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Which Psychic Reading Platform Is Best for You? Staff
Psychic Reading
There used to be only one way to get a psychic reading; travel to consult the psychic in person. Today, there are multiple ways to access a psychic’s advice—which means that you can choose which one is right for you. If you’d like a bit of help choosing then take our quick quiz.

Quiz: What type of psychic reading is best for you?

You want to catch up with a friend who you haven’t heard from in a long time. How do you prefer to do it?

A: Call her for a long conversation

B: Write her a long, chatty email updating her about everything that’s been going on in your life

C: Message back and forth

D: Arrange a time to meet up for coffee

If you answered:

A: Telephone psychic readings are best for you. You enjoy staying in your comfort zone, but like to hear the other person’s voice in conversation.

B: You express yourself best when you have time to plan what you want to say and craft each sentence. You like to share everything and convey all the details before hearing a response.

C: Live chat is your preference for a psychic reading. You want immediate replies wherever and whenever you are, without having to leave the house or pick up the phone.

D: You prefer to meet a psychic face to face. You like to see the other person in the flesh, and feel more comfortable sharing your experiences in person.

Now, that you’ve discovered something about your preferences, learn a bit more about the different psychic reading platforms in depth.

Phone Psychics

One of the biggest advantages of getting a telephone psychic reading is that you don’t have to go anywhere. You can call a psychic without leaving the couch or getting dressed. Often, you’ll be more relaxed if you’re still in the comfort of your own home, which makes the reading more reliable since your energy field becomes clouded if you’re nervous or tense.

Telephone readings are perfect for someone who wants the sense of closeness and connection that comes from hearing the psychic’s voice. You might feel more validated and reassured simply by the warmth of the other person’s tone of voice. Many people who choose phone psychic readings prefer to get the instant responses of ‘mm-hmm’ as the psychic is listening, too.

Phone-in psychics are also more easily available than face-to-face meetings. You don’t need to wait for there to be an appointment free or travel to your nearest psychic.

These days, it’s also much easier to find telephone psychics than someone local. Psychic Source also lets you see photos of the psychics available so you can choose, instead of just calling a hotline number and getting whoever is there at the time.

Psychic Source Psychic Source Visit Site

Email Psychic Readings

Accessing a psychic reading by email is ideal for anyone who wants to remain anonymous. Many people find it difficult to talk about what is really bothering them in person and even feel awkward discussing it over the phone. When you connect with a psychic via email, no one can see how much your cheeks are burning or hear your voice shaking.

Some people choose to email Kasamba’s psychics because they prefer the slower pace. This way you can plan what to say, rewrite it to express doubts more accurately, and even come back to it after a couple of days to add something more. For people who take longer to convey their concerns, email means not paying for the minutes spent thinking things through.

Sometimes, simply the process of writing out worries is comforting and relaxing. Another advantage is that it’s easy to save the reply you receive. You can reread it as many times as you’d like to be sure that you’ve grasped everything.

Live Chat Online Psychic Readings

Live chat is the most immediately accessible format. If you have a terrifying dream or need to come to a fast decision on a topic that worries you, you can get in touch with a psychic without delay. Even in the middle of the night, you know that a psychic is available and won’t worry about waking someone up. Live chat psychic readings also give you instant replies. You can enjoy a combination of the immediate responses that you’d get over the phone together with the screen of email readings to preserve anonymity.

A live chat psychic reading is often thought to be more accurate than face-to-face or telephone consultations and puts you at less of a risk of being scammed by fakes and phonies. When you meet a psychic in person, they can pick up on cues from your appearance. They use deduction and unconscious feedback from your voice and body language to work things out about you and your life. This allows them to convince you that they are genuine when really they might not be not reading your aura at all. If you connect through online chat, the psychic doesn’t have any of those cheats to draw from and can only respond by truly tapping into your spiritual energy.

Another advantage to this approach is that if for some reason you realize that this particular psychic is not the right choice for you, you can easily end the conversation and try someone else without any hassle and without having paid upfront for a full session. With Keen you can even try out the psychic for the first few minutes free, to be sure that they are a good match.

Keen   Keen Visit Site

Video Online Psychic Readings

Online video psychic readings are a kind of combination of a few different approaches. You save the time and aggravation of traveling, enjoy the comfort of your own home, and still get the reassurance of seeing the psychic face to face. Psychic Source is one excellent option for video as well as live chat and phone readings. Some online psychics offer one-way video consultations so that you can see their face but they can’t see yours. This is great if you still want the screen of anonymity to help you relax.

Face-to-Face Readings

Getting a face-to-face psychic reading face to face is the traditional way to consult an adviser, and for many people, it's still their preference. When you meet a psychic in person, you'll usually go to their home or workspace. You get a fuller psychic consult experience this way since the psychic often sets the scene with candles, scents, and atmospheric music which can help you relax. Many people who choose a face-to-face reading do so because they want the experience as much as the actual advice.

A face-to-face meeting is also the only option for clients who prefer palmistry or other physical energy readings. Some people find they get a stronger connection if they go in person, or feel more comfortable getting a psychic reading from someone whom they’ve actually met. On a practical note, it’s also the only way that you can pay cash for a reading.

Whichever platform you choose, remember to do your research before choosing a psychic. Ask for recommendations and check out reviews of online or telephone psychics.

So, which psychic reading platform is best for you? Only you can answer that, but now you have the background information you need to access a psychic reading in the way which gives you the most clarity and mental peace. Staff's editorial staff is a professional team of editors and writers with dozens of years of experience covering consumer, financial and business products and services.