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Top 10 Best Family Cell Phone Plans for 2024

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From homework help to emergency contact, the ideal family cellphone plan is more than a luxury—it's a modern necessity. But which one truly delivers?

Under the guidance of a telecom specialist, our team tested and analyzed dozens of family top cell phone plans to find the best options for you. With US citizens spending $1,342 annually on phone bills, we focused on finding comprehensive, cost-effective solutions.

Family plans come with a maze of considerations. From different data allowances to perks like streaming subscriptions or international roaming. We've sifted through the fine print and weighed the pros and cons to curate a list of the top 10 family cell phone plans. Explore our expert picks below to find the right plan for your loved ones.

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Our 10 Best Family Cell Phone Plans in 2024:

  • Mint Mobile - Best family cell phone plan overall
  • T-Mobile - Best for family allowances 
  • Verizon - Best for additional perks and bundled subscriptions
  • Xfinity Mobile - Best for mixing and matching data options
  • AT&T - Best for family security features 
  • Boost Mobile - Best for making frequent calls to Mexico
  • Tello - Best for customer service 
  • Cricket Wireless - Best for high data caps
  • Ultra Mobile - Best for flexible international calling and text
  • PureTalk - Best for 20% multi-line discount

How We Reviewed the Best Family Cell Phone Plans

Our review team consisted of experienced data analysts and a telecommunications industry expert. They assessed various mobile carriers using direct hands-on testing and comprehensive research. This included analyzing user feedback, scholarly studies, market reports, and customer reviews to gain well-rounded insights.

Evaluation Criteria

  • Cost and pricing: We compared monthly rates, multi-line discounts, and additional fees to determine each plan's value for families of varying sizes.
  • Data sharing and allowances: We evaluated shared data pools, individual line allowances, and unlimited plan options. We also considered speed throttling thresholds and bonus data offerings.
  • Network coverage and performance: We examined each carrier's coverage quality in urban and rural areas, focusing on network reliability, 4G/5G speeds, and performance during high-demand family activities like video streaming and gaming.
  • Plan flexibility: We investigated the ease of adding or removing lines, adjusting data allocations, and modifying plans as family needs change.
  • Features and perks: We looked at extras like parental controls, location sharing, free streaming subscriptions, international options, and family-oriented apps or services.
  • Customer service and support: We tested the effectiveness of account management tools, assessed customer support, and evaluated the ease of resolving problems across multiple lines.
  • User reviews: We analyzed feedback from family plan users on sites like Trustpilot and BBB, noting recurring praise or complaints.

A Closer Look at Our Best Family Cell Phone Plans in 2024: Our Quick Reviews

1. Mint Mobile

Gives your family the freedom to mix and match plans with no overages View Plans

  • Best for - Introductory rates
  • Starting price - From $15/month/line
  • Plans - Prepaid
  • Network - T-Mobile
  • Free trial - Yes

Mint Mobile offers a straightforward approach to family phone plans, focusing on affordability and simplicity. Their monthly plans start at $15 and use T-Mobile's network for nationwide coverage. Each plan includes unlimited talk and text, plus 5G/4G LTE data access.

The included 3-in-1 SIM card kit makes getting everyone's phones up and running easy. You can also mix and match data allowances for different family members. You can choose between 5GB, 15GB, 20GB, and Unlimited. This lets you create a plan that fits your family's needs without any fuss.

Why we chose Mint Mobile: New customers can take advantage of Mint's three-month introductory rates, allowing you to test the service without a long-term commitment. No membership card is required to access this deal.

With at least two lines, you'll enjoy the perks of a Mint Modern Family plan, including 5GB of free mobile hotspot data on the Unlimited plans.

Our experience: We've just finished our first month with Mint Mobile and couldn't be happier. The service offers great value and works flawlessly with our existing phones and numbers.

The hotspot feature is fantastic—we traveled without any connectivity issues.


  • No data overages
  • Free international calls to Mexico and Canada
  • Free setup assistance from the Activation Support team


  • No bill may limit options to verify your address
  • Potential slower data speeds during network congestion

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2. T-Mobile

Lets you shield your children from unwanted calls

  • Best for - Exclusive discounts on travel, entertainment, and streaming
  • Starting price - From $80/month/two lines
  • Plans - Prepaid and postpaid
  • Network - T-Mobile
  • Free trial - Yes

If you're shopping for a family cell plan, T-Mobile's Essentials Saver is worth a look. It covers two lines with unlimited talk, text, and data (including 5G) for $80 monthly, plus taxes and fees. You get 50GB of premium data without being locked into a contract.

If you sign up for AutoPay, you can save an additional $5 per line (up to $40). The standard Essentials plan might work better for larger families needing three or more lines. Both options aim to provide decent coverage without costing a fortune.

Why we chose T-Mobile: T-Mobile's Family Allowance offers practical features for managing kids' phone use. You can set up four daily time periods when calls are limited, such as school hours or dinnertime.

For peace of mind, you can allow up to 10 numbers to always get through, regardless of restrictions. The option to block up to 10 specific numbers is also available. All these settings are manageable through the mobile app.

Our experience: We recently moved four lines to T-Mobile and had a great experience. Customer service was quick and friendly, except for a long wait with transfers.

The switch went smoothly, unlike our frustrating experience with a previous carrier. We were impressed by T-Mobile's focus on service quality when many companies cut corners.


  • 40% off family lines for active-duty military and veterans
  • Weekly perks through T-Mobile Tuesdays program
  • Extensive 5G network coverage


  • Wide selection of phone plans can be confusing
  • Some complaints about customer service

3. Verizon

Offers various discounts with its Unlimited plans View Plans

  • Best for - Streaming perks and phone deals
  • Starting price - From $55/month
  • Plans - Prepaid and postpaid
  • Network - Verizon
  • Free trial - Yes

Verizon's range of plans caters to diverse family needs. The Unlimited Welcome plan offers the best value, providing four lines of unlimited data and 5G access for $120 monthly.

You also get a Walmart+ membership that includes a Paramount+ subscription and up to 10¢ off per gallon in fuel discounts at Exxon, Mobil, Walmart & Murphy stations.

Unlimited Plus ($70/line with autopay) includes hotspot data and higher-quality streaming. At the top tier, Unlimited Ultimate ($80/line with autopay) delivers premium features like Apple One and enhanced international benefits.

Why we chose Verizon: Families can mix and match plans, allowing each member to choose the tier that suits them best.

Autopay discounts can save $10 per line while bringing your own device can reduce costs by an additional $5 per line.

Verizon also offers add-ons like the Disney bundle (Disney+, Hulu, ESPN+) for $10/month per line.

Our experience: Our experience with Verizon has been mostly positive. We've been customers for five years and appreciate the consistent coverage, even in rural areas.

While the plans aren't the cheapest, we've found the reliability worth the extra cost.


  • Fast and helpful live chat assistance
  • Highly rated iOS and Android apps
  • Military, student, teacher, and first responder discounts


  • Add-ons can get pricey
  • No hotspot included in the Unlimited Welcome plan

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4. Xfinity Mobile

 Eliminates access fees for up to five lines View Plans

  • Best for - Xfinity rewards program
  • Starting price - From $15/month
  • Plans - Prepaid
  • Network - Verizon
  • Free trial - No

Xfinity Mobile gives current Xfinity internet customers flexible, cost-effective cell plans using Verizon's nationwide network. Families can choose between By the Gig plans starting at $15 for 1 GB shared data or Unlimited plans from $45 for a single line.

You can also mix and match plans to create customized packages that fit everyone's needs. This flexibility allows for easy adjustments as data requirements change over time.

Why we chose Xfinity Mobile: It eliminates line access fees for up to five lines, cutting costs for larger families.

All plans offer 5G access on compatible devices at no extra charge. You can enjoy significant savings by bundling mobile service with your Xfinity home internet.

Our experience: We've found Xfinity Mobile a decent option for cellular service, especially if you're already an Xfinity internet customer.

The pricing is competitive, and we appreciate the flexibility to mix and match data plans within our family. However, we've experienced occasional coverage issues in rural areas, which can be frustrating.


  • Free Unlimited line for a year
  • Unlimited talk, text, and data with Mexico & Canada Unlimited Pass
  • Freedom from contracts and reduced monthly charges


  • Reduced speeds after 30GB of data usage
  • Some complaints about incorrect billing charges

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5. AT&T

Allows you to track your kid's location in real-time View Plans

  • Best for - Secure Family Plan app
  • Starting price - From $35/month
  • Plans - Prepaid and postpaid
  • Network - AT&T
  • Free trial - No

AT&T offers family-friendly plans that cater to various needs and budgets. The Unlimited Premium gives you unlimited high-speed data and a generous 60GB hotspot allowance. Meanwhile, the Unlimited Extra, priced at $40.99/line, provides 75GB of high-speed data and 30GB for hotspot use.

The budget-friendly Unlimited Starter costs $35.99/line for four lines and includes 5GB of hotspot data. All plans feature the free ActiveArmor security app to protect your family from fraud calls. Finally, the prepaid 5GB plan at $80/month/four lines offers a great alternative for light data users.

Why we chose AT&T: The expansive 5G network covers over 295 million people nationwide, keeping families connected across the US. Plus, its plans offer unlimited high-speed data, talk, and text in the US and Latin America at no extra cost.

Families can save significantly with the AT&T Signature program, which provides a $10 monthly discount per line for up to five lines. This means that families can save $120 yearly per line.

Our experience: As a firefighter, I really appreciate the prioritized connectivity on FirstNet. It's been a lifesaver during big emergencies when regular networks get jammed. The 25% discount on family plans is a nice perk, too. It definitely helps with the bills.


  • Advanced mobile security with premium plans
  • Unlimited talk, text, and data in US, Mexico, and Canada
  • Family resources like ScreenReady and Techbuzz family hub


  • Long-term contracts with early termination fees
  • Customer service can be inconsistent

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6. Boost Mobile

Gives you 5G access without premium pricing View Plans

  • Best for - Making calls to and from Mexico
  • Starting price - From $15/month
  • Plans - Prepaid
  • Network - Dish, AT&T, T-Mobile
  • Free trial - No

Boost Mobile's most affordable option is just $15/month. It gives you 5GB of 5G/4G data with unlimited talk and text. The company also provides an unlimited plan for larger data users at $12.50/month with AutoPay or $40/month with 12GB of mobile hotspot data.

Its Unlimited Plus plan, priced at $60/month, offers unlimited data and the valuable Todo Mexico feature. This benefit lets you access Boost's services while in Mexico. You can make and receive calls within the country and back to the US.

Why we chose Boost Mobile: Boost Mobile helps you save from the start. You won't pay any online activation fees, and every plan comes with free shipping and SIM kits. This means your family can get connected quickly without worrying about hidden costs.

The service also offers an affordable unlimited plan that's only $300 for the entire year.

Our experience: Setting up with Boost Mobile was mostly smooth. However, we encountered a minor hiccup when the SIM card was initially sent to the wrong address. Once we received the correct SIM, activation was quick and straightforward.


  • Low monthly cost
  • Access to 5G network
  • Decent phone selection


  • Coverage gaps in more rural areas
  • Boost Protect is an additional cost

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7. Tello

Make free international calls to 60+ countries View Plans

  • Best for - Customizable family plans
  • Starting price - From $8/month
  • Plans - Prepaid
  • Network - T-Mobile
  • Free trial - No

Tello's family plan offers customizable options for each line, catering to diverse needs from grandparents to students. Plans range from $8/month for basic use to $25/month for unlimited data, with free tethering and international calling to over 60 countries included.

Families can add lines at no extra cost and adjust plans anytime without fees. Each line operates independently, with separate billing dates and no shared balance. This flexibility allows families to optimize their mobile spending while meeting individual needs.

Why we chose Tello: Tello stands out for its highly customizable family plans and customer-friendly features. Its use of T-Mobile's network ensures widespread coverage, while its highly-rated customer service adds peace of mind. Plus, its referral program allows you and a friend to win ⁦$10⁩ Tello dollars.

Our experience: We tested Tello on a camping trip near Ithaca, NY. Our phones kept a strong signal in the hilly area while campers with big carriers lost connection. This surprised us, given Tello's lower price.

We've also been happy at home with Tello's customizable plans. We now have three family lines that cost less than most people pay for one line with a major carrier.


  • 4.6/5 star rating on Trustpilot
  • Unlimited talk and text
  • Free calls to 60+ countries


  • Doesn't offer multi-line savings
  • Some complaints about unreliable data

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8. Cricket Wireless

Stream your favorite shows on MAX with the $60 Unlimited plan View Plans

  • Best for - Group save discounts
  • Starting price - From $40/month
  • Plans - Prepaid
  • Network - AT&T
  • Free trial - Yes

Cricket Wireless has three dedicated family plans. If you're a moderate data user, the $40/month plan with 10GB of high-speed data per line might be the perfect choice. Consider the unlimited plans for heavier usage at $55/month or $60/month.

All plans include nationwide 5G access and unlimited talk and text. Your savings increase with each family member you add, up to $140 per month for five lines. The $60/month plan provides extra perks like 15GB of mobile hotspot data, 150GB of cloud storage, and access to MAX with ads streaming service.

Why we chose Cricket Wireless: Cricket Wireless stands out for families with its automatic Group Save Discounts. Adding more lines to their accounts can significantly reduce your monthly bills. Plus, accounts with five or more eligible $40/month+ smartphone plans automatically save $70 monthly.

Cricket also offers Cricket Defend, a device protection plan to safeguard your family's phones against accidents, loss, and theft. This added security can provide peace of mind.

Our experience: We had to replace our phone due to a speaker issue. The Palm Coast, Florida store staff provided exceptional service. They swiftly evaluated our device, clearly explained our options, and efficiently guided us through the replacement process. Their exceptional service turned a potentially stressful experience into a smooth one.


  • Built-in fraud protection (with compatible phones)
  • Bridge Pay option to split bills into two payments
  • Stores available nationwide


  • Some complaints about data speeds and customer service
  • Limited add-on options

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9. Ultra Mobile

Gives you unlimited talk & text to 90+ international destinations View Plans

  • Best for - $5 international roaming credit
  • Starting price - From $49/month
  • Plans - Prepaid
  • Network - T-Mobile
  • Free trial - No

Ultra Mobile offers a Family Plan for up to five people, providing quality wireless service without contracts or overages. You can start with the 40GB Unlimited plan at $49/month and add up to four secondary lines for $24/month each.

Each line includes 40GB of 5G/4G LTE data and unlimited nationwide and international calling. You also get perks like mobile hotspots and Wi-Fi calling. Whether you're a new or existing customer, you can easily set up or switch to a plan that suits your needs.

Why we chose Ultra Mobile: The flexibility to add up to four lines at a reduced rate makes Ultra Mobile an attractive option for households of various sizes.

Ultra Mobile's commitment to international connectivity, with calling options to over 90 countries, sets it apart in the market. Plus, plans can be easily managed through the website and mobile app.

Our experience: We found Ultra Mobile to offer good service at a competitive price.

The customer support team was helpful and courteous, making our switch from a physical SIM to an eSIM smooth and effortless. However, we did notice that the signal strength was somewhat inconsistent.


  • Get one month free if you purchase a three-month plan
  • Save $50 on Android devices
  • 25% bonus credit for international calling


  • Smaller data allotments compared to competitors
  • Unlimited plan data speeds slow down after 40GB

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10. PureTalk

Get affordable family rates and a 30-day money-back guarantee View Plans

  • Best for - 20% multi-line discount
  • Starting price - From $20/month
  • Plans - Prepaid
  • Network - AT&T
  • Free trial - Yes

PureTalk's plans start at $20/month for 3GB and scale up to $65/month for unlimited data with a 30GB hotspot. Its popular $25 5GB plan offers ample connectivity for various activities, including 25 hours of FaceTime and 70 hours of podcast listening.

You can add lines, upgrade data, or include international calling without long-term commitments or hidden costs. The service waives activation fees, making it cost-effective for new subscribers and one of our best mobile plans for seniors.

Why we chose PureTalk: PureTalk stands out as an excellent family cell phone plan provider due to its cost-effective multi-line discount. Families can save 20% on their total bill when adding multiple lines, significantly reducing overall expenses.

These savings and a 30-day money-back guarantee offer a risk-free opportunity to try the service. PureTalk also allows customers to keep their existing phone numbers, making it a flexible and family-friendly choice for budget-conscious households.

Our experience: The customer service has been refreshingly positive, especially compared to our experiences with previous providers. When we recently added a line and got new phones, the support team was patient, friendly, and knowledgeable. While international service could be improved for travelers, we found the overall benefits far outweighed this minor drawback.


  • 15% discount for active duty military members and veterans
  • Free unlimited international talk & text to 70+ countries
  • $250 phone discount on Unlimited Data $65/month plan


  • Some complaints about international service
  • Limited perks compared to competitors

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Compare the Best Family Cell Phone Plans:

Family Cell Phone Plans
Best For
Starting Price
Mint Mobile
Introductory rates
From $15/month
Exclusive discounts on travel, entertainment, and streaming
From $80/month/two lines
Prepaid and postpaid
Streaming perks and phone deals
From $55/month
Prepaid and postpaid
Xfinity Mobile
Xfinity rewards program
From $15/month
Secure Family Plan app
From $35/month
Prepaid and postpaid
Boost Mobile
Making calls to and from Mexico
From $15/month
Customizable family plans
From $8/month
Cricket Wireless
Group save discounts
From $40/month
Ultra Mobile
$5 international roaming credit
From $49/month
20% multi-line discount
From $20/month

Key Factors to Consider for Family Cell Phone Plans

When selecting a cell phone plan for your loved ones, make sure to look at these key factors to get the most out of the family plan.

Network Coverage and Reliability

Ensuring robust network coverage and reliability is crucial, particularly in areas where family members frequently travel. Poor coverage can lead to dropped calls and slow data speeds, impacting the overall user experience.

Total Monthly Cost

Examine the total monthly cost, including all taxes, fees, and any device payments. This will help you avoid unexpected charges and manage your budget more effectively.

Number of Lines Included

Verify that the plan can accommodate the entire family by including enough lines. Some plans offer discounts for additional lines, which can be beneficial for larger families.

Data Allocation

Consider whether the plan offers a shared data pool or per-line allowances. Shared data pools can be more flexible, but per-line allowances can help manage individual usage more effectively.

Plan Flexibility

Check the flexibility of the plan to adjust data or add/remove lines as needed. Flexibility is essential for adapting to changing family needs, such as children getting their first phones or lines being added for new family members.

International Options

If family members travel abroad or have relatives overseas, international options like free or discounted international calling and data roaming are important to consider.

Device Upgrade Policies

Review the frequency and terms of phone upgrades. Plans with more frequent upgrades or favorable terms can ensure family members have access to the latest technology.

Contract Requirements

Understand the length of the commitment and any early termination fees. Shorter contracts or no-contract plans provide more flexibility if your needs change.

Additional Perks

Look for additional perks such as streaming service subscriptions, mobile hotspot capabilities, or discounts on accessories, which can add extra value to the plan.

Family Safety Features

Parental controls, content filters, and location tracking can be vital for keeping children safe and managing their screen time effectively.

5G Availability

If faster network speeds are important to your family, ensure the plan includes 5G availability. This can significantly enhance the quality of video calls, streaming, and other data-intensive activities.

Advantages of Family Cell Phone Plans

Family cell phone plans offer numerous benefits that can make them a more attractive option compared to individual plans.

Bulk Pricing Discounts: Often cheaper per line than individual plans, providing significant savings.

Simplified Billing: One consolidated bill for all family members simplifies payment management.

Shared Resources: Pool data, minutes, or texts across lines to optimize usage and avoid wastage.

Easier Account Management: Typically one primary account holder can oversee all lines, streamlining account management.

Family-Oriented Features: Plans often include features like location sharing or usage monitoring tools to keep track of family members.

Cross-Line Communication Benefits: Some plans offer free calls and texts between family members, reducing communication costs.

Streamlined Upgrades: Coordinate device upgrades across family lines, often with special offers or discounts.

Flexible Data Distribution: Allocate data differently among family members based on individual needs, ensuring everyone has enough data.

Multi-Device Support: Options for adding tablets or smartwatches to the plan, enhancing connectivity for all devices.

Loyalty Rewards: Family plans often qualify for better long-term customer benefits, such as loyalty discounts.

Age-Specific Options: Plans may offer tailored features for teens or seniors, addressing their unique needs.

Family-Focused Customer Support: Dedicated support for family plan-specific issues ensures that queries and problems are resolved efficiently.

Tips for Choosing the Best Family Cell Phone Plan

Selecting the best family cell phone plan involves assessing your family’s unique needs and comparing various options.

Data Usage Habits

Evaluate your family’s data usage habits to determine whether an unlimited plan or a shared data pool is more suitable. Some members might need more data than others, so plan accordingly.

Number of Lines Required

Consider the number of lines needed to accommodate your family. Some plans offer discounts for additional lines, making it cost-effective for larger families.

Preferred Features

Identify preferred features such as mobile hotspot capabilities, international calling, or specific streaming service subscriptions that can enhance your plan's value.

Compare Coverage Maps

Ensure good coverage in areas your family frequents by comparing coverage maps of different providers. Reliable coverage is essential for uninterrupted service.

Consider Plan Flexibility

Look for plans that allow customization per line, such as adjusting data allowances or adding/removing lines. Flexibility ensures the plan can adapt to changing needs.

Check for Family-Specific Perks

Look for family-specific perks like discounts for multiple lines or free subscriptions to streaming services, which add extra value to the plan.

Look into Device Deals

Explore family discounts on phone upgrades or new devices. Some plans offer significant savings on new devices when purchased together.

Examine Safety Features

Review parental controls and location tracking options to ensure family safety, especially for children and teenagers.

Consider Prepaid vs. Postpaid Options

Weigh the benefits of prepaid vs. postpaid options. Prepaid plans can offer more control over spending, while postpaid plans may provide more features.

Family Connectivity Made Simple

Selecting the ideal family cellphone plan involves balancing your budget with your specific needs. While Mint Mobile shines for data-hungry families on a budget, T-Mobile excels in 5G coverage and global features, and Verizon offers top-notch reliability with entertainment bundles.

Don't just focus on price—consider valuable extras like parental controls, location tracking, free streaming services, and mobile hotspot capabilities. These features can improve your family's mobile experience, offering entertainment and peace of mind.


How does Mint Mobile's multi-line discount work for family plans?

Mint Mobile offers discounts when you add lines to your plan. The more lines you add, the more you save per line. Each family member can choose their own data plan, and you'll manage all lines under one account.

What advantages do Verizon's family plans offer over individual plans?

Verizon's family plans typically provide better value per line than individual plans. You'll get shared data pools, potential device discounts, and features like parental controls. Family plans also offer simplified billing and account management.

Does Tello have any parental controls for managing family plans?

Tello doesn't offer built-in parental controls for family plans. However, you can use third-party apps or your device's native settings to manage content and usage for children's lines. Tello allows you to adjust each line's plan independently.

Are there any limitations on data speeds for Cricket Wireless family plans?

Cricket Wireless may limit data speeds on some family plans, especially on its more affordable options. Higher-tier plans often offer faster speeds. Check the specific plan details to understand any speed caps that may apply to your chosen family plan.

Can Xfinity Mobile family plans bundle with other services to save more?

Yes, Xfinity Mobile family plans can bundle with other Xfinity services like internet and TV. This bundling often results in additional savings and perks. We recommend checking with Xfinity for current bundle offers that could maximize your savings across multiple services.

Does Ultra Mobile offer any international calling options for family plans?

Ultra Mobile includes international calling options in its family plans. You'll get unlimited calls to over 90 countries and a monthly $5 international credit. These features apply to each line in your family plan, making it great for staying in touch globally.

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