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Ritual Online Therapy Review (2024)

Modern couples therapy for rebuilding relationships
By Joshua MoretonBy Joshua Moreton -
Last Updated: Apr 17, 2023
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$100-$260 per month
Modes of communication
Video, phone, text, live chat, app

Our Verdict

Is Ritual Worth It?

Ritual is an online therapy platform for those experiencing relationship issues. Its flexible plans for either couples or individuals in a relationship include live video and audio messaging, email, and live chat.

$100-$260 per month
Modes of communication
Video, phone, text, live chat, app

Ritual at a Glance

Editorial Score


Plans range from $100-260/month

Therapist Network

Trained therapists, psychologists, marraige & family therapists

User Access

No insurance needed, 14-day money-back guarantee

Communication Tools

Video, phone, live chat, email or text, weekly videos, guided reflections & check-ins, tailored daily program

Customer Support

Cancel anytime, contact support via email & reply usually within a day

Ritual Pros & Cons


Interactive guidance between weekly appointments
More affordable than traditional counseling therapy
Can undertake therapy as an individual or couple


Requires stable internet connection
No face-to-face meetings
Not suitable for those with severe mental health conditions

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Ritual Ritual Visit Site


Besides being focused solely on relationship issues, Ritual differs from other online therapy platforms in several ways. Firstly, you can work on your relationship with your partner, or on your own. 

While many therapy platforms simply offer weekly appointments, Ritual complements sessions with an expert with additional content and activities for you to engage with. Your specific therapy outlook will be determined by a personalized therapy plan, also unique to Ritual, which you create together with your therapist.

Ritual offers ongoing therapy support between sessions with its more expensive plans, while many other platforms restrict support contact to the weekly session. Its website also contains many blogs by its therapists on specific issues such as intimacy and communication. This means therapy through Ritual is a lot more involved and committed to helping you achieve progress quickly and effectively.

Counselor Screening Process 

Ritual’s screening process is simple and efficient, designed to match you with a relationship expert based upon your needs as a couple or an individual in a relationship. 

First, head to Ritual’s website and click “Get started” in the upper right-hand corner of your screen. This will take you to a short relationship quiz, which involves various questions about yourself and your current difficulties. You’ll indicate to what degree you agree with a statement, e.g., “I'm happy with how my partner and I talk to each other.” Specifically, these questions will ask you about aspects of your relationship, such as your closeness, emotional well-being, and how well you communicate and understand one another.

Ritual will use your responses to these questions to determine your therapist match and recommend a program for you. It’s essential to be honest when answering the screening questions, or you may not be matched with a therapist with the right areas of expertise. 

The screening will also ask whether you have experienced any severe mental health issues in the last six months and whether you are capable of engaging with Ritual’s services. As its services are designed not to be a replacement for psychotherapy, the screening process will terminate if you respond that you aren’t capable of therapy right now.

The screening process also excludes those who are experiencing domestic abuse from using their services. If you respond that you are, Ritual will state that its services are not appropriate for your current situation.

Once you have completed all 14 questions, including providing your email address and contact telephone number, you will proceed to the findings page, where you’ll receive preliminary insight into your relational struggles. After that you can select one of three plans, depending on the desired amount of sessions and if you’ll be joining with your partner or on your own. After that, you’ll be able to schedule your welcome session at a time convenient to you. 

Ritual Specialties and Areas of Expertise

Ritual is ideal for couples and individuals within relationships who are experiencing issues in managing emotions and communication difficulties. However, its website does not state whether its services, nor its relationship experts, can assist you in getting help with specific or niche issues, such as mental health conditions impacting the relationship or childhood trauma. Generally, its services are designed for those having trouble with the following.

  • Open and honest communication
  • Closeness and intimacy
  • Conflict
  • Understanding and empathy
  • Connecting with one another
  • Developing your relationship
  • Commitment issues
  • Becoming parents

Your counselor will help you discover issues that may require work in your first session. This also acts as part of the screening process, as your therapist will direct you to a different relationship expert if they think your needs could be better met elsewhere.

Types of Sessions Available

Ritual is committed to offering flexible and convenient services. Different types of sessions are available depending on your preferences. The types of sessions available aren’t dependent on the plan you choose—all modes of communication are available to everyone. However, how often you’ll have sessions does depend on your plan (see Pricing & Special Offers below). The types of sessions you can choose are as follows.

  • Live video or telephone appointments
  • Live chat
  • Email
  • Text messages

Moreover, Ritual sessions are perfectly compatible with smart devices, so you can take part in video calls or live messaging conveniently wherever you are.

How Ritual Works

Scheduling Live Chats/Video Chats

Ritual states that, from the moment you sign up, you will be able to choose an appointment with your expert in a calendar overview. All open appointments will be available to you, but note that for your first appointment, you must select a slot 24 hours or more in advance to give Ritual time to match you with the right relationship expert. Further appointments can be made by selecting an available slot in your therapist’s calendar, which you’ll have access to upon matching. Appointments are available seven days a week. 

Ritual Customer Support

Customer support is available from Ritual’s website. At the top, click “Contact us” to be redirected to a webpage that asks for your name, email address, and details as to your issue. Currently, this is the only method of contacting Ritual, and it does not offer any live chat or telephone support. I sent a customer support request using this method and the team responded promptly the next morning.

Ritual Pricing

Ritual offers a 14-day free trial so you can decide whether its unique approach to relationship counseling is right for you. As a result, you can start now and choose whether you want to continue later. 

You can cancel its services during this period at any time with no financial commitment. However, note that to sign up, you will need to enter your payment details, and after the 14-day period, the funds will be automatically deducted from your account on a monthly basis.

All plans include some great features, such as a personalized learning path, access to self-help materials in between sessions, and a personal progress report. However, the plans do differ in several ways. Currently, Ritual has three plans.

Ideal for
Session format

Flying Solo


$25 per week/$100 monthly

Two one-on-one expert sessions/month

Live video, telephone, chat, or email

Expert feedback within 72 hours

Expert-Led Journey


$40 per week/$160 monthly

Four one-on-one expert sessions/month

Live video, telephone, chat, or email

Ongoing expert support

In This Together


$65 per week/$260 monthly

Three one-on-one expert sessions per partner/month

One extended couple session/month

Live video, telephone, chat, or email

Ongoing expert support

Ritual Ritual Visit Site

Bottom Line

Ritual offers comprehensive therapy for couples and individuals in relationships, with weekly live sessions, self-help guidance, and ongoing therapy support. Specifically, it can offer effective service for issues around communication, managing emotions and conflicts, and intimacy. It has three different plans with varying levels of expert support. So, if you’re having a hard time within your relationship and want help without breaking the bank, Ritual’s evidence-based and flexible counseling could be a good option for you. 

Dr. Joshua Moreton is a psychologist with a PhD specializing in social cognition and social psychology. With his experience as a Mental Health Practitioner, he has dedicated his career to working with individuals suffering from depression, anxiety, and eating disorders. His expertise in the field has led to him becoming a contributing writer to top10.com, where he shares his insights and knowledge.

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