business Services

Phone 1-866-939-OOMA(6662)

Hours: 24/7

Live chat: Yes

Ooma offers useful information for homeowners on topics like staying safe while away on vacation, avoiding water damage to your home, and real-life scenarios for using smart home sensors.

Ooma Home Security Ooma Home Security Visit Site

Bottom line

Ooma is a good solution for homeowners looking to stay connected to what’s happening in their homes no matter where they are. The lack of smart connectivity is surprising, but pro-monitoring and an uber-friendly mobile app make up for this drawback. Ooma’s wide range of monitors, quality hardware, and instant, customizable alerts make it a solid choice.

About Ooma

Ooma is a SaaS company that provides various services to consumers and businesses via its cloud-based platform. In addition to home security and professional monitoring services, Ooma has SMB and enterprise-level communication solutions that enable businesses and teams to collaborate, share, and connect to one another on an entirely new level.

Sarah Badani writes for and has extensive research and review experience in the finance industry. With a degree in psychology and education, she brings a level of depth and understanding to her writing along with her own flavor to spice up each topic in a unique and inviting way.

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