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Spice up Your Holiday Gift List: These DNA Kits Are Already on Sale for Black Friday

Scott Hirsch
Spice up Your Holiday Gift List: These DNA Kits Are Already on Sale for Black Friday
The holidays are fast approaching, and let’s face it—gift cards just aren’t that exciting. If you’re looking for a more unique gift for the family this year, a DNA kit’s a solid choice.

Whether you’ve got parents who’ve caught the genealogy bug, a science-obsessed spouse, or you feel like digging deeper into your past, a DNA kit will surely bring some thrill to the family unit and provide a bonding experience perfect for this holiday season. Black Friday is approaching, so you can snag most of these top-selling DNA kits for a fraction of the price. 

The Top 3 Best DNA Testing Kits and Deals Compared

1. MyHeritage  

Cyber Monday MyHeritage deals

Special Deal: $33 per kit + Free shipping on two kits

Original Price: $89 per kit

Simple to use and exhaustive in scope, MyHeritage is an especially great gift for a relative who hasn't gotten around to taking a DNA test on their own. The packaging alone is sharp enough to pique anyone’s curiosity, and it speaks to the simplicity of taking the test and the fun that comes from getting the results, building a family tree, and perhaps diving into MyHeritage’s vast encyclopedia of historical records and documents. 

The test requires a simple cheek swab and produces results within 4-6 weeks. Recipients will see their ethnicity traced across 42 regions worldwide and receive any possible DNA matches of other relatives in the database. MyHeritage also offers one of the more celebrated family tree builders, which currently has more than 48 million users.  

Beyond Black Friday deals, MyHeritage's Cyber Monday offers present a variety of family history-related gifts. You can buy a standalone standard test kit, or, for a comprehensive experience, the MyHeritage Complete Gift Membership offers full access to tools, records, and photo features.

The Family Discovery Kit is a unique offering that combines a DNA test with creative elements. It includes a MyHeritage/Project Life™ scrapbook, three months of free access to MyHeritage.com, customized page inserts, decorative cards, and a keepsake box.

MyHeritage DNA MyHeritage DNA Get Deal

2. Ancestry DNA 

Holiday Sale on Ancestry DNA Kits

Special Deal: $59 (save $40) 

Original Price: $99

The most recognizable name in DNA testing, Ancestry has attracted tens of millions of users with its sophisticated testing and exhaustive database. 

Ancestry DNA’s kit will net you or your loved one a comprehensive look into the past. The results outline your ancestors’ migrational paths, provide ethnic makeup estimates, and cover more than 500 regions worldwide, placing you in the context of history, geography, family, and heritage. 

Unique to Ancestry is its enormous database of more than 10 million users. What does this mean for you or the person you’re buying the gift for? In addition to historical insights and fodder for the family tree, you might discover a new relative for the holidays.

AncestryDNA AncestryDNA Get Deal

3. Living DNA

Special Deal: From $65 per kit + Free shipping

Original Price: $79

Those looking to dive deeper into their family history may want to consider a test from Living DNA. Even if you have already taken a DNA test, you and your family members can learn something new about yourself this holiday season thanks to Living DNA’s maternal and paternal testing (if male), which, in addition to the standard autosomal tests, reveal more detailed family histories on each parent’s side. 

Submitting a sample to Living DNA requires a simple cheek swab. The results may take a bit longer to arrive than other companies, but they stretch back 10 generations and include a comprehensive look at the past, presented in a map that lets you view your ancestral history visually. 

Living DNA Living DNA Get Deal

Gifting DNA Kits: Etiquette and Considerations

When gifting DNA kits, consider the recipient's interest in genealogy and privacy. It’s a personal gift, delving into ancestry and health. Discuss the idea beforehand to gauge their comfort level. Explain the kit’s purpose, be it tracing heritage or health insights. Also, respect their decision not to share results if they choose. Such gifts can unveil sensitive family information, so sensitivity and discretion are key. Ultimately, a DNA kit gift should be a journey of discovery and connection, offered with thoughtfulness and respect for the recipient's boundaries.

Frequently Asked Questions About DNA Testing Kits

What types of information can I learn from a DNA testing kit?

A DNA testing kit can provide a wealth of information, including your ancestry or ethnicity, potential health risks, carrier status for certain inherited conditions, traits like hair and eye color, and even physical responses to nutrition, exercise, and sleep. Some kits also provide information on genetic relatives.

How accurate are DNA testing kits in determining ancestry and health information?

DNA testing kits are generally accurate, particularly for broad geographical ancestry. However, results can sometimes be inconsistent or unclear. Accuracy for health risks and traits leans more on interpretation and can vary.

Can I find relatives or build a family tree using a DNA testing kit?

Many DNA testing services allow you to find and connect with genetic relatives who have also taken tests with the same company. You can potentially use this information to help build a family tree.

Privacy and Ethics in DNA Testing: What You Need to Know

Understanding the privacy and ethics related to DNA testing is paramount. While these tests can offer intriguing insights about your ancestry and health, they also involve sharing your genetic data. Companies may store, use, or share this information, sometimes even for research. It’s essential to thoroughly read the privacy policy before proceeding with any DNA testing. In terms of ethics, concerns often arise regarding the implications of learning about potential health risks. Always consider the psychological impact and potential for discrimination or stigmatization.

How DNA Testing Can Build Family Connections During the Holidays

During the holidays, DNA testing kits can serve as a unique tool to strengthen family bonds. As families gather, sharing results from these kits can spark conversations about heritage, uncover shared ancestors, and reveal fascinating stories from the past. It's a meaningful way to connect generations, with older family members contributing memories and younger ones exploring their roots. The experience of discovering a shared history can be a bonding activity, creating a deeper sense of family identity and belonging and making holiday gatherings even more special and memorable.

A Gift-Wrapped Journey into the Past

DNA tests are a great way to learn more about ourselves, our families, and our place in the world, which is perhaps why they’ve become such a popular holiday gift. And they’re also fun—the act of tracking down relatives and building family trees can engage you on an intellectual and emotional level. Even if you’ve taken a DNA test, there’s always more to learn and explore, and the more people in your family that take them, the more insight you can get into where you came from and what makes you who you are. So if you’re at a loss for ideas this holiday season, consider a DNA test, which could be the start of a journey into the past as well as a bonding experience in the present.

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