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Everything You Need to Know About Designing a Logo for Your Business Staff
Logo Design for Business
Your logo is the public’s first window into your company. It instantly conveys so many important things about you, from your industry to your business style. It’s what makes you memorable and carries your corporate identity throughout all your marketing.

The Top Considerations When Designing a Logo for Your Business

-Your logo should be memorable so that your customers carry a visual memory of your company.

-Your logo should be simple in order to be easily remembered. You don’t have to go all minimalist, but a complex logo with a lot of different colors can be confusing. Stick to simple images or fonts that complement each other and keep the colors down to just 2 or 3 that blend together well.

-Your logo should be positive. Your logo is not just on your business card; it’s the business card of your enterprise. So, look for a logo that presents your company in a good light and generates positive feelings. A gloomy logo will provoke negative responses in your potential customers.  

-Your logo should express your company’s mood and personality. You might love a certain company’s logo, but you need something that reflects what is unique about your company. No two logos should ever be too similar, to avoid confusion for your customers.

Types of Logo Design Service: Professional or Do It Yourself (DIY)?

There are two primary ways to get your new logo: Professional or DIY. Professional logo design companies offer bespoke design with a dedicated designer or use competition among associated designers to come up with an original logo. DIY logo design involves a DIY logo-building site which lets you use its templates to develop your own logo.

DIY Logo Design

It’s likely to be less original, but cheaper and faster, to go DIY. You simply browse archives of images, layouts, and fonts and combine them with different backgrounds, adding your own text and changing the colors as much as you want. DIY logo sites are mostly free, although you’ll often be charged a small fee (under $50) to download the final high-resolution image files. 

The logo you’ll end up with won’t be totally original, and if you are not fully confident about what you’re looking for then you might find the choice and the lack of guidance quite daunting. However, if you want your logo fast (within 24 hours), and are quite creative, DIY logo makers might be a good solution.

Professional Logo Design Services 

Professional logo design companies include those who invite associated designers to compete in creating a logo design and those that provide a bespoke service. Competition websites often offer more design options because of the number of designers involved. Somewhere like 99designs invites you to send in a brief outlining the logo you want, with the images and text to be included and samples of other logos that match your vision. The designers then submit designs for you to narrow down to about 3-5. You can then spend another few days editing and sending feedback to your 3-5 preferred designers until you choose the logo you want. This can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars up to around $1,000.

A fully bespoke logo design is the most expensive option, but it usually brings you the most originality and flexibility over your logo design. Deluxe is one design company which matches you with a dedicated designer to develop your ideas on a one-on-one basis. Different pricing packages offer different numbers of revisions and original design concepts from a few hundred dollars up to around $1,500.

How to Choose the Best Design Service for Your Small Business’ Logo

-Turnaround time. If you’re under pressure to roll out a new logo the next day, you might choose to use a DIY logo design site. On the other hand, enterprises that aren’t rushed can oversee a longer process of choosing designs and editing options with a bespoke design company or design competition site.

-Creative control. If you are a business that knows exactly what you want, either a DIY site or a bespoke design service where they can express their precise wishes one-on-one is the better choice.

-Complexity of your design. A complicated and intricate logo is going to need a higher level of skill than a simple one. The more intricate your logo, the more you should expect to pay for a top level designer who knows how to create at that level of detail.

-Need for guidance. Enterprises that know what they want and how to express it can manage using a marketplace site like Fiverr or its newest service, Fiverr Pro. On both of those sites, you'll have to be able to convey what exactly you are looking for and, in the case of Fiverr, sift through a lot of logo samples which could be overwhelming to the indecisive. If you really don't know what kind of logo you want, choose somewhere that links you with a dedicated designer or account manager for more help.

-Price. If you’re on a tight budget, you might need to take advantage of the low cost of DIY sites. You could also look at a basic budget option on Fiverr or the most basic option on a competition site like 99designs. If money’s no object, though, you might prefer to use the more extensive services of a bespoke designer.

-Copyright and ownership. The best companies should give you full copyright and ownership over all image, vector and source files. This should be a no-brainer, but there are some less reputable companies which withhold copyright. If the company doesn’t declare in big letters that you get full ownership at the end of the process, be wary.

Top 3 Logo Design Companies 



A very popular logo design company, Deluxe offers a bespoke logo design service where you’ll be matched with a designer who focuses on your project until you are satisfied.

Special highlight: Particularly praised for speedy responses.


  • 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, refunding your money if you are not completely happy with your finished logo.
  • Designers have an average of 14 years of experience.
  • Fast turnaround time, sending initial logo options within 5 days of receiving your design brief.
  • Website is easy to navigate and hosts a varied gallery of logos that stand as testimony to its creative capabilities, as well as helping to spark inspiration in any customers who aren’t sure what they want.

Deluxe Deluxe Visit Deluxe



99designs is a logo design site that works on the basis of competitive design. You submit your design brief, and the stable of designers at 99designs will compete to design you the perfect logo.

Special highlight: 99designs has been greatly praised for providing a range of high-quality creative designs for a relatively low price.


It takes around 3 days for you to receive the initial designs and an average of 7 days until the entire process is complete, which is usually faster than a bespoke service like Deluxe.

  • Huge gallery of logos for inspiration.
  • The competition process can throw out a wider range of creative options than a single designer.
  • 100% money-back guarantee if you’re not completely happy with your final design.
  • Once you narrow it down to your favorite 3-5 designers, you can carry on sending feedback, tweaking, and editing until one design fits your needs.

99designs 99designs Try 99designs



Fiverr is a marketplace for designers and other freelance workers to provide fully-designed logos, often for very low prices. You can browse the portfolios and pricing offers of hundreds of designers before agreeing on price and terms with one designer and sending them your brief.

Special highlight: Some designers on Fiverr are very experienced, giving you direct access to top level designers for lower prices than if you went through a design company.


  • Customer support on the Fiverr site is excellent, with live chat and 24/7 accessibility. You can also contact your designer directly, although response time and availability is going to vary. Check what time zone they're in if you want fast communication.
  • You can choose your price, which means that if you have a clear idea of what you want and the logo won’t be too complicated you could get the whole thing done for under $10.
  • Thousands upon thousands of sample logos means that you can get ideas and inspiration just from flipping through the portfolios on display. However, it can also be overwhelming for the indecisive, who might prefer the guidance of a bespoke or competition design setup.

Creating Your Logo

When creating a professional logo, always check how many revisions are included in the price. Competition design websites like 99designs offer unlimited revisions until you select the winning design. Bespoke design companies like Deluxe state the number of revisions on each package. If you go over that number, you'll have to pay an extra fee, so if you’re going to need a lot of revisions, choose an unlimited option. Most of our top recommendations guarantee your money back if you aren’t completely satisfied with your final design.

The pricing on Fiverr is a little more difficult to compare. Its setup is such that designers represent themselves on the Fiverr marketplace and can set their own pricing plans, terms, and conditions. Be sure to read the small print, and contact the designer directly to clear up anything that you aren’t sure about. 

Fiverr Fiverr Get Started

Designing a new logo for your business is not an easy task, but hopefully, our advice and information has made the process clearer for you. Whichever approach you choose, we hope you'll end up with a logo you love. Staff
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