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10 Signs a Single Dad Is Totally Into You (Advice From a Dating Expert)

Dr. Lori Beth Bisbey
A young single father enjoying a special moment with his daughter at the beach, enveloping her in his arms.
It can be hard to tell if someone is totally into you especially when they already have kids. What do you look for to know if he really wants to take your relationship to the next level? He's likely to be slower to express his interest (since children take priority), so he has to make sure that he really can trust you with his kids. Here are 10 signs that he is crazy about you.

To date again after ending a long-term relationship often feels daunting. Many women worry that there are no responsible men out there, especially ones who are family-oriented. But there are actually tons of single dads out there who want to date women willing to foster a relationship with their children. Here are 10 signs that the man you've been flirting with is one of them.

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1. He Introduces You to His Children

Most single dads won't introduce the women they date to their children unless they consider the relationship serious. If he offers to introduce you to his children, that's great! If you want to take the relationship to the next level, just say yes and make sure to show genuine interest in his children.

2. He Is Proactive About Reaching Out to You

Single fathers have far less free time for dating than other men. They have the responsibility of raising their children, sometimes without an ex-partner's help.

If they contact you quickly after meeting you, they're showing how much interest they have in you. Accept their call the first time. Don't try to play hard to get and delay your responses. Show clear interest by making yourself available for them.

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3. He Makes Time for You Regularly

Time is a precious commodity. Single fathers often have very limited child-free recreation time. If he makes this time available to you, make sure you reciprocate and make him a priority too.

4. He Really Listens to You

A man who is deeply interested in you will listen to you. They'll make sure to focus on conversation, make insightful comments and ask good questions that let you know they really have been listening. Show him that you are just as interested in him by reciprocating and being an attentive listener.

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5. He Gives You Compliments That Show How Much He Fancies You

If he really is taken by you, he will compliment all aspects of you, from your looks, your style, your personality, and (if you have children) your parenting. Don't brush off compliments because it might seem vain to accept one or because it feels difficult to accept. Just allow the compliment to sink in and thank him.

6. He Brings Anticipation to the Sexual Side of the Relationship

He takes his time seducing you. He clearly shows you that he wants you without pressuring you. He takes the time to savor each step of seduction, build anticipation, and create a slow burn. Enjoy the pace and make sure he knows how attractive you find him and how much you also want to be with him.

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7. When You Contact Him, He’s Happy to Hear From You

He makes the time to take your call if he can. He responds to your texts in a way that shows how happy he is to talk to you and continue the conversation. When he contacts you, let him know how happy you are to hear from him. Make it clear that you really are interested.

Playing hard to get with a single father is an easy way to lose his interest. He won't have the time or energy for that type of complicated chase. He'll respond much better to clear interest.

8. He Respects Your Independence and Makes You Feel Missed

Mature men will be happy that you have the life skills to look after yourself and others. They'll respect your other responsibilities, like your career and children. They'll enjoy the fact that you want them more than you need them. They'll also let you know that they miss you when you're apart.

Express yourself just as openly and respect their need for time and space to deal with their own responsibilities.

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9. He Talks to You About His Family and the Other Parent

He wants you to know about his situation—the good, the bad, and the ugly. He talks honestly about how it ended with his former partner and clearly shows accountability. He's open about how things currently work between himself and his former partner, including child-caring arrangements.

Listen carefully and be open with him about your previous relationships and any current relationship with your former partners.

10. He Is Willing to Be Vulnerable With You

For many men, being emotionally vulnerable with someone is frightening and something they aren't used to. Raising children as the primary caregiver requires a higher level of emotional vulnerability, so single fathers need the space to experience that.

If he opens up to you, accept his vulnerability by creating and maintaining a safe space for him to express his emotions. Show that he doesn't need to be strong all the time.

Dating a Single Parent Can Be Complex

It can be difficult to know if a single dad is really interested in pursuing a relationship. The most obvious sign that a single dad is interested in you is when he invites you to meet his children. This is a clear signal that he wants you in his life. If you want him, take the opportunity to enjoy time with his family.

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Dr. Lori Beth Bisbey
Dr. Lori Beth Bisbey holds a PhD. in clinical psychology and is a certified advanced GSRD therapist. She specializes in sex and intimacy with over 30 years of experience. Dr. Lori also has two successful blogs and is a renowned published author.