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10 Ways I Use Astrological Constellations for Psychic Readings

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Before the Universe ever came to be, only darkness, void and emptiness encompassed. Light miraculously ignited and created a harmonious synchronistic design of life and energy, otherwise known as the Universe.

Astrological Constellations are a group of stars close together that identify with an object, animal, or being in the sky. For example, astrologers use Zodiac Constellations in psychic readings to show the Home in which the Planet is transiting at a particular time while orbiting the Sun from Earth's View.

Here are ten ways I use Astrological Constellations for psychic readings.

1. I pay attention to Venus and Jupiter's transits

The most common online psychic readings I receive are Career and Love readings. Thus, I pay attention to the Constellation Placement of Venus, the Planet of Love and Relationships, and Jupiter, the Planet of Luck, expansion, and wealth.

Utilizing my Clairvoyance skills, I look at how the clients' future love would enter their life after noticing Venus transiting their house of Partnerships and Relationships while reaching success in their Career with Jupiter transiting their house of Profession and Public recognition.

2. I interpret the Node's Constellations in the Chart

Two Nodes in our Astrology Charts show in which constellation the Sun and the Moons orbit intersect for a potential eclipse from Earth's view. The South Node is where the moon ascends behind the Earth away from the Sun's view, describing our Past life, Feminine energies, old experiences, and wisdom. At the same time, the North node is where the mood descends in front of the Earth, facing the Sun, describing our Future, Soul Purpose, who we are becoming, and Masculine energies.

In a psychic readings, I look at both nodes and which zodiac constellations they fall into to understand the client's comfort zone (south node) and Potential (north node) to help the client push past any limitations, building their self-awareness.

3. I interpret the Vedic Astrology Chart

I interpret the Planetary Transits in their Astrological constellations in Vedic Astrology to the exact degree. This accurate depiction of the sky allows me to identify the presence of the client's spiritual lessons, karma and dharma in this life based on Hindu Mythology and Culture.

I answered a question on Quora, where a client was looking to understand how her Sade Sati would be affected by her Mahadasha, Shravana and Ashwini. By understanding the spiritual story of Shravana, the transit of Mahadasha, and the Remedies of her Ashwini, I spiritually guided her with the best mechanism to cope with her Sade Sati (Saturn Return).

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4. I interpret the Tropical Astrology Chart

I interpret the Planetary Transits in their Astrological Constellations in Tropical Astrology a few degrees ahead. This seasonal Astrology of the Sky allows me to identify the future thinking of the client's personality, characteristics, and attachments.

I recently sought my Tropical Chart to understand my wealth and the talents that make up my character and personality. My Psychic Clairvoyance led me to my Jupiter placement in my sixth house of Health and Daily Routine. My alternative health and fitness service skills would be where I find my self-reliance, independence, and ultimate wealth potential.

5. I use the person's Time of Birth or Event

The time of Birth or event allows me to look at a two-hour window in the area of life that resides the transiting rising zodiac sign. This psychic reading can guide the client in their best daily routine and help them understand or predict the area of life in which an event occurs.

During an Astrology Session, I helped a client recognize that the best time to shine a light on her writing skills online was in the morning because the transiting rising sign was in her first house of Personality and Self Expression.

6. I interpret the Zodiac's Horoscope with Tarot Divination

I give general Tarot Readings on YouTube and through Psychic Vision, interpreting the Zodiac's Horoscope. This psychic practice allows me to see several energies surrounding the Zodiac through divination.

I often mention to my viewers not only to look at their Sun sign but to keep in mind where else they find Libra in their Chart, for example. This spiritual guidance allows the viewer to see if their Mercury in Libra placement is not currently impacted by the transit of aggressive Mars in their Home and family, creating tension in communication with their loved ones.

7. I intuitively embody the Zodiac in question

Zodiacs are characters which hold a variety of personality traits. For me, they are souls going through their growth and transformations in times of question. With that in mind, I can jump into the shoes of that specific Zodiac and understand their current energies through intuition and various psychic abilities.

This skill helps me be compassionate and understanding with myself, the people around me, and my clients. I can appreciate what a Taurus sun is experiencing during a mercury retrograde by simply embodying the essence of that Zodiac, for example.

8. I interpret the twelve houses with Tarot Divination

Each house in a person's Astrology Chart represents an area of their life. Using Tarot Divination, I pull a Card for each of the twelve houses to show me the energy that needs focus, allowing me to see the full expression or soul lesson the client is learning in the house of question.

For example, I had a client going through their Saturn Return in their 12th house, wanting to know if she and her boyfriend would be together forever. So, I pulled the Nine of Pentacles in her house of Self Undoing, Endings, and Dreams, to reveal that she is encouraged to find herself, follow her dreams, and be single and independent during her Saturn Return.

9. I interpret the Five Major Aspects

I interpret the Five significant Aspects: Conjunction, Sextile, Square, Trine and Opposition. The aspects occur across and between the Astrological Constellations as the planets orbit around the Sun, creating a specific angle. These aspects enhance the energy between the planets and the houses they reside in.

To understand the lack of communication and intimacy of a person I care about, I sought their Astrology chart noticing several Conjunct placements between Venus (Planet of love), Mercury (Planet of Communication), and Saturn (Planet of Foundational beliefs), indicating that he grew up shy and sensitive. Thus, he learned to be severe and logical when dealing with relationships to avoid being rejected or left hurt.

10. I interpret the dominant and inferior elements

The four elements of the Zodiac are as follows:

  • Water (Sensual)
  • Fire (Action)
  • Earth (Resourceful)
  • Air (Intellect)

Therefore, I naturally pay attention to the dominant and inferior elements of a person's energy type in a psychic reading.

I have a client with a (2:1) ratio of Air, Earth to Water, and Fire in their Astrology Chart. This combination indicates that they rely on their physical, tactful, logical realities over their sensitive intuition, spontaneous and passionate realm. Thus, they sometimes block their true hearts' desires due to the image created in their communal beliefs.

Know yourself through Astrology

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Using Astrological Constellations in your Psychic Readings can help you recognize your strengths and weaknesses and those around you.

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Head and shoulders photograph of Rozalia Kieliszkiewicz
Rozalia is a Holistic Health and Spiritual Writer who writes for Top10.com. In addition, she is a professional Spiritual advisor trained in Tarot Divination, Astrology, Reiki Healing, and Dream Analysis. Her background as a Nutritionist and Fitness Trainer allows her to look at the whole Body, Mind and Spiritual Connection.