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Lifeshield Home Security System Review 2024

Top10.com Staff

In a Nutshell

LifeShield is on a mission to be a major player in home security, and is aiming straight for industry leaders Xfinity Home and ADT. LifeShield is doing this with an affordable, install-it-yourself platform that combines burglar protection, fire and carbon monoxide alerts, and live video monitoring that allows you to keep a watchful eye on your home no matter where you are.


  • Easy, do-it-yourself installation
  • No long-term contracts
  • Plans starting at less than $1/day


  • Only a one-year warranty on company equipment
  • No warranties for fire, smoke, or heat protection for businesses

LifeShield Home Security at a Glance

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LifeShield Home Security LifeShield Home Security Visit Site

Ideal For 

  • Home owners who travel often and want to remotely monitor their homes
  • Landlords who want to provide security and protection to properties
  • People who want an affordable, easy to install system

Why Go With LifeShield

With LifeShield, customers receive an affordable and easy to install home monitoring system that they can monitor remotely, giving them peace of mind both when at home and away. The system can alert the monitoring center by way of a high-speed internet connection, cellular signal, text or landline phone, which means that even if the internet goes down on the phone lines are cut, you can stay protected. The system also has 24-hour battery backup and smash and crash protection, meaning that the “four layers of protection” will continue to work seamlessly no matter what hiccups may occur. 

What does it mean to monitor your system remotely? You can watch live video from your house from anywhere in the world and remote arm and disarm your system from your smartphone. 

What They Offer 

Security Essentials Package
Security Advantage package
$299.99 + $24.99 monthly monitoring
$399.99 + $29.99 monthly monitoring
Motion sensors (pet-friendly)
Entry sensors
Enhanced fire sensors
Base, keypad, keychain remote
1 wireless indoor camera with 30 days of media storage + 2 free additional cameras

Video storage
Wireless security tablet
Fire safety sensor
Fire and carbon monoxide protection
24/7 alarm monitoring
Advanced mobile apps
1 yard sign, 2 decals

When you sign up with LifeShield you first pay for the equipment used in the monitoring of your house, and then you’re charged the monthly monitoring fee. With the “security essentials” package you get the “base” you set up at the house, which comes with a keypad and keychain remote. In addition, you’ll receive two wireless sensors, a fire safety sensor (hooks up to your existing smoke detectors to alert you if the detector goes off when you aren't home), a tablet and mobile opp, 2 motion sensors, and yard signs and window stickers. 

 With the “security advantage” kit you get all the same hardware, as well as 2 additional wireless sensors, and 3 indoor cameras to place in and around your house, as well as 30 days of video storage.

 The equipment comes with a 12-month warranty and the company says it can be self-installed in less than an hour without needing any tools. 

More Reasons to Choose LifeShield

Lifeshield provides an affordable security product that is a great choice for people who are looking to protect themselves from burglars, fires, and other threats to their home, but don’t want to invest a large amount of time or money. 

You can set up custom alerts to let you know when your kids are home or if a door is opened, and that’s all part of an easy-to-use, inexpensive, and user-friendly system that takes some of the headaches out of running a home security system. 

What’s Unique About LifeShield

When reviewing LifeShield, one of the main things that sticks out is how easy it is to install. This has often been one of the drawbacks of home security systems - the installation process and the general pain in the neck that getting set up entailed. 

The service supplies all of the equipment you need and you can set it up in a matter of minutes. The equipment is also covered by a one-year warranty. 

One of the best and most unique features is the way that the system integrates with your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, so that even if you're far from home, if the sensors go off, you’ll be notified. 

You can also set up your own custom alerts and even get helpful information about crime and other issues in your neighborhood. 

The four layers of backup protection and the smash and crash protection give you a level of assurance that goes above and beyond what most people suspect. Put simply, you can rest assured that you will stay online and your system will be able to notify you and/or send for help no matter what. 

Security Services

LifeShield provides security for all types of systems within your house. These include:

  • Door and window sensors to notify of a break-in
  • Wireless video cameras to record potential intruders
  • Motion detectors that can alert of intruders (but are pet-friendly)
  • Fire safety sensor 
  • Fire and Carbon Monoxide detection
  • Yard signs to let people know you’re protected

The system also includes smash and crash protection, so that even if an intruder tries to destroy the instrument panel, an alert will still be issued. In addition, your security system has a 24-hour battery pack and will be able to communicate with you in four different ways, so even if your phone line is cut or the Wi-Fi or power goes down, help will be notified. 

Another good thing to note is that because the system is fully-mobile, you have the peace in mind of knowing that you can keep an eye on things even when you’re far away. 

Monitoring Services

A LifeShield membership comes with the services of a 24/7 monitoring system where company operatives are alerted if something goes awry at your property, such as, if a window is broken or the temperature suddenly skyrockets inside the house. With wireless internet you can also monitor your property and be in contact with security associates no matter where you are. 

Mobile Readiness

Lifeshield includes a free mobile app and you can run the system from afar through a smartphone or the tablet included in the service. This means you can not only see what your cameras see even if you’re far away, but you can also control it, and take images even while afar. You can also use the mobile system to lock and unlock doors, arm and disarm sirens, and more. 

Help & Support

You have a number of options for reaching out to customer service with Lifeshield, including a toll-free number that is available during regular work hours - including on the weekends. 

You can also check out the online FAQ section and/or send an email to the customer service department and get an answer to your query. 

Bottom line

Lifeshield isn’t yet the biggest name in home security systems, but the company is putting its best face forward with affordable prices, easy installation, and an extensive list of features that can protect you from break-ins, fires, and more.

A real drawing point for LifeShield is the extent to which you can monitor and run your system remotely, which will give you an added layer of security. 

LifeShield Home Security LifeShield Home Security Visit Site

About LifeShield

Lifeshield was founded in 2004 as “InGrid”, a pioneer of sorts in the world of install-it-yourself home security systems. The company was later sold to DirecTV and in 2017 to a private investor who has gone full steam ahead in a push to make LifeShield an industry leader. The company today offers some of the more affordable prices in the industry, with easy to install and operate hardware.

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