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10 Ways Your Life Will Change With Teeth Whitening Kits

Top10.com Staff
your life will change
Life is getting better with each passing decade. And one of the biggest boosts to society is longer life expectancy. With that long lifespan, people are looking for ways to enjoy themselves more with their added time. Fun fitness programs, better skincare regimens, and more exciting hobbies are just a few of the items on the typical 21st-century to-do list.

And at the top of those lists is another must-do: teeth whitening. 

Teeth whitening is becoming one of the trendiest moves in the health and lifestyle circles, and for good reason. Whether you’re doing it for your job, your health, or yourself, whiter teeth bring a whole slew of benefits you wouldn’t believe. Check out just some of the ways that teeth whitening kits will transform your life in a matter of minutes per day.

Whiter teeth...make you look younger

That yellow tint that many people have on their teeth and along the gumline is often a result of aging. Proteins lodge themselves in, and enamel begins to erode, causing the yellowish dentin layer to show through. But many people experience teeth yellowing before their senior years due to other factors like smoking, drinking, and eating certain foods. And that’s where teeth whitening kits can help.

While they won’t turn back time, teeth whitening kits can take stained and yellowed teeth and make them several shades whiter. So you essentially look younger just by having whiter teeth (and not the yellow ones associated with older folks).

Whiter teeth...provide you with more job opps

You’d think in our progressive society, looks wouldn’t make or break a job opportunity. Think again. According to a recent study that polled both employees and employers, roughly 75% of those asked said that a poor smile could sink a potential job opp. So if you’re looking to get a new job, switch careers, or stop getting passed over for that promotion, using a teeth whitening kit before the interview process may be your ticket to success.

Whiter teeth...make a great first impression

Let’s be honest. When you meet someone who gives you a wide smile with pearly whites shining back at you, you can’t help but be amazed. One of the first things people notice about you is your smile, and the whiter, the brighter, the better. 

What’s more, a big smile projects a ton of information to the other person. It conveys confidence, positivity, energy, and friendliness. These are all great ways to make a winning first impression. And when you know your teeth are beautifully white, you will proudly spread those lips and reveal your pearly whites for all the world to see. By the way, this is also why people with white smiles do better at job interviews. They actually have the confidence to smile!

Whiter teeth...make you more attractive

This is one that any single person will want to pay attention to. It’s not surprising that a whiter smile makes you more attractive. But what’s amazing is how much more attractive people find you when your choppers are pristine. In fact, a study done by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry showed that more than 95% of adults admit that a sparkling smile makes a potential romantic partner more attractive to them

Whiter teeth...Helps curb your cigarette cravings

Now this benefit is actually a psychological trick that frequently plays itself out in real life. In America alone, there are more than 50 million people addicted to cigarettes. According to several studies, roughly 70% of those people want to quit. Do you know how many succeed? Sadly, only about 6%. And motivation plays a big role in that abysmal rate. Which is where teeth whitening kits can help.

Let’s say you’ve spent time, money, and effort getting your teeth beautifully white. You’ll probably think twice about doing something that will tarnish those newly-tweaked tusks. In fact, that’s the psychology behind sticking to your commitment to kick the smoking habit. Make the adverse effects of smoking more negative than the positive effects of the nicotine. Health reasons aren’t potent enough because they take time to settle in. But you can quickly see the damage smoking does to your pearly whites. So, for those people who have invested in their smile, they’ll certainly be giving pause. 

Whiter teeth...are easy to achieve 

Teeth whitening used to be a long, arduous process. It was expensive, it took time, it was complicated. And it even hurt! But that’s not the case anymore. Today you can get DIY teeth whitening kits. These simple kits can be applied at home without any training or complicated machinery required.

Most teeth whitening kits have a simple applicator that you need to use for just a few minutes a day. So you can switch it on while you’re catching up on the latest Netflix episodes and be done before the commercial break! 

Other teeth whitening kits make it even easier. A pen, whitening strips, or even just a toothpaste might be all you need to achieve that whiter smile. It’s never been easier to improve your appearance all on your own.

Whiter teeth...are affordable

What’s more, teeth whitening kits are affordable. Traditional teeth whitening treatments were thousands of dollars. And you had to go to a clinic to have the treatment performed. Not anymore, folks. Today you can have teeth whitening kits delivered to your doorstep and whiten your teeth while you’re in your pj’s before you go to bed each night. And the kits are just a fraction of the price that they used to be. You can get kits for a few hundred dollars, and many of them will cost you no more than a few dollars a pop. For less than the cost of that pack of cigarettes (that you’re not buying anymore anyway!), you can achieve and maintain whiter, brighter teeth.

Whiter teeth...give you a more positive outlook on life

I’ve already told you about the positive benefits of smiling when it comes to the opposite gender, job opportunities, and first impressions in general. And here’s another great benefit you’re not going to want to miss out on. Did you know that when you smile, your body actually releases endorphins that make you happier and feel more positively? That’s right. Just pulling those cheek muscles up into a grin promotes more happiness and positivity in your life. In fact, a good psychological trick to get yourself out of the dumps is to force a smile for several seconds. The brain won’t know you’re playing games, and the endorphins will start pumping, filling you with feel-good feelings in no time.

So, when you have the confidence of whiter teeth, you’ll more readily put on a happy face and instantly boost your mood.

Whiter teeth...come loaded with tons of benefits

It’s pretty crazy what a good smile can do for you. Here are a few more health benefits you’re going to love:

  • Lower blood pressure
  • Immune system booster
  • Stress relief

Whiter teeth...are the new black

It’s the latest trend, and you’re invited to be on the VIP list. Teeth whitening kits make brighter smiles easier, more convenient, more affordable, and more accessible than ever before. So, whether it’s an LED teeth whitening system or a more basic teeth whitening kit, give your life the boost it needs with a transformative whiter, brighter smile today. 

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