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Top 10 Best Project Management Software & Tools to Organize Your Team

Marth Kendall Custard
Best Project Management Software & Tools

Project management software is the Rolodex for businesses. It's the glue that holds everything together, the infrastructure that keeps everything organized, and the software that maintains structure and sanity in a busy, competitive, and ever-changing world that's high on demand and short on time. 

Project management software helps businesses manage time, resources, budget, scope, and teams efficiently. So, you maximize your output and your profit. In short, it's good stuff.

Here’s our best project management software of 2023 to help you stay organized, and to help your teams collaborate better, even if you're working remotely from home. 

Our Top 10 Best Project Management Software & Tools in 2023:

  • - Best project management software overall
  • Asana - Best for managing complex projects
  • Wrike - Best for managing projects and ongoing work
  • Atlassian Jira - Best for small and large businesses
  • Glip by RingCentral - Best for agile development teams
  • FreshBooks - Best for small and growing teams
  • Netsuite - Best project management software for automated scheduling
  • Paymo - Best for all-in-one project management tools
  • Zoho Projects - Best for integrations & add-ons
  • Accelo - Best for service-based industries and agencies

This table provides a comparison of the prices, storage sizes, free trials, team collaboration tools, and views of various project management solutions. Different project management packages have their own pros and cons. Weighing the options against your team's needs will help you make an informed decision that best fits your business. 

Compare the Top Project Management Companies
Atlassian Jira
Glip by RingCentral
Zoho Projects
Reviews158 reviews89 reviews92 reviewsWrite Review29 reviewsWrite Review41 reviewsWrite Review26 reviews
From $24
per month
Free to $30.49/user/month
From $9.80
per user per month
Starting from $7.75 per user, per month From $790 per year, depending on user tiers
From $19.99/user/mo
From $4.50/mo
By quote only
From $8.95 month
From $18
per month for 6 users
Storage size
upwards as you go up in plans
250GB for Standard plan, Unlimited storage for Premium and Enterprise plans
No limit
No limits
50GB - 100GB
From 5GB
Free trial
14-day (Pro plan)
Free plan
14 days
or free account
Seven-day free trial
Free product tour
10 days
free plan
Team collaboration tools
Chat, file-sharing, progress tracking
File sharing, mail and messaging integration
Live editor, @mentions, file sharing
Confluence, Slack, Team Calendars
Discussion area, file-sharing
Real time interactive charting and chat and comment functionalities
File sharing, chat, forums
Kanban, Gantt, timeline, calendar, map, chart
Lists, Kanban boards, timelines
List, boards, Gantt, Stream
Board, timeline, Gantt, form, task
Dashboard view, visual project mode,and more
Gantt, Kanban, calendar
Blueprint, kanban, broad, custom views

Top 10 Project Management Software Products

  • 1

    • PriceFrom $24
    • Team collaboration toolsChat, file-sharing, progress tracking
    • Free trial14-day (Pro plan) Work OS is a flexible platform you can use to manage all of your team’s projects, processes and workflows in one place. While the platform is intuitive and visually stunning, it’s robust enough for large organizations to manage all of their work across departments. To use, simply choose one of the 200+ ready-made templates to start within minutes, and fully customize it with 20+ editable columns and dozens of no-code automations. Then import your data from spreadsheets and integrate all of the tools you’re already using for seamless onboarding. 

    With high-level overviews and automatically updating dashboards created uniquely for any team, everyone can see what tasks are still on the table, where they're holding in a project timeline, approaching deadlines, etc. Team members can also share files, add comments, and communicate directly within the task manager for ultimate transparency and collaboration. You can test drive and experience the difference.

    • Multiple views to choose from
    • Task assignment and management
    • Track progress with detailed, visual reports
    • The Basic Plan is limited
    • Higher tiers are a bit pricey
  • 2


    • PriceFree to $30.49/user/month
    • Team collaboration toolsFile sharing, mail and messaging integration
    • Free trialFree plan

    Asana is a project management software designed to help keep your business on track. The software makes it easy to break down projects into tasks and then assign those tasks to individual team members. Asana offers lists, kanban boards, and Gantt charts, which together, give employees and managers both a macro and micro view of the work that needs to be done.

    Asana especially stands out for its flexibility and collaboration tools. Employees can comment on tasks and share updates, and Asana has built-in tools for automating routine work. Plus, it integrates with more than 100 popular business software platforms, including messaging apps like Slack and Microsoft Teams.

    • Multiple ways to view your projects and tasks
    • Supports automated workflows
    • Powerful free plan
    • No resource management or budgeting tools
    • Pricey for larger teams
  • 3


    very good
    • PriceFrom $9.80
    • Team collaboration toolsLive editor, @mentions, file sharing
    • Free trial14 days

    Wrike makes it easy to manage your projects, from inception and planning, to reporting and analysis.  Live editing and file management also make it easy to upload documents to a task and edit them directly in Wrike. Wrike also features plenty of collaboration tools and can be integrated with Gmail, Slack and Outlook.

    • Extremely affordable and pro plans
    • Advanced integrations
    • Impressive features even in lower level plans
    • Not ideal for small businesses
    • Gets pricey as you go up in tiers
  • 4
    Atlassian Jira

    Atlassian Jira

    very good
    • PriceStarting from $7.75 per user, per month From $790 per year, depending on user tiers
    • Team collaboration toolsConfluence, Slack, Team Calendars
    • Free trialSeven-day free trial

    Atlassian Jira is a project management software with over 3000 app integrations and top features to manage your staff, projects, schedule, and time. The software provides insights and reports on your team and organization’s performance and displays all the information on customizable dashboards to enable you to visualize everything that’s going on within your company.

    It offers a free trial and a free version with basic functions, but the other plan prices may be confusing. Even so, you can make savings when you include more users in the plan. Overall, Atlassian Jira has the tools to meet your project management needs and it’s worth considering.

    • Free trial for seven days
    • Pricing plan savings
    • Self-managed data center and server option available
    • Limited file storage for lower-tier plans
    • 24/7 customer support for Enterprise and Premium plans
  • 5
    Glip by RingCentral

    Glip by RingCentral

    very good
    • PriceFrom $19.99/user/mo
    • Team collaboration toolsYes
    • Free trial30-day

    Glip from RingCentral puts a lot of other project management software options to shame. Why? For one reason, it offers a free version that is better than most of the competition’s paid-for accounts. With a free account from Glip, you'll get unlimited chat, storage, guest users, integrations, and teams. You'll also receive notifications about tasks, projects, and messages, a totally customizable workspace, file annotations, and a whole slew of third-party integrations so that you can bring all your favorite tools along for the ride.

    But it gets better. Glip also has a paid-for account. For the laughably low price of $11.99 a month per user, you get all of the features mentioned above plus more. Things like 500 minutes a month per user for shared video chatting, 24/7 live support, and data retention policies come along with this "major" upgrade. Yes, Glip has definitely started making the competition reconsider their own paltry offerings. And it should make you reconsider paying any more for quality project management software. Learn more about RingCentral's outstanding PM software Glip.

    • Cloud data retention
    • No time limit on Pro meetings
    • Carrier class infrastructure
    • No Linux app
    • Some users report hang up lags
  • 6


    very good
    • PriceFrom $4.50/mo
    • Team collaboration toolsDiscussion area, file-sharing
    • Free trial30-day

    Freshbooks is an invoicing and time-management tool that’s ideal for freelancers and smaller teams. While it lacks some of the features of other project management tools, such as multiple chart views and desktop apps, the cloud-based tool puts its focus on helping freelancers chart their work, organize clients, and stay on top of payment and invoicing needs. To that end, it’s strongest tools, such as customizable invoices, automated payment nudges, and automatic tax calculations, may not speak to larger teams but make Freshbooks a unique and ideal option for freelancers looking to manage all the moving parts of their business.

    • Strong invoicing system
    • Automated payment nudges
    • Great for freelancers
    • Limited team collaboration
    • No board-based views
  • 7


    very good
    • PriceBy quote only
    • Team collaboration toolsReal time interactive charting and chat and comment functionalities
    • Free trialFree product tour

    Developed by Oracle, Netsuite is an enterprise-grade CRM tool that will let you seamlessly connect to data sources.  You'll also be able to take advantage of the many features available from Netsuite, including sales forecasting, commission tracking, and detailed task tracking.

    • Enterprise grade tools
    • Gantt charting
    • Common milestone types
    • Not suitable for small business
    • Custom pricing only
  • 8


    • PriceFrom $8.95 month
    • Team collaboration toolsChat
    • Free trialYes

    Project managers with allocation issues will find plenty to be grateful for in Paymo’s project management tool. Task management is the strongest feature, with an extensive suite of tools designed to streamline tasks and keep projects organized and completed on time. This is evident in the web-based time-tracking system, which utilizes a browser-based tracker, agile time entry cards, and customized timesheets that help managers stay on top of their timeline. Paymo also excels in reporting with real-time reports as well as graphs and bird’s-eye-view time viewing by day, week, and month.

    • Kanban and meta Kanban views
    • Unlimited project templates
    • Customizable timesheets
    • Limited team collaboration
    • Not ideal for larger teams
  • 9
    Zoho Projects

    Zoho Projects

    very good
    • PriceFrom $18
    • Team collaboration toolsFile sharing, chat, forums
    • Free trial10 days

    While there are a lot of good project management software options out there, few can even come close to Zoho Projects. This company has thought of every possible use case, need, and pain point a manager or team member could come up with while planning and working on a task, and packed the solution into a single, comprehensive project management software.

    Zoho Projects is loaded with everything you could possibly hope for. From task management and automation to time tracking, charts, reports, issue tracking, social project management, automation, email notifications, team collaboration, multiple visual views, you name it. Zoho Projects has truly thought of it all. It’s made project management a breeze, thanks to all its careful planning.

    • Email notifications
    • Task automation
    • In-depth charts and reporting
    • Learning curve until you get used to all the functions
    • Free plan is limited to 1 actual project
  • 10



    Accelo project management software is designed to make project and team management easier.  It is an end-to-end cloud-based platform that offers project managers up-to-date and secure analytics to help them make more informed decisions. Accelo integrates with popular software such as Microsoft, QuickBooks, Xero, Salesforce, Jira, and Mailchimp. It also helps teams by providing project planning tools such as Gantt charts and budget tracking. 

    Billing tracking systems are a useful feature, as users can choose to bill a pre-existing client retainer or track hours and invoices based on the hourly rate. This system also makes it easier for businesses to manage their service level agreements (SLAs).

    It is a fantastic solution for agencies requiring a cloud-based project management tool to manage accounts effectively. It has many great collaboration features, including task splitting and assigning, separate document views, a central inbox, and the functionality to capture and attach webcam videos. 

    However, Accelo is designed exclusively for service-based industries and agencies, and those in different sectors may find other options focused on different business models to be a better fit. 

    • Integrates with many platforms, including QuickBooks and Salesforce
    • Easy project setup and tracking
    • Robust billing tracking system
    • For businesses with large user bases
    • Not suitable for non-service-based industries
Frequently Asked Questions
What software does Project Manager use?
ProjectManager is cloud-based, meaning there's no need to download any software and it can be accessed from your desktop or mobile devices.
What is the easiest project management software?
Monday is a visual-based project management tool that because of its color-coded design is exceptionally easy to use. There is a small learning curve however, which is true with most project management software. Hubspot is also known for its accessibility as is especially popular with those new to project management software.
What is the best Gantt chart software?
Smartsheet and ProjectManager are two great project management tools that offer Gantt chart viewing. Others include Proggio, Paymo, and Zoho Projects.

Key Features To Look For

Project management features will vary in importance depending on your business’s size, brand personality, and team members. In general, though, there are some features that you just don’t want to do without. Some of the really important ones include:

  • Risk projection and management

A crucial component to any project planning software, risk management keeps you out of hot water.

  • Resource management and allocation

This important feature ensures that you aren’t going over budget and that you have assigned the right resources to the right tasks/teams/projects etc.

  • Dependencies and milestones

Dependencies ensure that your team is staying on track. Milestones help keep people motivated. They’re both important for workflow and sticking to a deadline. This also includes critical path analysis.

  • Multiple views

You'll want the choice between different views such as Kanban, Gantt, timeline, etc. because different tasks, personalities, and projects will require a different view.

  • Third-party integrations

This will allow you to cut down on time switching between apps for multiple tasks such as updating your timesheet, sending a text message, transferring a file, or checking your email.

  • Task management

Probably the most important feature of all, task management allows you to assign tasks, keep tabs on them, track changes, and more. This is really the heart of any good project management software.

  • Team collaboration

The second most important feature, team collaboration tools can help save you countless hours of work through simple communication. Things like file sharing, group chat, @mentions, and more will keep everyone on the same page and ensure a smoother, faster turnaround.

  • Customizable everything

The more you can customize, the better. From dashboards to fields and even more so workflows, customization allows you to maximize the efficiency of your team and of the project management software altogether.

  • Mobile accessibility

Because most teams are not office-bound these days, you need a product that will easily come with you wherever you go. Mobile-friendly or native apps are a must-have today.

Other features to look for may include agile workflow system and time tracking features.

What are the Differences in Project Management Software?

There are countless differences between the various project management software options available today. From price to feature sets, usability, and more, you’ve got something for everyone. One of the biggest differences you’ll find, though, is between the basic project management software options and the more comprehensive ones.

The first type is a simple tool that has limited functionality but does the job well enough. It's clean, easy to use, and might be the perfect solution for an SMB or startup to get their head around a tough project that needs organizing. These usually have some basic features like integration and team collaboration.

More comprehensive software will include a lot more features and functionality. These might have resource management, finance management, and accounting software included. Comprehensive tools will also give you more sophisticated and powerful options. Such precision will come with a bigger price tag and is usually better for larger businesses.

Why Do I Need Project Management Software?

Project management software is a force multiplier. It helps you organize your time and resource management, create reports about business and employee performance, and get a better idea of what’s working and what isn’t. Project management software can also make team collaboration easier and more seamless than ever before.

Is It Easy to Use? 

Project management software is designed to be easy to use, after all, that's sort of the whole point of systems that are supposed to make your work easier. These programs shouldn't take long for employees to master and should have a straightforward, intuitive interface for carrying out tasks and communicating with teammates. 

How Steep Is the Learning Curve?

Project management software platforms tend to have a wide range of capabilities, and if you were looking to master every facet, it could take you some time. For most employees, though, the basic tasks they would need to carry out shouldn't take long to master at all and won't require any previous tech know-how. 

How Much Will It Cost Me?  

That's a tricky question to answer. How much your project management software will cost you at the end of the day depends on how many users you want and what type of features you're looking for. A basic option like Glip can cost you nothing at all. And if you're an SMB working out of your garage, this is a great option.

Alternatively, enterprise-level plans will run you hundreds of dollars a month. But if you are big enough, and your budget can afford it, these plans will deliver the most in terms of functionality and style. Look for a plan that fits your budget and still offers a nice set of features.

Is My Data Safe with a Pm Software?

Considering the fact that it's handling your most sensitive and private business information, project management software needs to have top security. That's why you need to go with a trusted name that also has plenty of security measures built into its business profile to safeguard your data., for example, is ISO certified, GDPR compliant, HIPAA compliant, and holds an EU-US privacy shield, among other protective measures.

It's also a good idea to safeguard your information by using leveled user security protection and passwords, features that top-quality project management software will have.

Marth Kendall Custard
Martha Kendall Custard writes for and is a conversion-driven marketer and B2B content creator who improves brand authority while making sales. She works with SaaS and software companies as well as digital advertising agencies to write strategic blog posts that drive traffic and convert.