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There’s no question that the future of commerce is shifting to online. With our phones readily available every minute of the day, the ease of browsing, shopping, comparing, shipping, and even returning, are making online shopping just about everyone’s first choice today.

So, the question for any forward-thinking business owner becomes, how do I get online? That’s the easy part. There are thousands of Ecommerce website builders that you can find with a simple Google search. The hard part comes with choosing the right one for your business. A website builder has to be easy to use, offer the right combination of features, and all fit within your budget. A little daunted? Don’t be; here are 10 of the best Ecommerce site builders on the market for businesses with their eye on expansion in 2020.

Fast, easy, and beautiful website design
Domestic US businesses
WordPress businesses
Professional site design, top quality & tools
Businesses seeking scalability
Total site-building newbies
SMBs, startups seeking advanced features
Superfast website launch and top SEO tools
SMBs seeking an easy-to-use platform
From $13per month, or free plan
From $12 or free plan
From $6.95per month
From $12per month
From $29.95per month
Premium costs $12.80/month
From $29per month
From $9.50per month($19per month after promo)
From $12per month
14 days
30 days, 90-day money-back guarantee
15 days
14 days
15 days
No, 30-day money-back guarantee
Wix Payments, PayPal, credit/debit, in person
Square, Apple Pay, Google Pay
PayPal, Stripe, PayFast, Amazon, etc.
Stripe, credit cards, Apple Pay, PayPal
40+ of your choice
100 external payment gateways
100+ payment providers
Square and other 3rd party providers
Multichannel including Facebook, Instagram
Multichannel including Instagram
Fully compatible for multichannel selling
Fully integrated for multichannel
Multichannel, Amazon, eBay, Pinterest
Google analytics, SEO tools, and more
Multichannel with Facebook, Instagram, eBay
Multichannel including Facebook
Not available

A Closer Look at the Top 10 Ecommerce Website Builders

  • 1


    Free website builder with so much more
    • Best forFast, easy, and beautiful website design
    • PriceFrom $13per month, or free plan
    • Free trial14 days

    It's hard to not get excited about building your business when working with an Ecommerce site builder pro like Wix. It’s got all the right features in all the right places to make your online store boom. Hundreds of templates to choose from, a customized domain name, and an easy drag-and-drop editor really help kick things off nicely. All site designs are mobile responsive, so they look great on any device. Wix even has artificial design intelligence to help you tweak your site.

    There’s no doubt about it. Wix is probably the best option for ease of use, and user-friendly design and editing options. You can literally do it without any design knowledge whatsoever. But then Wix does even more. This website builder offers advanced features like blogs, SEO tools, and dropshipping with Modalyst.

    • Easy design and edit tools for anyone
    • Tons of features included in the price
    • Rich product galleries
    • Locked into a template after launch
    • So many choices can be daunting
  • 2

    Square Online

    Excellent free options available
    Square Online
    • Best forDomestic US businesses
    • PriceFrom $12 or free plan
    • Free trialYes

    Square’s ecommerce service offers US and Canadian business owners a simple way to get their business up and running online. It offers an attractive payment model with a unique commision structure and a host of tools that makes it a competitive option for those looking for a balance between ease and professionalism.

    Building an online store with Square is easier than with some of its competitors. The templates are limited but the site builder offers a set of dynamic themes to choose from and services customized to restaurant, service, retail, and non-profit organizations. Users have access to Square’s full stack of tools and services, which includes its POS devices and simplified scheduling and inventory tools. For businesses operating in the US and Canada, Square offers an attractive model with a unique pricing structure and easy to use site builder that’s versatile and professional.

    • Exceptional options included in the free plan
    • Easy-to-create ecommerce sites
    • Competitive pricing
    • Limited templates
    • Not available for overseas orders
  • 3

    WooCommerce by Bluehost

    Reliable, affordable WordPress site builder
    WooCommerce by Bluehost
    • Best forWordPress businesses
    • PriceFrom $6.95per month
    • Free trial30 days, 90-day money-back guarantee

    When you sign up for Bluehost powered by WooCommerce, you really get the strength of 3 huge brands supporting your online store. WooCommerce is an open-source online shop builder specifically designed for WordPress sites, and it’s known for being simple to use while packing a powerful punch at the same time. BlueHost is an all-inclusive hosting service that gives you an SSL certificate, free domain name, and 1-click WordPress installation with every plan.

    So, you know you’re getting a powerful and reliable service with this dynamic duo. In terms of website design itself, WooCommerce is a great choice. It takes minutes to choose and design your site from one of the templates. Then you can configure your online store with the many extensions provided. Add your products, create coupon codes, and set up tax and payment rules to fit your shopping cart. The combo team isn’t as good for scaling up or down with your business, but if you’re looking for easy migration, intuitive setup, and lots of features, it’s just a more efficient, self-explanatory, and easy-to-use system than you’ve probably dealt with in the past.

    • Get all your hosting requirements included
    • 1-click WordPress setup
    • Unlimited bandwidth and storage
    • Not as scalable as other options
    • Very WordPress-focused
  • 4


    Seriously professional Ecommerce design tool
    • Best forProfessional site design, top quality & tools
    • PriceFrom $12per month
    • Free trialYes

    Squarespace is a smaller name, which is funny because, in our book, it's probably the best option for really professional Ecommerce building. The quality of design templates and built-in features make Squarespace stand out from the competition. And you can customize designs to your liking. There are also plenty of important features from this online store builder like inventory management and unlimited products, and video uploads included in your plan. It’s not as cheap as Wix, for example, but when you see the finished product, you’ll know that you got exactly what you paid for.

    Squarespace is also a leader in marketing and promotion. Online stores can grow their business with social media integration tools, built-in SEO tools, and email marketing campaigns that you can set and forget. Design banners and create promotions to highlight and sell specific items, and check analytics even while you’re on the go with the Squarespace mobile app.

    • Strong marketing tools, email campaigns, SEO, and more
    • Most professional designs on the market
    • Inventory management and abandoned cart recovery included
    • No app store for integrations
    • Shallow sub-navigation
  • 5


    Best in class Ecommerce builder tools & features
    • Best forBusinesses seeking scalability
    • PriceFrom $29.95per month
    • Free trial15 days

    BigCommerce is one of the biggest and most reputable Ecommerce builders on the market today. This is because of the wide range of features, sales tools, and integrations available through its service. The easy-to-use system lets you quickly and efficiently set up an online store, sell products, and accept payments. BigCommerce also goes the extra mile, though, with tools that actually help improve your business. Things like analytics, SEO tools, and next-level shipping allow online stores to move products faster.

    While not all templates are responsive, most will work well on mobile devices. And with features like abandoned cart recovery, SSL security certificate, and the ability to sell on multiple channels like Amazon, Pinterest, Facebook, and more, it’s worth testing out a few templates to reap the benefits of working with BigCommerce.

    • Scales easily with your business growth
    • Multichannel selling made easy
    • Huge assortment of tools and features
    • Not all designs are responsive
    • Tough learning curve at the beginning
  • 6


    Site123 can be used to sell both physical and...
    • Best forTotal site-building newbies
    • PricePremium costs $12.80/month
    • Free trialNo

    Site123 markets itself as a tool for website building newbies, but in reality there’s quite a bit of firepower under the hood.

    This builder from Israel can do everything from gate digital downloads to keep automatic tabs on inventory levels.

    • Automatic inventory tracking
    • Sell digital downloads
    • Wide integration library
    • Can’t customize HTML/CSS
    • Only 3 payment gateways
  • 7


    All the right features in one place
    • Best forSMBs, startups seeking advanced features
    • PriceFrom $29per month
    • Free trial14 days

    Shopify might well be the most popular Ecommerce platform around today. It's easy to work with, has more features built-in than you'll know what to do with, and even supports multichannel selling and social media integration. Shopify has great features like inventory management and abandoned cart recovery. You can also use more than 100 payment gateways for worry-free transactions.

    The one downside to this versatile Ecommerce site builder is the transaction fee that gets charged for each transaction. You can skip this payment by using Shopify Payments, but if you are dedicated to your processor, expect to get charged. Shopify provides 24/7 support, 12,000 third-party apps to install, and more than 50 beautifully designed themes with an easy editor to give your website a customized look and feel.

    • Industry-reputation for excellent features suite
    • Extremely simple to use
    • 100+ payment gateways
    • Have to reformat content when switching templates
    • Applies a transaction fee unless using Shopify Payments
  • 8

    3D Cart

    Strong SEO tools and fast website design
    3D Cart
    • Best forSuperfast website launch and top SEO tools
    • PriceFrom $9.50per month($19per month after promo)
    • Free trial15 days

    Here’s a name you probably haven’t heard as often as the other names on this list. 3D Cart has actually been around since 2001, and it’s slowly been building a name for itself. Focused on the 3 dimensions of Ecommerce—store owners, shoppers, and search engines—this online store builder aims to create a smooth and powerful platform for anyone to sell on. According to the website, you could have your own store built and ready to sell in 5 minutes. An impressive claim! 

    3D Cart offers 50+ responsive themes for a variety of industries and the ability to sell on multiple channels, including Amazon, Google, and eBay. It’s nice that 3D Cart doesn’t charge any transaction fees and that everything is fully hosted. That means you don’t have to deal with installations. But where 3D Cart really shines is in the area of SEO. Things like customizable page titles and URLs, canonical URLs, easy 301 redirects, social wish lists, gift certificates, coupons and discounts, and MailChimp integration make sales and marketing simpler and more effective via this platform.

    • 200+ built-in features
    • All designs are responsive
    • Zero transaction fees
    • No mobile app
    • Not as crisp as other website builders
  • 9


    Mobile-friendly website building tool
    • Best forSMBs seeking an easy-to-use platform
    • PriceFrom $12per month
    • Free trialNo, 30-day money-back guarantee

    Weebly is another big name in Ecommerce website builders, and it's a great choice for small businesses and startups that are only just getting off the ground. Easy to use with a drag-and-drop editor, intuitive design options, and straightforward uploading process, Weebly definitely takes the complications out of website design.

    Weebly offers dozens of mobile-responsive templates that automatically sync, so whatever you do to the desktop site, will carry over to your mobile site as well. There’s also an app center that you can access to get more sophisticated tools for everything from design and customization to SEO, metrics, and marketing. Weebly allows you to enable Google Analytics, so you can do things like track visitors and review user activity data. Multichannel selling isn’t supported, which is a big drag, but all in all, Weebly is a solid platform that will get your online store up and running fast.

    • Really simple to use
    • Can switch between templates
    • Unlimited storage
    • Limited in your design customization choices
    • Multichannel selling not supported
Frequently Asked Questions
Which website builder is best for ecommerce?
Wix is a wildly popular website builder and one of the best options for ecommerce. It's easy to use, features myriad templates, and boasts a built-in ecommerce shop that allows anyone to build a professional looking website regardless of their technical skills.
How can I make my own online store for free?
Today there are many free website builders on the market that you can use to create an online store. To choose one, make sure that it has ecommerce capabilities, professional-looking templates, and a site builder that's easy to use and aligns well with your level of tech prowess.
Does Wix take a percentage of sales?
Wix takes transaction fees at roughly 2.9% plus $.30 per transaction.

How to Choose the Right Ecommerce Store Builder

You have flexibility in how to fit your website into your budget once you have a plan that makes sense for your business. Most providers offer a range of choices, and you can adjust your plan as your needs change or your online efforts become more successful. 

Fees for Ecommerce platforms can start from less than $10 per month, and some services offer a free trial period, allowing you to test whether or not a website makes sense for you. Your website can be a true extension of your business, and you can find affordable solutions that cost less than an additional hire.

Without having a website, you risk missing opportunities for additional sales and growth. Those missed opportunities cost you much more than the time and money you might spend on maintaining your online business. You may have taken a big risk when you started your business, and if you believe in what your business has to offer, you should have no trouble taking a small risk by putting it online.

So how do you know which is the right Ecommerce site builder for you? Comparing features that are important to you will help reveal the best solution for your specific situation. Here are a few non-negotiable features that every business should look for while on their search:


First impressions are important. So you want your online store to make a good one. That’s only going to happen with a fresh, crisp, clean, and responsive website design. Look for a website builder with attractive and industry-relevant templates to use. And unless you want your site looking like every other online store, you need a unique look. That either means having a lot of templates to choose from or having an excellent editor tool that will allow you to customize the design to perfection.


More and more consumers are shifting toward mobile purchases and research. That means your online store needs to be mobile-responsive. A poor mobile experience will spell disaster for a website, so don’t make that mistake.

Payment gateways/solutions

Processing payments is another area your store needs to have down pat. Because if a customer runs into a hiccup while trying to checkout, most likely, they'll just leave your store altogether and shop somewhere else. Look for an online store builder that has multiple payment processing options, offers free or affordable transaction fees, and makes it easy for your customers to check out. 

Third-party integrations

No website builder has it all, but the smart ones allow you to integrate with external apps, so they don't have to. Accessing other applications within your website expands your functionality, providing more power and flexibility in every area of your business.

Multichannel selling

This is debatable, but we think it’s important. The ability to sell across channels automatically increases your sales potential exponentially without having to do any additional work. Some Ecommerce platforms are confident enough that their site will bring in enough revenue for you (think Amazon) without the complications of multichannel selling, but most sellers prefer to have the choice.

Additional features that will make for a more attractive package include things like inventory management, customer management system, and SEO capabilities.

In terms of functionality, decide what your business’ needs are, how much product-selling you intend to do (and can handle), and what your budget is to determine which Ecommerce platform is right for you. For example, Volusion is a good option if you’re looking for cheaper processing rates, but WooCommerce is hands down the best choice if you are working with WordPress. Squarespace is great for really small businesses, while Shopify is just a great all-around product. Figure out your needs and choose accordingly.

Shopping cart features

There are hundreds of Ecommerce applications on the market today. All of these applications will have most of the same basic features, such as the ability to list an item with photo and description, the ability for a consumer to purchase the item and provide payment. Beyond the basics, applications vary widely in their ease-of-use and features offered. Make a list of the features you want before starting your search. Staff's editorial staff is a professional team of editors, writers and experts with dozens of years of experience covering consumer, financial and business products and services.