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In a Nutshell

Voxdirect provides a VoIP system intended for entrepreneurs and small businesses that want to separate personal and business phone communications. The tool starts at $31 per month when paid annually and is backed by a 14-day money-back guarantee. The tool can be accessed from the desktop or via Android and iOS apps.


  • Web, Android, iOS apps
  • Text marketing and business phone system
  • Scheduled text messaging functionality


  • No customer hardware
  • Web UI; no desktop tool

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Standout Features 

Virtual Receptionist

Clients can use Vox Direct to configure a virtual receptionist service. The virtual receptionist will “answer” inbound calls and direct them appropriately just as if he or she was sitting physically in your office. This technology works by allowing the user to configure a phone tree with options to forward the calls to any line.

Call Forwarding

Customers can configure both simple call forwarding and follow-me routing to make sure that they never miss an inbound call.

Faxes Are Okay

Yes, it’s hard to believe it sometimes, but the humble facsimile is still around. Vox Direct’s inbound lines are also configured to receive inbound faxes. Once received, the faxes can be read using the web interface or on the mobile apps.

Voicemail Transcription

Vox Direct subscribers can receive up to 3 phone lines with their plans depending on what tier they subscribe to. The company can also configure special vanity and toll-free numbers. If users require additional phone lines for their VoIP system then extras can be purchased. 

Voicemail Hours 

Using the web interface, customers can also configure certain hours during which calls will be routed by default to voicemail instead of to one of the preconfigured extensions. 

Wifi Or Cell Options

Users are able to select whether they wish outbound calls to route over Wifi or cellular data. Additionally, the call can take place using traditional telephony. To select this option, users simply need to configure “cell service” as the selection in the outbound call setup dialog menu. Assuming that users choose to use either WiFi or cellular data for their calls, they can benefit from faster and more reliable connection speeds with improved voice quality. 

Direct To Device Recording

Sometimes, users will need to record their inbound phone conversations. Vox Direct’s apps put the record functionality front and center and all users need to do is press a couple of buttons

Call Screening

Many businesses spend a lot of time dealing with nuisance inbound calls from sales agents and callers with irrelevant or spam offers. Filtering out these calls can save a lot of time and frustration. Vox Direct’s apps feature a call screening system so that users can mark numbers as spam. 


Vox Direct doesn’t offer integrations with third parties. 

Value for Money 

Vox Direct is available on 3 tiers. The plans work out cheaper if users sign up for annual rather than monthly billing.

Best for 
Small businesses
Growing small businesses
Phone numbers
Included bulk texts

As users sign up for higher tiers, they receive more phone numbers and more text credits with which to run text marketing campaigns. Those on the Standard tier can configure business hours and call recording while those on the Professional tier can also set up a custom professional greeting. 


Vox Direct has apps for Android and iOS which together allow users to interact with the VoIP systems (make and receive calls) while on their mobile devices. The apps don’t allow users access to the backend where the configuration changes are made, but users are able to place phone calls through them and choose whether to use cellular data or WiFi. 


Vox Direct has some features that support scalability such as unlimited calling, unlimited subscribers, and unlimited extensions (Professional plan). However the tool still only contains 3 phone numbers and unlimited extensions. If users are looking for a solution that would support an enterprise user base then they would be best advised to search for another tool. 

Ease of Setup and Management 

For users that want to keep their existing numbers, the good news is that Vox Direct supports number porting. This means that existing lines can simply be connected directly to the VoIP system and used to receive and make calls. The bulk of the administrative work in setting up Vox Direct comes in setting up the web UI system and configuring the phone tree and extension dialing. Everything runs in the cloud so there’s no need to set up any physical infrastructure. The other positive is that the setup process is straightforward and even those without prior experience in setting up VoIP and SIP systems should be able to handle the process. Vox Direct is designed to be easy enough that even solopreneurs can get to grips with it. 


Vox Direct is a softphone solution. This means that users don’t need to set up any specialized equipment or hardware in order to use the service. Instead, the system is intended to be accessed from smartphones running the app. 

Customer Service 

Stuck getting something set up? The Vox Direct team can be reached through several means:

  • The team operates an online contact form. This is the first port of call for getting help.
  • Users can also email the support email address
  • Users can contact the support phone number

Vox Direct Vox Direct Visit Site

    International VoIP Calls

    For users that need to shore up on their international VoIP calls the good news is that there’s unlimited calling on all 3 paid tiers of the plan. This means that users don’t need to worry about VoIP rates to certain countries. 

    Unified Communications/Multi-Channel

    VoX Direct is more of a VoIP and SMS marketing tool than a unified communications suite. As such, there is no tidy integration with Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media tool. 

    Bottom Line 

    Vox Direct is a VoIP tool that is a good choice for small business owners or solopreneurs who are looking for an all-inclusive system that is really easy to set up. It’s a softphone only solution so there’s no complicated infrastructure to manage and users can choose from one of 3 premium tiers. 

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    Ease of use

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    Brand satisfaction

    Ease of use

    Brand satisfaction

    Value for money

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    Value for money

    Ease of use

    Brand satisfaction

    Value for money

    Service quality

    Service quality

    Ease of use

    Brand satisfaction

    Value for money

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