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10 Old Appliance Replacements Home Warranty Covers

Cassidy Horton
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When it comes to home appliances, many homeowners worry that their old and outdated appliances won't be covered by a home warranty. Fortunately, most home warranties cover many potential appliance repairs and replacements—even for older models.

As long as you've kept up with regular maintenance and there are no known pre-existing problems, many providers will pay to replace old appliances. So, you can get yourself that new dryer without worrying about expensive replacement costs.

Here are 10 old home appliances that are covered by home warranties.

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1. Old Refrigerators

Covered under most standard home warranty plans? Yes

Average lifespan: 12 years

When you look at the average lifespan of common appliances, refrigerators last around 12 years. So it's essential to keep yours running for as long as possible.

The good news is that many home warranties will cover your refrigerator's repair or replacement costs. Because it typically falls under "major kitchen appliances"—which is included in standard coverage plans.

2. Old Washers & Dryers

Covered under most standard home warranty plans? Yes

Average lifespan: 10 to 13 years

Because the average lifespan of a washer is 10 years—13 years for a dryer—it's essential to have security in place should something go wrong.

Many home warranties offer coverage when your appliances malfunction due to age or normal wear and tear. So if anything happens to your washer or dryer—whether it's a sudden breakdown or gradual decline—you can rest assured the costs will be taken care of.

3. Old HVAC Systems

Covered under most standard home warranty plans? Yes

Average lifespan: 15 to 20 years

Do home warranties cover old HVACs? The short answer is yes—depending on the policy you purchase.

Most companies require an inspection to determine if repairs and replacements are covered. But, if your current HVAC system is still in working condition before buying a warranty, some providers may allow coverage for parts and labor for future breakdowns.

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4. Old Dishwashers

Covered under most standard home warranty plans? Yes

Average lifespan: 9 years

Dishwashers can often be one of the most overlooked home appliances when it comes to maintenance and repairs. But they should definitely not be forgotten.

Dishwashers typically last around nine years or more. And many home warranties cover any issues with these appliances, including replacements. So, if you've got an old dishwasher in your kitchen, consider getting a home warranty—just in case.

5. Old Water Heaters

Covered under most standard home warranty plans? Yes

Average lifespan: 14 years

Water heaters are essential bathroom appliances that provide hot water for showers and baths. Their average lifespan is around 14 years. (Tankless or demand-type water heaters can last for 20 years or more.)

And even though they require costly repairs, many providers offer water heater protection. So, with a home warranty, you won’t have to worry about spending extra money when you need a replacement.

6. Old Garbage Disposals

Covered under most standard home warranty plans? Yes

Average lifespan: 12 years

Garbage disposals are an essential part of any kitchen, but they can be susceptible to breakdowns over time due to normal wear and tear.

Fortunately, many home warranties cover repair or replacement costs associated with these appliances, so you don't have to worry about footing the bill yourself.

It's important to check the details of your policy before signing up for coverage because not all warranties cover garbage disposals. For example, Select Home Warranty covers garbage disposals if you have a Platinum Care plan but not if you have a Gold Care or Bronze Care plan.

7. Old Microwaves

Covered under most standard home warranty plans? Varies

Average lifespan: 9 years

Many home warranties provide coverage for repair and replacement costs related to these appliances.

But not all home warranties cover microwaves, and some may only cover built-in models. So be sure to check your policy before signing up, and always be on the lookout for ways to increase the lifespan of common appliances.

If it is included in your coverage plan, you can trust that any repair or replacement costs will be taken care of—as long as you keep up with any recommended maintenance.

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8. Old Stoves & Ovens

Covered under most standard home warranty plans? Yes

Average lifespan: 15 years

Stoves and ovens are some of the most expensive home appliances to repair or replace, so having coverage for any potential issues is essential.

Fortunately, many home warranties cover older models and replacements—although some policies may require an inspection before coverage is granted.

It's important to read the fine print of your policy before you purchase it and make sure that stoves and ovens are included in the coverage. That way, you'll be protected should anything happen unexpectedly.

9. Old Furnace or Boiler

Covered under most standard home warranty plans? Yes

Average lifespan: 15 years

Furnaces are a common heating system in many homes, but their average life expectancy is only around 15 years.

Many home warranties will cover repairs or replacements if your furnace fails due to age or normal wear and tear. But some may require an inspection before agreeing to coverage.

Knowing that you're covered for unexpected repair costs can be hugely beneficial—especially if you have an older furnace. So, if you're looking for peace of mind, consider getting a home warranty that covers your heating system.

10. Old Security Systems

Covered under most standard home warranty plans? Varies

Average lifespan: 12 years

Security systems play an important role in keeping our homes safe from potential intruders, but they can become outdated quickly.

While most home warranties may not offer security system coverage, some do.

So if your home has a built-in security system you're looking to protect for decades, find a home warranty with security system protection. That way, you won't have to spend extra money on replacements or repairs should anything go wrong.

Home Warranties Do Cover Older Appliances

Home warranties are a great way to protect yourself against expensive repairs and replacements, even for older appliances like refrigerators, water heaters, furnaces, air conditioners, or HVACs.

But the key is to keep up with regular maintenance and keep a detailed record of any repairs you've made.

By getting a home warranty for your appliances, you'll save valuable time and energy knowing these necessary items will be covered down the line. Just make sure to choose a plan that meets your requirements.

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