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Errand Dating: Combining Daily Tasks With Romance

Antonia Greco - Writer for Top10.com
Errand Dating
It's time to trade candlelit dinners and sunset picnics for a romantic stroll in the fresh produce section.

From dating sites to dating on the go, we've done just about everything to fit dating into our busy lives. According to Tinder's Future of Dating report, 51% of Gen Z are looking for ways to keep their dating life from getting in the way of their schedules. That's where errand dating comes in.

I can confidently say that Zoomers are onto something here. Errand dating is a great way to streamline your first dates and learn more about a potential partner. The best part: even if he's a terrible date, your pantry is stocked and your dry cleaning is already in your closet.

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Errand Date Ideas to Find Love Without Wasting Time

Grocery Shopping

It may not seem like a good time, but grocery shopping offers a glimpse into each other's tastes and habits. Do they splurge on fancy cheese, stick to a strict list, or have a sweet spot for sugary childhood cereals?

It may seem inconsequential, but these little choices reveal a lot about someone's personality, health habits, and even how they manage money. If they splurge on things they can't afford, this may be a red flag to look out for on a first date.

Home Improvement

If you and a potential partner are already a few dates in, home improvement projects are the ultimate test of teamwork. It'll show you how well you make decisions, approach tasks, and solve problems together.

You’ll pass tools, share ideas, and maybe even negotiate compromises. It’s a teamwork experience that can bring you closer, build trust, and create a sense of achievement as a team.


Gardening together is a quiet yet powerful way to observe a potential partner's attitude toward responsibility and care. As you tend to the garden, you're also nurturing your bond.

Even though not many of us are blessed with a green thumb, a special connection forms when you're both focused on a common goal—especially one that flourishes over time.

Thrifting and Antique Shopping

Going thrifting or antique shopping together is the perfect first-date idea. Does your date gravitate towards retro vinyl records or old-school kitchen gadgets? Maybe they have an eye for vintage fashion or a knack for spotting rare books. These discoveries reveal details about your partner's personality and sense of style.

It’s a relaxed setting that encourages both of you to let your guard down and engage in genuine, easy-going conversation. Plus, it’s a great way to see how your date interacts in a casual setting. Are they respectful of your opinions? Do they have a good sense of humor?

Going to the Farmers Market

The farmers market is the perfect setting to see how your date navigates through crowds and engages with vendors and other market-goers. Observing small interactions in a lively public space can offer valuable insights into their social skills and manners.

But here's where it gets even more fun. As you both wander from stall to stall, you can share and taste different food samples. The relaxed atmosphere makes it easy to chat, laugh, and enjoy each other's company without the pressure of a formal setting.

Stacking Your Errands

While it may sound unconventional, taking your date on a full day or errands is actually a fantastic way to see each other in everyday scenarios. You can start with a casual coffee and plan the rest of the day around any errands you both have.

As you move from picking up laundry to doing a Target run, you get a small glimpse into each other's daily lives. Going on a sober date like this means you're not just seeing each other's date night persona.

Book Shopping

Going book shopping on a first date is like a little adventure for the brainy and introverted love-seekers out there. It's a chill way to hang out, but it's also super telling. You get to hear how they sound when they're excited about a story or what makes them laugh.

It's a low-key, cozy way to figure out if you two click on a deeper level beyond just "So, what do you like doing in your free time?" Sharing literary interests can intellectually stimulate and deepen the connection between partners.

Going to the Gym

This one's for the fitness enthusiasts. Going to the gym together offers a sneak peek into each other's habits and attitudes. Does your date cheer you on when you're trying to beat your personal best? Do they have a sense of humor when they struggle with those last few reps?

Working out together can give you a good idea of how you might handle challenges and support each other. Plus, let's be honest, there's something kind of hot about working up a sweat together. You're both in this space where you're pushing your limits, and that can be a big turn-on.

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Tips for Making Errands Romantic

  • Focus on each other: Pay attention to your partner when you are on an errand and try to avoid distractions. After all, you're there together to connect, learn about each other, and find out if you're the right match.
  • Communicate openly: Share your thoughts, feelings, and preferences throughout the errand. Learning something new and interesting about your partner is part of the fun and will give you a deeper understanding of them. You can also try some icebreaker questions to ask on a first date.
  • Be playful and spontaneous: Embrace opportunities for humor and unexpected moments of connection by exploring new places, trying new things, and creating shared experiences.
  • Make it a regular date night: Incorporate errand dating into your routine for a unique and enjoyable experience that you can both look forward to regularly. Who knows, maybe this will be a sign that your relationship is getting serious.

Discover the Unexpected

Modern dating can be challenging, but there's still hope for finding love. In fact, about 54% of Americans believe new-age ideas like online dating are just as successful as traditional in-person dating.

If you're brave enough to put yourself out there, consider errand dating as a unique and refreshing approach to romance.

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Antonia Greco - Writer for Top10.com
Antonia Greco is an IDCA certified personal development coach, relationship expert, author, and communications graduate. For almost 15 years, she has helped clients reach their goals in life and love. Antonia has written for several leading publications, including Elite Daily, Bustle, Seattle Weekly, and Top10.com.