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In a Nutshell

Whether you’re looking to protect your home with an industry-leading infrared camera or build a bulletproof home protection system from the ground up, Blue by ADT is the one-stop-shop that can meet all your home security needs. Its impressive catalog includes everything you need to protect your home—whether you live alone or with roommates. No doorman required!


  • Modular or ready-made options available
  • Weather-proof outdoor cameras
  • Trusted by more than 6 million customers


  • Professional monitoring requires paid plan
  • No thermal sensors on offer

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Ideal For 

  • Those that want rigorous home security without being able to commit long term to their current rental.
  • Customers that simply want to set up an on premises video monitoring system without wanting to commit to installation or professionally monitored video packages.
  • Homeowners that are able to constantly monitor their home video feed for alerts and do not require more than 1 day video storage.

Why Choose Blue by ADT


Modular Systems

Blue by ADT allows users to assemble their own completely custom home monitoring systems. For those with unusual home layouts, there is no need to be stuck with out of the box configurations. Instead, Blue by ADT allows renters and homeowners to assemble the perfect array of sensors, cameras, and add-on devices to protect their home—and their loved ones. 

The catalog of 15 modular devices includes:

  • Door sensors
  • Window sensors
  • Pet-friendly motion sensors
  • Fire, temperature, and flood sensors—to give early warning about impending disaster

Blue by ADT also offers HD-quality cameras designed to monitor and protect in every conceivable setting: the company offers weatherproof ruggedized outdoor cameras, mini cameras that can mount to the doorbell, and indoor cameras, like the Fido, that are perfect for monitoring the movement of kids. 

For those with larger properties, users needn't even worry about network availability thanks to Blue Extender—Blue by ADT’s proprietary WiFi range extender. 

Security Services

Blue by ADT expands upon its parent brand’s monitoring options. Users can either opt for a totally self built and monitored system or subscribe to the company’s 24/7 professional monitoring plan. 

The self monitoring system provides complete DIY home surveillance including 1-day video storage. However, unlike ADT’s monthly contracts, Blue by ADT allows renters to install the system without committing to any contract whatsoever.  

However, for those that really want to sleep well at night, it is worth investing in the 24/7 Professional Monitoring package. 

The Professional package allows users to connect their monitored homes to 3 expert-staffed round-the-clock professional monitoring centers—where security professionals can access real-time video feeds and issue emergency alerts to customers and authorities over 3 communication channels. 

Additionally, those that subscribe to the Professional tier get pet protection, panic and duress modes, and receive constant monitoring against a litany of natural disasters that might threaten their properties—including fire, flood, and the odorless but deadly carbon monoxide (CO) gas. 

Those that subscribe to the Professional tier can also communicate with ADT’s monitoring team by WiFi and cellular as well as text. This means that even in the event of a power outage homeowners can receive distress signals by SMS. 

Emergency Dispatch

In the event that an alert is triggered, the security team will reach out to all Blue by ADT customers via the preconfigured emergency contact numbers. If the team tries to reach several emergency contacts after a verified security event without success, then they will rapidly dispatch local emergency services to arrive on scene. 

Additionally, users also receive a hardware panic button and a duress code that can be used to immediately notify the monitoring team that an emergency event is in progress. When time is of the essence, these features can save the day—or your home.


Blue by ADT devices can be purchased one-by-one, assembled as a custom kit, or bought as a preconfigured kit.

The components vary in price from approximately $49.99 (Blue Extender plus Chime) through to $199.99 (Blue Outdoor Camera). 

Build-your-own security systems start at $109.19 while the (pre-assembled) 8 piece doorbell camera system costs $349.99. 

Self monitoring is included with purchase of the hardware and includes 1 day video storage intended to assist with DIY home surveillance. With self monitoring, users receive 1 layer of protection.

The 24/7 professional monitoring plan costs $19.99 a month plus tax and offers 30 days of video storage and extends connectivity to include 2 more options (cellular and text). Users can also connect to 3 ADT monitoring centers that will dispatch emergency services as required. The video storage limit is also raised to 30 days.

Monitoring plan 
Self Monitoring
24/7 Professional Monitoring
$19.99/month plus tax
Video storage
1 day
30 days
Communication Channels
Other features
Connection to 3 ADT monitoring centers

For those that want to invest in premium protection, the 24/7 professional monitoring service is a no-brainer. For the quality of hardware provided, which includes top of the line cameras and sensors, the catalog is also fairly priced—whether users opt to build their own systems or choose a preconfigured layout.


Although the Blue by ADT system as a whole is not interoperable with other smart devices, its hardware components and sensors are, although users should check the compatibility of each component before ordering the system in order to ensure connectivity with other smart devices. 

The Blue by ADT 24/7 streamable smart outdoor camera, for instance, works with both Amazon Alexa and IFTTT. More advanced components also work in tandem with Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit. 

Mobile Readiness

For those that want to keep tabs on their home security cameras while on the go, Blue by ADT offers applications for both Android and iOS. These are available from the Google Play Store and iTunes respectively.  

Using the mobile apps, users can access the full range of features that the system provides in addition to being able to live stream, record, and take snapshots of all cameras on premises. 

Mobile users are also able to change the operating state of all smart devices within the home—including turning on and off lights, locking and unlocking doors, and even adjusting the thermostat. 

Help & Support

Blue by ADT features very useful online support resources specific for the needs of its customers. The online tutorials contain all information that homeowners might need to both get the system up and running and troubleshoot problematic devices or notifications.

The range of topics that the Support Center articles cover includes:

  • Getting Started guides for getting the system set up
  • Equipment-specific installation guides for every sensor, camera, and accessory device in the Blue by ADT catalog 
  • Complete policy information including plain language Terms of Sale and Terms of Service as well as a Return Policy and details of when the non-Returned Equipment Fee applies
  • User instructions for both the web portal and the mobile apps

Additionally, the team operates a US-based phone number and an email address. Support services are accessible for all Blue users although only Professional subscribers will be able to get in touch with the expert staffed support center in the event that an aberrant system state is detected.

Bottom line

Blue by ADT allows anybody—including short term renters—to access some of the most advanced home monitoring security systems on the market. Users can either build their own system, choosing from any of ADT’s 15 sensors, or opt for a preconfigured package. 

The Professional monitoring system is monitored on a 24/7 basis by specially trained professionals who will dispatch emergency services in the event that there is no answer from any of the emergency contacts. 

About Blue by ADT

As the name suggests Blue by ADT is a brand of ADT. Headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida, ADT has more than 20,000 employees and has been one of the leading US monitoring and security companies since its establishment more than 150 years ago. The company trades on the New York Stock Exchange with the ticker symbol—you guessed it!—ADT.

Contact Details 

+1 877-464-7437

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Ease of use

Ease of use

Brand satisfaction

Value for money

Service quality

Brand satisfaction

Ease of use

Brand satisfaction

Value for money

Service quality

Value for money

Ease of use

Brand satisfaction

Value for money

Service quality

Service quality

Ease of use

Brand satisfaction

Value for money

Service quality

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Top Reviews

darlene, PA
a month ago

Ease of use

Brand satisfaction

Value for money

Service quality

I have had them for quite a few years and never and an issue with them, Gives prompt and resonable priced services.

Emma, MD
1 months ago

Because with them, I feel very safe and protected, and I don't think any company can do what they can.

Frances, GA
1 months ago

Very easy for me to use. I can not think of anything that I dislike, cost is manageable

1 months ago

it works as well as it should work with no problems and cost was not too much for the 24 hour service everyday

Greg, MD
a month ago

Customer service is excellent and the discount on the home insurance is wonderful. It offsets the cost substantially.

Nakyra, TX
2 months ago

It's how it gets everything on camera and it charges everything never lets me down

Jacquelyn, VA
1 months ago

Because we have never had any issues with our security system. Great service

Pat, IN
2 months ago

It is a good combination of professional home security and do it yourself home security

Fred, FL
2 months ago

Very pleased with the service. They are prompt and helpful with concerns and questions

David, CA
a month ago

Blue by ADT provides great value for money and I can recommend it for friends and family

2 months ago

Used the brand for a long time. Enjoy their app features especially. Offer a sense of security and have ease of use.

sunny, MI
a month ago

i havent really had to use it thankfully but its good to have and i know that it works when i need it

Irene, NY
2 months ago

Good value for money and they provided good coustomer service.

Roslyn, MD
2 months ago

I have ADT...I don't know if Blueby is a new name. But we are very pleased with the service and performance of ADT

Keyiana, VA
2 months ago

I love the alarm systems very helpful for someone older and lives alone. Very helpful

Jonatja, FL
3 months ago

Great company been with them roughly 3 years never had a issue they really value their customers

Andrew, OH
1 months ago

I dislike the price that I pay for BluebyADT, it seems unreasonable for the average person, although they provide great service.

Ernie, CA
3 months ago

Experience has been very good. Response is very good. Price is acceptable and we feel safe and secure.

Nicole, OK
2 months ago

I love that the installation process was easy and the fact there is a 24 hour help desk available..i would highly recommend this system.

Ds, AL
3 months ago

The app is okay but could be more user friendly. It is an expensive service to have, but I guess gives piece of mind.

39 reviews