The Best Torrent Websites of 2019

Amanda Bradley
The Best Torrent Websites of 2019
What a world! Billions of pieces of content for your viewing pleasure and trillions of hours of enjoyment are right at your fingertips. Yes, 2019 is an amazing time to be alive. From television shows to full-length movies, eBooks, documentaries, music, and games, there is an endless supply for those who seek it.

Torrenting is perfectly legal, however downloading copyrighted material is not, so you should keep that in mind. When you use a torrent site, you can access a dizzying array of content within seconds. Most torrenting websites act like a search engine. You search for the content you want, and a page of search results turns up. You click on the one you want to download, and you’ve got your content.

Not all torrenting websites were created equal, of course. Check out the best torrent sites for anything you want in 2019.

  • Best for Movies: YTS.AM
  • Best for TV Series: EZTV.AG
  • Best for Gaming: BTScene
  • Best for Music: Sound-park
  • Best for Books: ManyBooks
  • Best for Anime: NYAA.SI

Best Torrent Website for Movies: YTS.AM

YTS.AM hosts millions of visitors each day, has a tremendous database of popular movie titles, and adds new releases to its database every day. This website is clean and provides a logical, easy-to-use format. What’s more, YTS.AM torrents have a rep for being light on bandwidth, a good thing for nearly anyone. And since this torrenting king focuses exclusively on movies, it is the obvious address for all movie fans.

Honorable mentions: RARGB for high-quality videos and good organization, and 1337X for older or less popular films.

Best Torrent Website for TV Series: EZTV.AG

It’s not surprising that EZTV.AG won the award for best TV series torrenting. After all, it’s got 30 million visitors a month, has the latest episodes of TV shows almost as soon as they’re released, and is easy to use. While the interface isn’t gorgeous, it’s clean, has excellent search functionality, and you can subscribe to a no-ads profile to ditch those annoying pop-ups.

Honorable mentions: iDope for being a “tribute to Kickass Torrents.”

Best Torrent Website for Games: BTScene

BTScene is the scene for serious gamers looking for titles. For one, BTScene can be used for both PC and Mac games. You’ll have a ton of options to choose from, and this torrent website is super fast. So, you can have the new games you’ve been waiting for in no time. It’s also much easier and faster to get games from BTScene than other sites if you have a slower internet connection. But most of all, BTScene has a killer GI, and we know how much gamers like their sites to be fresh, cool, and good looking.

Honorable mentions: Zooqle, for being the new kid on the block that’s making everyone look, and Gazelle Games for having a huge database of games to choose from.

Best Torrent Website for Music: Sound-park

Sound-park is a music lover's playground. It's got everything you could ask for from a music torrent website, and more. It has all the latest releases from a huge range of genres, along with oldies but goodies. You can browse music based on the week's top lists, new music, favorite albums, monthly chart-toppers, etc. You can also access tons of music videos, find discographies, and filter based on quality of recording.

Honorable mentions: Torrentz2, the successor, for being fast and easy.

Best Torrent Website for Books: ManyBooks

ManyBooks, as you might have guessed, has SO many books! This torrent service started out with a dream: to amass the largest library of free eBooks on the web. And with over 50,000 books on the site, ManyBooks is certainly achieving that goal. This site is great because it is so well organized. Each category is displayed neatly, and you can browse according to genre, title, language, featured authors, and more. ManyBooks will even give you recommendations for good titles to download.

Honorable mentions: Planet eBook for having the best selection of classic literature anywhere, and TorLock for having a clean user interface, easy search engine, and almost 5 million titles to choose from.

Best Torrent Website for Anime: NYAA.SI

If you’re into anime, you need a good torrent service because they’re not as easy to find as other entertainment. Not only does NYAA.SI have a tremendous selection of anime series from Naruto to Yu-Gi-Oh and more, but this torrent site makes it ridiculously easy to get the content you want. You can even search and filter based on things like file size or date of upload for faster results.

Honorable mentions: Animetorrents.Me for great user feedback, legit torrents, and tons of anime content.

Help! I Can’t Access my Favorite Torrenting Site

Blocked from accessing the torrent website you want? There’s a really easy workaround. It’s called a VPN, and if you haven’t heard of this yet, it’s time to crawl out of the cave you’ve been living in for the past decade. A VPN, aka virtual private network, is a safer, smarter, and more extensive way to use the internet, gain access to restricted content, and remain hidden from prying eyes. The best VPNs for torrenting will help you use these services more effectively no matter where you are.

Why Use a Torrent Site?

This all sounds nice, but maybe you’re not really sure why somebody would use a torrent site in the first place. Well, our uninitiated friend, there are actually several reasons. Here are a few:

  • No interruptions

Today, streaming is hot. You get home after a long week of work, set up the laptop, and you’re ready to tune into a fabulous marathon of your favorite TV show with some friends. But then what happens? Streaming is slow, choppy, or cuts off altogether. The streaming site is down. The video you’re looking for is unavailable. And there goes your night.

Instead, plan ahead, and you can enjoy hours of entertainment without any interruptions. Download a movie, episode, or even a whole season, and you can binge on all the best entertainment out there without any disappointments.

  • Speed

A lot of people have slow internet, so streaming is a real pain in the neck. Using a torrent site is a much faster, easier way of accessing the content you want without the frustration of slow connection speeds.

  • Set and forget

Know about a great eBook you’ve been dying to read? Search and find it on one of the popular torrenting websites. Then set it up to download, and walk away. When you come back to your computer, the book will be ready for your reading enjoyment.

Torrenting is the Way to Go

Torrenting embraces a borderless internet, a world where everyone can access everything everywhere. If you’re tired of the restrictions of bandwidth, location, or security, it’s time to get on the torrent bandwagon. Get all the best content quickly, safely, and without restrictions.

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