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ClickUp Review (2024)

Task and project management with goal tracking
By Daniel RosehillBy Daniel Rosehill -
Last Updated: Jun 08, 2023
280 reviews
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Storage size
Up to 100MB on free plan, unlimited on paid plans
Kanban, Tasks, Gantt, and more

Our Verdict

Is ClickUp Worth Signing Up For?

ClickUp is a task list and project management tool designed for companies and individuals that want to streamline their internal workflows. The software allows users to configure task dependencies to record whether progress is being blocked by another team member and link appropriate tasks.

Storage size
Up to 100MB on free plan, unlimited on paid plans
Kanban, Tasks, Gantt, and more

ClickUp at a Glance

Editorial Score

Customizable Dashboards

Drag-and-drop interface, task lists, kanban boards, calendars, map views, customizable timelines

Collaboration Tools

Assign task owners, filter by task owner, workload view for teams, tag members, add users to tasks as watchers

Value for Money

Free plan available, $5-$12/month per member, depending on the plan

Automations & Integrations

100+ ways to automate processes, 50+ actions to automate, 1,000+ integrations

Free Trial/Guarantee

Free 30-day trial

ClickUp Pros & Cons


Easy to flag blocked tasks
Drag-and-drop interface
Task list and Kanban views


Multiple layouts might confuse PM rookies
Free plan has 100MB storage limit

Top ClickUp Reviews

Ezaaz Waseem
An ERP in the making
A very fine project management which I always say is a full fledged.
Enrique Lite
Es la mejor plataforma para gestión de…
Es la mejor plataforma para gestión de proyectos con la que hemos trabajado. Sustituimos Asana por ella hace años y ha sido un gran acierto.
Tatevik Babayan
ClickUp acts as a supportive partner in handling projects .
The software enhances our experience and helps to organize our workflow and projects effectively.
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Best for: Companies that want a project management tool with fair premium pricing 

Key use: Task and project management with goal tracking

Price: $7-$12 per user per month 

Storage: 100MB on free plan. Unlimited on Paid Plans. 

Free trial: 30 days

How ClickUp Works

Kanban and Task List View

ClickUp allows users to organize their project into a number of different views from lists, calendar, Kanban style boards or Gantt charts. Each user can set up a number of spaces designed to house details about their projects. Additionally, individual tasks can be filtered by status, and subtasks can be hidden or displayed to reduce visual clutter. 

Users can also choose to visualize their task list as:

  • A calendar. This view overlays tasks upon a standard calendar layout.
  • A map. If tasks have addresses added, then tasks can be plotted over a map to stay organized with different locations.
  • A Gantt chart. This classic project management charting format makes it easy for managers to visualize dependencies and expected completion dates.
  • Box charts.
  • Mind maps.
  • Timelines.

Additionally, users can use the embed feature to add content from other websites into tasks, views, docs and dashboards. 

Task Dependencies

If Users’ workflows are being held up by colleagues, then ClickUp makes it easy for team members to signal exactly what is causing the delay. Users can:

  • Add “waiting on” tasks. If users are waiting on tasks to be completed before they can execute this one, they can link the tasks together.
  • Add blockers. If users are unable to proceed because they are being blocked by some uncompleted task, that can be signaled. Project managers can then work to free up resources.

Links can also be made between tasks even when they are not blocking one another to mark dependencies. These will be automatically reflected in charting exports. 

Custom Statuses

Since no two companies have exactly the same internal workflows, ClickUp makes it easy to set up custom statuses for each project workflow. These can either be totally custom statuses or users can choose from templates that were developed for certain functions. For instance, the marketing template option includes statuses such as “in progress,” “running” and “in review.”

Collaboration Tools

Sidebar Widget View 

ClickUp supports live, real-time collaboration. Users are also able to filter project tasks according to the task owner. To make this easy, the tool populates users’ avatars in the People Sidebar. Managers and other users can click on a person’s headshot in order to see the tasks they are currently responsible for. 

Workload Visualizer

Not sure which team member has too much on their plate and which could be open to receiving delegated projects? ClickUp’s Workload View feature makes it easy to visualize exactly how occupied each of your project resources are. Assigning additional tasks to team members is as easy as dragging and dropping projects over to them.

Watchers and Assignees

With ClickUp, organizations can greatly cut down on the amount of email that moves around the department. Instead of having to email a team member for their input on a project, users can simply tag that team member by typing the at symbol and then their username. Additionally, users can be added to tasks as watchers rather than assignees. These team members will receive notifications as the project progresses but will not be marked in the system as being responsible for execution of the task in question.

Data Privacy

All data transmitted to ClickUp is secured at rest using AES-256 based encryption. ClickUp also hosts its infrastructure in a redundant and secure environment. Data stored in ClickUp is secured by a firewall and by other security features. 

ClickUp Apps

ClickUp has really poured effort into rolling out an impressive selection of apps and integrations for just about every platform users could need. Firstly, users can access the tool through its web UI simply by accessing a web browser and accessing the software. Additionally, ClickUp makes desktop clients for Windows, Mac, and Linux—as well as iOS and Android for smartphone users. There are also apps for Alexa and Google Home as well as a Chrome extension and a Gmail plugin.

ClickUp Customer Support

ClickUp offers 24/7 support including on holidays. The company has a watchable demo as well as an extensive documentation library detailing everything from use case demonstrations through to feature and integration guides. 

ClickUp Pricing

Pricing & Special Offers

ClickUp is available with a lifetime “free forever” plan which includes unlimited users and tasks—although total storage is limited to 100MB and users can only set up 5 project spaces. The company supports 2 paying tiers—Unlimited and Business—as well as one custom-quoted tier for large, enterprise-scale user-bases.

The Business tier, which costs $12/member/month allows users to add up to 10 guests to the system while the Unlimited tier supports 5 guests. The Business tier also lets users customize the look and feel of the platform to match their branding guidelines and provides them with 10,000 automations per month.

Price per member per month
By quotation

ClickUp Alternatives

How ClickUp Compares to Other Project Managers

Project Manager
24/7 support
Dedicated account manager

Drag and Drop 
Tableau, Discord, Miro, Calendly 
Dropbox, Hubspot, LinkedIn, Zoom, Mailchimp
Office 365, Excel, QuickBooks, Dropbox, Slack
Unlimited boards
Time tracking

ClickUp ClickUp Visit Site

Bottom Line

ClickUp provides a very scalable and robust project management tool suitable for organizations of every size. It allows project managers to visualize project statuses in a wide variety of ways—and supports easy workload balancing and collaboration. 

Daniel Rosehill (BCL, MA) is a freelance PR consultant and writer specializing in developing and executing thought leadership-led communications strategies for clients in the technology sector. He writes for Top10.com and his interests include backups and disaster recovery, Linux and open source, and cloud computing. Daniel is a graduate of University College Cork (BCL / Law) and City University, London (MA / Political Journalism).

ClickUp reviews

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Ezaaz Waseem
4 weeks ago
An ERP in the making
A very fine project management which I always say is a full fledged.
Enrique Lite
1 month ago
Es la mejor plataforma para gestión de…
Es la mejor plataforma para gestión de proyectos con la que hemos trabajado. Sustituimos Asana por ella hace años y ha sido un gran acierto.
Tatevik Babayan
2 months ago
ClickUp acts as a supportive partner in handling projects .
The software enhances our experience and helps to organize our workflow and projects effectively.
Luke F
6 months ago
Take a closer look at those negative reviews
I could not believe the average rating for Clickup could be as low as it is on here so being a slightly neurodivergent geek,I decided to dig a bit deeper. Take a look at these accounts leaving the 1* negative reviews. Isn't that interesting how ALL of their reviews are 1* bombshells? Almost as if companies pay them to character assassinate their competitors. Unfortunately Trustpilot doesn't have mechanisms (like Amazon etc) checking you've actually bought/used a product before letting you leave a review. I would only trust reviews from people on here who have left a range of varied reviews, because otherwise they either are fake reviews they're being paid to make, or they only use it as a platform to vent. Often I lean toward 3/5* reviews and they tend to give a more rounded picture. I'm sorry I can't give one of those, because having thoroughly compared about 45 project management suites over 14 years, there's a bunch I like, but Clickup is the one. I've brought it into several charities and SMEs now, but for sure would scale well in larger companies too. The further back in time you go, the more things frustrated me with Clickup. It used to be a bit buggy at times, even phases of being a touch slow, and some features were lacking, like time tracking, especially on the app. But they are excellent at listening to customers and rapidly working on the top priorities. How on earth they pack so much functionality and customisation into such a fast, beautiful UX and have a mature mobile app AND probably the best customer support of any of the competitors I've tried...really astounds me. That's not an easy recipe to get right.

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