A Guide to the Best Medical Alert Systems of 2020

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Medical Guardian devices
Medical alerts are one of the most popular ways to give seniors a chance of staying independent and secure at home for longer.

Almost all of the medical alert solutions on the market offer at-home and on-the-go solutions that are easy to install, and work with or without a landline. The devices connect users to senior-friendly trained staff centers who are UL certified and able to dispatch emergency services as well as contact family and friends. But what makes them unique? Here’s a quick guide to our top medical alert systems and best senior alert systems:

1. Medical Guardian

The quick process of picking a Medical Guardian device starts with a free risk assessment, which should tell you whether you need a medical alert system and which one suits your medical needs and lifestyle. Experts in the monitoring centers will hold onto your medical details, making this system great for those at risk of a medical emergency. With built-in fall detection, this service is also a perfect choice for seniors living alone. The systems range from $30 per month to $50 per month.

Classic Guardian
Starting at $29.95/month
Home Guardian
Starting at $34.95/month
Family Guardian
Starting at $79.95/month
Mobile Guardian
Starting at $39.95/month
Active Guardian
Starting at $49.95/month

*Last updated: May, 2018

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 2. Mobile Help

MobileHelp devices

MobileHelp was one of the first nationwide mobile medical alert systems on the market using the AT&T cellular network, meaning no landlines are needed for any of the devices. Each plan covers 2 seniors for the price of 1, assuming they live in the same household. All buttons and devices are 100% water resistant. MobileHelp's pricing is competitive and its service is top-of-the-line.

Classic - At-Home Help
From $29.95/month
Solo - On-the-Go Help
From $37.95/month
Duo - Complete Help
From $41.95/month
Fall Button
Additional $10/month

*Last updated: May, 2018

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3. Medical Alert

Medical Alert MobileElite

Medical Alert offers both at-home and on-the-go system. Their products come from a business that has excellent ratings from the Better Business Bureau. Although prices may be slightly higher for a Medical Alert system, you pay for what you get—quality products and service— and you can also cancel service at anytime if you no longer want or need alert monitoring.

At-Home Landline
At-Home, No Landline
On the Go

*Last updated: May, 2018

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4. LifeStation

LifeStation’s many accessories

LifeStation boasts a system which will cost you under $1 a day, and offers competitively priced add-ons for those who need them. The extras include a lockbox, additional help buttons for other areas of the home, and pendants for other family members. It offers automatic weekly testing which makes it a good choice for less able seniors or those who may forget to test the system themselves.

In-Home Traditional
$25.95/month & up

*Last updated: May, 2018

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5. HelpButton

HelpButton device features

HelpButton's goal is to give the elderly access to a safe and healthy lifestyle, by offering innovative products and reliable service. The Mobile Ally, which is a wearable device, gives seniors more freedom while also providing relatives with peace of mind. The device uses latest technology and has loads of smart features that can benefit almost anyone.


*Updated: May, 2018

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Maintain Your Independent and Active Lifestyle

These medical alert devices for seniors were designed to enable you and anyone who needs assistance the ability to maintain the active and independent lifestyle that they know and have grown accustomed to. Whether the device is for yourself or a loved one, know that when you have your device with you, help is just the push of an alert button away.Medical Alert Medical Alert Visit Site

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