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Wrike Alternatives: 5 Best Project Management Software to Try in 2024

Michael Klobe - Writer for Top10
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Need the right tool to streamline your business processes? You're in the right place. I'll share my project and operations management expertise to help you make an informed decision.

In today's fast-paced and complex work environment, project management (PM) software is vital for productivity and problem-solving. A 2016 study demonstrated the potential that the longer business teams use PM software, the more their productivity improves compared to initial budgets.

Wrike is a popular choice among larger corporations like SEGA, Pfizer, and SIEMENS with its advanced tools for complex task management, workflow views, and comprehensive integration capabilities. However, in managing a business, regardless of its size, it's important to choose a tool that best suits your company's needs.

For instance, you might prefer a tool with more straightforward features or one that offers greater customization to align with your specific operational requirements.

Ultimately, the right project management software should enhance productivity and streamline processes, making it an indispensable asset for your team's success.

Considering these diverse needs, I've compiled a list of the best alternatives to Wrike for effectively managing your projects and teams.

» Keep everyone on the same page with interactive to-do lists.

Our 5 Best Wrike Alternatives in 2024:

  • monday.com - Best Wrike alternative overall
  • Smartsheet - Best for making swift, data-driven decisions
  • ClickUp - Best for resource management
  • Asana - Best for managing complex projects
  • HubSpot Best for aligning sales and marketing efforts

A Closer Look at the Best Wrike Alternatives in 2024

1. monday.com

An all-in-one project management tool for teams and businesses of various sizes

Best for -Small and large teams with diverse needs

Starting price - From $0/month for two users, then $8/user/month

Free trial - 14 days

Team collaboration tools - Collaborative docs, updates, third-party app integrations, whiteboards, task time-tracking

Views - Dashboards, Kanban, timelines, Gantt charts, calendars, spreadsheets

Compared to Wrike, monday.com is a highly versatile and popular team collaboration tool. It's especially ideal for small teams or startups and freelancers new to PM software—it has specialized templates designed for these. But—like Wrike—even big industry players like Canva and Coca-Cola use monday.com due to its scalability and customizability.

You can easily design and adjust workflows, and track and use Kanban boards that give you a convenient, big-picture view of your projects. And another standout feature is its ability to integrate with Google, Hubspot, and Slack, in addition to over 200 marketplace apps.

What Makes monday.com a Good Alternative to Wrike?

With its diverse range of customizable templates, monday.com is super easy for beginners compared to Wrike. Wrike can be a bit tricky for first-timers, and smaller teams might require some extra professional help. With monday.com, you also get 24/7 support, helpful guides, and free seminars.

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  • Easy-to-use templates
  • Color-rich interface for improved organization
  • Robust list of supported, third-party integrations


  • No direct communication channels between users
  • Calendar sync could be improved

monday.com monday.com Visit site

2. Smartsheet

Empowering developers with advanced collaboration tools

Best for - IT companies

Starting price - Free for just one user, then from $7/month/user

Free trial - 30 days

Team collaboration tools - Project planning and management, workflows, budget tracking, task planning

Views - Grids, Gantt charts, calendars, cards

Smartsheet looks like a spreadsheet but with customizable templates and various views like grids, calendars, and cards. You can visualize your project timeline using Gantt charts. It also facilitates real-time collaboration through its powerful reporting tool, making it easier to share tasks via email and comment on different sections of your sheet.

Smartsheet's flexibility comes from its unique spreadsheet-like interface. This interface allows users to create custom fields, formulas, and reports to meet their specific needs. Smartsheet also offers a variety of pre-built templates and automations that can help teams to get started quickly and save time on repetitive tasks.

What Makes Smartsheet a Good Alternative to Wrike?

What sets Smartsheet apart from Wrike to me is its budget-friendly pricing structure. Its real-time collaboration tools also enable me to share tasks and make comments, which enhances team efficiency.


  • Integrates with popular apps
  • You can adapt the interface to your workflow
  • Lots of customization potential


  • Steep learning curve for new users
  • Pages don't update in real-time

Smartsheet Smartsheet Visit site

3. ClickUp

Flexibility for various industry projects

Best for - Marketing teams involved in intricate product launch campaigns

Starting price - From $7/user/month

Free trial - 14 days

Team collaboration tools - Real-time editing, comments, discussions, chat, workspaces

Views - Lists, boards, calendars, Gantt charts, tables, timelines, mind maps, workloads, boxes, activities, maps

ClickUp's flexibility in customizing task lists to align with our specific workflows has been fantastic. The ability to create personalized views like "assigned," "urgent," and "high priority" helps highlight and tackle crucial tasks that demand immediate team attention.

The seamless integration with various tools such as Google Workspace, Slack, and Trello has been a game-changer, allowing us to combine all our processes in one convenient software. You can also set up task dependencies, which can significantly improve project management efficiency.

What Makes ClickUp a Good Alternative to Wrike?

ClickUp has advanced AI capabilities and around-the-clock support similar to Wrike. In addition, I have access to more advanced reporting features, allowing me to monitor task progress, establish quarterly objectives, and track the time spent by team members, all within a unified dashboard.


  • Suitable for projects in various industries
  • Integrates with over 1,000 apps
  • Beginner-friendly


  • Limited training resources
  • Overwhelming for beginners

ClickUp ClickUp Visit site

4. Asana

Task organization with powerful automation

Best for - Social media management teams

Starting price - From $10.99/user/month

Free trial - 30 days

Team collaboration tools - Comments, chat, file-sharing, subtasks

Views - Lists, charts, timelines

Asana is one of my go-to solutions for streamlined task management with a user-friendly hierarchical layout. It allows me to neatly categorize tasks into projects and organize them within workspaces, making information retrieval a breeze.

With the ability to set due dates and automate repetitive tasks, I've significantly reduced my manual workload. Asana provides collaboration tools such as file sharing, ensuring that my team and I are always on the same page and have the latest document versions at our fingertips.

What Makes Asana a Good Alternative to Wrike?

Like Wrike, Asana is ideal for meticulous planners and doers. It comes with features like drag-and-drop task organization and seamless integration with over 200 popular apps, such as Microsoft Teams, Slack, Zoom, and Google Workspace. It also has an open API so your developers can create custom integrations.

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  • Robust automation features
  • Free plan for up to 15 users
  • Highly-customizable dashboards


  • Might be overwhelming for non-technical users
  • No resource management or budgeting tools

5. HubSpot

An AI-supported CRM platform for online stores

Best for - eCommerce teams

Starting price - From $20/month/user

Free trial - 14 days

Team collaboration tools - Comments, discussions, chat, workspaces

Views - List, board, calendar, Gantt chart, table, timeline

HubSpot has been an incredible asset for managing various aspects of my online business. It offers robust tools for email and social media marketing, which have helped me attract more visitors to my website. The live chat feature is also invaluable in providing quick and efficient support to my customers.

Additionally, the "Knowledge Base" repository has allowed me to deepen my understanding of HubSpot's features and functionalities. This enables me to make the most of this powerful platform.

What Makes HubSpot a Good Alternative to Wrike?

HubSpot is more specialized for eCommerce businesses than Wrike is. It has robust sales capabilities and AI-enabled user analytics, helping you build strong customer relationships and prioritize leads based on their engagement with marketing campaigns.


  • Data synchronization and quality tools
  • Free courses, certifications, and resources
  • Comprehensive CRM platform


  • Expensive plans
  • Difficult to migrate data from another CRM

HubSpot HubSpot Visit site

Wrike Alternatives: Explore Your Teams' Options

These Wrike alternatives show me that there's no one-size-fits-all solution. Each software discussed above has unique strengths, some even comparable to Wrike.

Whether you opt for Asana's robust capabilities, monday.com's user-friendly interface, or HubSpot's advanced AI integration, these tools offer diverse ways to enhance efficiency and collaboration.

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Michael Klobe - Writer for Top10
Michael contributes to Top10.com as a tech-savvy expert with degrees in Business Marketing and Industrial Engineering. His writing niches include data science, project and program management, and software and hardware development.