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3 Signs That Your Loved One Needs a Medical Alert System

Sarah Pritzker
Medical Alerts
Medical alert systems can help people who are elderly or in poor health stay safe without giving up their independent lifestyle. How do you know when it's time to insist on it?

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Here are 3 signs your loved one might need a medical alert system:

1. They Are Elderly - 1 out of 4 Seniors Has A Fall Each Year 

If your loved one is aged 65 or over, the odds aren't in their favor. According to the CDC, someone aged 65+ has a fall every second of the day! As we age, we lose muscle strength, balance, and coordination, which raises the risk of having a fall. 

2. They Live Alone - There’s No One There to Help 

If your loved one lives alone, you probably have nightmares about them having a fall or sudden health crisis like a stroke or a heart attack when there's no one around to respond. 

3. They Have Bad Vision - They’re Likely to Slip, Trip or Fall 

Bad vision makes it more likely that your loved one won't notice trip hazards until it's too late. Sometimes they argue that they can see fine without their glasses, or forget where they last put them. Who will be there when they don’t see that last step on the stairs and fall? 

Is your loved one experiencing 1 or more of the above signs? A medical alert system can help. The best models include fall detection, 24/7 monitoring, and GPS tracking so that assistance can be on the way to your loved one instantly. 

Medical Guardian's medical alert system does all this and more. It's slim and lightweight, so it's easy to wear as a pendant or a watch. It's easy to use, has excellent customer support, and trained professionals man the response center round the clock. 

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Still Not Convinced?

Did you know? When someone gets help immediately after a fall, their mortality rates are 5 times lower.

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