The Best Project Management Software of 2020

Amanda BradleyByAmanda BradleyOct. 08, 2019

Project management software is the Rolodex for businesses. It's the glue that holds everything together, the infrastructure that keeps everything organized, and the software that maintains structure and sanity in a busy, competitive, and ever-changing world that's high on demand and short on time. Project management software helps businesses manage time, resources, budget, scope, and teams efficiently. So, you maximize your output and your profit. In short, it's good stuff.

Here’s our roundup of the best project management software of 2019 to help you start off the new year on the right foot.

From $17per month
Free, or $5per month per user
From $150per month for 6 users
From $5month per user
From $15per month per user
From $24per month per user
From $21.25per month per user
From 5GBupwards
10GBdocument exchange only with highest tier plan
Unlimitedwith Business Plan
2GBper user
14 days
Free accounts
10 daysfree plan
14 days
30 days
30-day money-back guarantee
30 days
Chat, file-sharing
Team chat, screen share, video chat
File sharing, chat, forums
Limited unless you’re on the highest tier
Live chat, group discussions, file sharing
Message boards, file sharing
Online discussion boards, shareable calendar
Kanban, timeline, calendar, map, chart
Team calendar view, customizable views
Blueprint, kanban, broad, custom views
Calendar, scheduler, interactive, overview
Gantt, kanban, tasks, dashboards
Gantt, kanban, dashboards, calendar
Customizable widgets and layout

Top 10 Project Management Software Products

  • 1

    Visual task & project management at its best
    • PriceFrom $17per month
    • Free trial14 days
    • Team collaboration toolsChat, file-sharing is probably the most popular project management software to date. And that's because it makes project management so easy. Everything is visually designed, so there's no guesswork and no heavy blocks of text to read through. allows you to use multiple views to organize and see your projects the way you need to at different times and for different projects or people. Choose from kanban, list, chart, timelines, calendar, or map views to maximize your understanding of the tasks at hand. is also a great PM software because it allows teams to collaborate on projects with ease. Everyone can see what tasks are still on the table, where they're holding in a project timeline, approaching deadlines, etc. Team members can also share files, add comments, and communicate directly within the task manager for ultimate transparency and collaboration. You can test drive and experience the difference.

    • Multiple views to choose from
    • Task assignment and management
    • Track progress with detailed, visual reports
    • The Basic Plan is limited
    • Higher tiers are a bit pricey
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  • 2

    RingCentral Glip

    Project management software anyone can afford
    RingCentral Glip
    • PriceFree, or $5per month per user
    • Free trialFree accounts
    • Team collaboration toolsTeam chat, screen share, video chat

    Glip from RingCentral puts a lot of other project management software options to shame. Why? For one reason, it offers a free version that is better than most of the competition’s paid-for accounts. With a free account from Glip, you'll get unlimited chat, storage, guest users, integrations, and teams. You'll also receive notifications about tasks, projects, and messages, a totally customizable workspace, file annotations, and a whole slew of third-party integrations so that you can bring all your favorite tools along for the ride.

    But it gets better. Glip also has a paid-for account. For the laughably low price of $5 a month per user, you get all of the features mentioned above plus more. Things like 1,000 minutes a month per user for shared video chatting, 24/7 live support, and data retention policies come along with this "major" upgrade. Yes, Glip has definitely started making the competition reconsider their own paltry offerings. And it should make you reconsider paying any more for quality project management software. Learn more about RingCentral's outstanding PM software Glip.

    • Fully-loaded free account
    • Video conference and screen sharing features
    • Integrates with all major third-party apps
    • Notifications are a bit slow
    • Task status options are limited
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  • 3

    Zoho Projects

    All-inclusive project management software
    Zoho Projects
    • PriceFrom $150per month for 6 users
    • Free trial10 daysfree plan
    • Team collaboration toolsFile sharing, chat, forums

    While there are a lot of good project management software options out there, few can even come close to Zoho Projects. This company has thought of every possible use case, need, and pain point a manager or team member could come up with while planning and working on a task, and packed the solution into a single, comprehensive project management software.

    Zoho Projects is loaded with everything you could possibly hope for. From task management and automation to time tracking, charts, reports, issue tracking, social project management, automation, email notifications, team collaboration, multiple visual views, you name it. Zoho Projects has truly thought of it all. And it’s made project management a breeze, thanks to all its careful planning.

    • Email notifications
    • Task automation
    • In-depth charts and reporting
    • Learning curve until you get used to all the functions
    • Free plan is limited to 2 projects
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  • 4


    Improved workflow has never been easier
    • PriceFrom $5month per user
    • Free trial14 days
    • Team collaboration toolsLimited unless you’re on the highest tier

    FunctionFox is not as well-known as some of the competition like or Zoho Projects, but that doesn’t make it any less effective when it comes to getting the job done. Using this project management software, team leaders and managers can reduce admin time, improve workflow, and track progress for better efficiency all around. 

    FunctionFox lets you customize your own dashboard, so you see exactly what’s important to you. With this software, you can also compare estimated budgets with real numbers to ensure you are staying in line with your expense accounts. FunctionFox also has great project templates, so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time you want to start a new project. Schedule meetings, assign tasks, and set up milestones all within a single calendar view. Check out more features from FunctionFox right here.

    • Unlimited clients and projects on all plans
    • Project templates for faster management
    • Strong time tracking and reporting features
    • Not as sophisticated as the competition
    • File storage not available with lower-tiered plans
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  • 5


    Fully-loaded project management for teams
    • PriceFrom $15per month per user
    • Free trial30 days
    • Team collaboration toolsLive chat, group discussions, file sharing

    ProjectManager is definitely a software that is aptly named. This project management and team collaboration tool will help you get your team up and running in no time and in the most efficient manner ever. ProjectManager provides you with customizable dashboards for each project, so you can keep tabs on where your team is holding on individual tasks or the project as a whole. You can also create reports on the spot to share as a PDF or export with just the push of a button. Timesheets, 400+ integrations, agile tools, scheduling, and more are all available via this single, sleek project management software.

    ProjectManager also lets you work online, remotely, and on-the-go. So, anyone can update, share files, and comment in real-time for better transparency and clarity. Use Gantt charts or task lists to keep assignments crystal clear and projects moving smoothly toward their deadlines. Find out more about this robust software and all the features it has to make your team more efficient than ever.

    • Affordable plans for any size business
    • Strong team collaboration tools
    • Real-time dashboards
    • Many features only available with Business Plan
    • Free trial requires credit card input
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  • 6

    Easy Projects

    Team collaboration and management done right
    Easy Projects
    • PriceFrom $24per month per user
    • Free trial30-day money-back guarantee
    • Team collaboration toolsMessage boards, file sharing

    Easy Project really lives up to its name, and it has the numbers to prove it. Businesses can expect to see a 30% decrease in project duration, 2 hours savings per project setup time, and 10% revenue growth just from the first implementation of Easy Project’s project management software. Those are some impressive stats.

    Easy Project offers unlimited projects regardless of which plan you choose and great features like milestones, auto-assignments, mini workflows, and project-level permissions. You can use project templates for faster setup, and use the software for batch operations. Easy Project also allows unlimited customer fields, guest accounts, and interactive Gantt charts for the most comprehensive viewing of any project. See how Easy Project can help your team be more efficient today.

    • AI forecast
    • Resource loading simulation
    • Unlimited projects, tasks, customer fields, guest users
    • Guest accounts could use improvement
    • No free trial
    Read Easy Projects Full Review
  • 7


    Sexy project management software for any task
    • PriceFrom $21.25per month per user
    • Free trial30 days
    • Team collaboration toolsOnline discussion boards, shareable calendar

    Celoxis is easily one of the sexiest project management software options out there. Everything about it is smooth, sleek, and pleasing to the eye and the mind. Celoxis is basically a project management toolbox that’s fully loaded for any project, manager, or team to use with success. With a single tool, you’ll be able to plan projects from start to finish, assign tasks, allocate resources, predict risks, troubleshoot, track changes, keep tabs on progress, sync timesheets, and collaborate with everyone working on your project simultaneously.

    An affordable option, Celoxis offers some impressive features. Customize your dashboard layout and widgets or use the pre-fab ones provided. Interactive charts offer the most information within a single, easy to drill-down view, and use as many dashboards as you need for each project and user. Track progress, configure ranking logic, and create an impressive workflow that makes sure your entire project gets done faster, more efficiently, and more smoothly.

    • Dependencies, auto-scheduling, multiple resources
    • Integrated time tracking
    • RAG health indicators and critical path analysis
    • No native iOS app
    • No markup attachments in-app
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What Key Features Should I Look For?

Project management features will vary in importance depending on your business’ size, brand personality, and team members. In general, though, there are some features that you just don’t want to do without. Some of the really important ones include:

  • Risk projection and management

A crucial component to any project planning software, risk management keeps you out of hot water.

  • Resource management and allocation

This important feature ensures that you aren’t going over budget and that you have assigned the right resources to the right tasks/teams/projects etc.

  • Dependencies and milestones

Dependencies ensure that your team is staying on track. Milestones help keep people motivated. They’re both important for workflow and sticking to a deadline. This also includes critical path analysis.

  • Multiple views

You'll want the choice between different views such as Kanban, Gantt, timeline, etc. because different tasks, personalities, and projects will require a different view.

  • Third-party integrations

This will allow you to cut down on time switching between apps for multiple tasks such as updating your timesheet, sending a text message, transferring a file, or checking your email.

  • Task management

Probably the most important feature of all, task management allows you to assign tasks, keep tabs on them, track changes, and more. This is really the heart of any good project management software.

  • Team collaboration

The second most important feature, team collaboration tools can help save you countless hours of work through simple communication. Things like file sharing, group chat, @mentions, and more will keep everyone on the same page and ensure a smoother, faster turnaround.

  • Customizable everything

The more you can customize, the better. From dashboards to fields and even more so workflows, customization allows you to maximize the efficiency of your team and of the project management software altogether.

  • Mobile accessibility

Because most teams are not office-bound these days, you need a product that will easily come with you wherever you go. Mobile-friendly or native apps are a must-have today.

Other features to look for may include agile workflow system and time tracking features.

What are the Differences in Project Management Software?

There are countless differences between the various project management software options available today. From price to feature sets, usability, and more, you’ve got something for everyone. One of the biggest differences you’ll find, though, is between the basic project management software options and the more comprehensive ones.

The first type is a simple tool that has limited functionality but does the job well enough. It's clean, easy to use, and might be the perfect solution for an SMB or startup to get their head around a tough project that needs organizing. These usually have some basic features like integration and team collaboration.

More comprehensive software will include a lot more features and functionality. These might have resource management, finance management, and accounting software included. Comprehensive tools will also give you more sophisticated and powerful tools. Such precision will come with a bigger price tag and is usually better for larger businesses.

Why do I need a project management software?

Project management software is a force multiplier. It helps you organize your time and resource management, create reports about business and employee performance, and get a better idea of what’s working and what isn’t. Project management software can also make team collaboration easier and more seamless than ever before.

Is it easy to use? 

Project management software is designed to be easy to use, after all, that's sort of the whole point of systems that are supposed to make your work easier. These programs shouldn't take long for employees to master and should have a straightforward, intuitive interface for carrying out tasks and communicating with teammates. 

How steep is the learning curve?

Project management software platforms tend to have a wide range of capabilities, and if you were looking to master every facet, it could take you some time. For most employees, though, the basic tasks they would need to carry out shouldn't take long to master at all, and don't require any previous tech know-how. 

How much will it cost me? 

That's a tricky question to answer. How much your project management software will cost you at the end of the day depends on how many users you want and what type of features you're looking for. A basic option like Glip can cost you nothing at all. And if you're an SMB working out of your garage, this is a great option.

Alternatively, enterprise-level plans will run you hundreds of dollars a month. But if you are big enough, and your budget can afford it, these plans will deliver the most in terms of functionality and style. Look for a plan that fits your budget and still offers a nice set of features.

Is my data safe with a PM software? 

Considering the fact that it's handling your most sensitive and private business information, project management software needs to have top security. That's why you need to go with a trusted name that also has plenty of security measures built into its business profile to safeguard your data., for example, is ISO certified, GDPR compliant, HIPAA compliant, and holds an EU-US privacy shield, among other protective measures.

It's also a good idea to safeguard your information by using leveled user security protection and passwords, features that top-quality project management software will have.

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