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Top 10 Best Online Business Checks for Companies in 2024

Nadav Shemer
Top 10 Best Online Business Checks for Companies

Pro tip for today: Never order company checks from the bank. As with personal checks, banks charge a small fee for business checks. Whether you run a two-person operation or a corporation, the cheapest business checks are found online.

The goal of this article is to help you find the best place to order business checks for your company. Below, you’ll find a list of our top 10 business check online platforms. The more expensive options tend to offer more security and personalization. The cheaper options also offer limited types of customization (such as different color selections). The one thing all these providers have in common is that they are cheaper than the banks!

To simplify your decision, we broke down each service in six key areas.

  • Price: Who offers the cheapest business checks?
  • Shipping times: Is shipping free and are there express options?
  • Customization options: How many styles do they offer?
  • CPSA compliance: Are they a member in good standing of the Check Payment Systems Association?
  • Software compatibility: All these providers are compatible with Quicken and QuickBooks, but what about other software?
  • Money-back guarantee: If you’re not satisfied with the business checks you ordered online, will you get your money back?

Our Top 10 Best Online Business Checks for Companies:

  • Deluxe - Best online business checks company overall
  • Carouselchecks - Best for high-security checks
  • Extra Value Checks - Best for reliability
  • Checks Unlimited - Best for overall quality
  • BusChecks - Best for unique check designs
  • Vistaprint - Best for a small budget
  • Checks SuperStore - Best business checks with friendly customer service
  • Checks In The Mail - Best for beginners
  • Walmart Checks - Best for affordable checks without membership
  • Sam's Club - Best for check customization
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Our Best Online Business Check for Companies - Quick Reviews:

  • 1
    • 63.3c per check $94.99 for 150 checks
    • 5 standard designs 8 premium designs
    • Yes no time limit

    Deluxe is the biggest name in business checks online. It serves many of the nation’s leading financial institutions and also serves small businesses directly. When you order business checks through large banks (such as Chase), there’s a good chance the checks were actually produced by Deluxe! However, you’ll pay a lot less and enjoy a great deal more customization when you order company checks direct from Deluxe.

    Put simply, Deluxe offers more security than anyone else. Its standard company checks are equipped with built-in security features including chemically sensitive paper, microprint border, invisible fluorescent fibers, erasure protection, security screen & warning box. It also has high-security checks made with technology (including a safety hologram) to prevent fraudsters from creating a usable copy.

    • Compatible with 65 accounting software programs
    • Beats everyone else for customization
    • High level of security—even on standard checks
    • Relatively expensive
    • Takes time finding the type of business check you need
  • 2


    • 10.7c per check $31.99 for 300 checks
    • 4 standard styles 4 premium styles
    • Yes no time limit

    CarouselChecks has struck a balance between being one of the cheapest business checks providers while still offering a great deal of customization. When you purchase checks from CarouselChecks, you get to choose from a range of templates and security levels. However, note that the best templates and highest levels of security do cost extra.

    One area where CarouselChecks stands out is its range of checkbook covers and accessories. You’ll find all sorts of designer checkbook covers here, including leather, vinyl, and zippered covers. The self-sealing envelopes and disposable face masks sold at the checkout are also a nice touch.

    • For a cheap business checks provider, it has many options
    • Bulk orders ship free
    • Plenty of checkbook covers and accessories
    • Best designs cost extra
    • Not CPSA-compliant
  • 3
    Extra Value Checks

    Extra Value Checks

    • 6.7c per check $19.99 per 300 checks
    • 9 styles
    • No

    Many service providers can claim to offer cheap business checks, but only Extra Value Checks has the cheapest business checks online. That’s right, from a comparison of the top 10 places to order business checks online, Extra Value Checks comes out a whole 2 cents cheaper per check than its closest competitor.

    Aside from price, there isn’t really anything special to report about Extra Value Checks. But given how cheap it is, that doesn’t really matter, right? Extra Value Checks offers secure business checks in a decent range of styles. At 6.7c per check for a box of 300 checks, you can’t ask for much more than that.

    • Cheapest for book of 300 checks
    • Decent selection of styles
    • Customers say the shipping is quick
    • No satisfaction guaranteed
    • Aside from price, doesn’t stand out in any other area
  • 4
    Checks Unlimited

    Checks Unlimited

    • 16.8c per check $83.80 for 500 checks
    • 14 styles
    • Yes no time limit

    Checks Unlimited earns its place on the list for offering an affordable CPSA-compliant business checks service. It isn’t as cheap as some of the other options on our list, but it is cheaper than the 2 competitors on this list that are also members in good standing of the Check Payment Systems Association.

    Other notable things about Checks Unlimited are that its business checks are more customizable than most competitors and it is compatible with more software providers than other competitors. From what we can see, Checks Unlimited is one of a handful of company check providers that is instantly compatible with secondary software programs like Peachtree, Checkmark, and Simply Money.

    • 18% off when you order company checks online
    • Fully compliant with CPSA standards
    • Add your business logo (custom pricing)
    • More expensive than non-CPSA options
    • Website could do with a makeover
  • 5


    • 9.3c per check $27.99 for 300 checks
    • 22 styles
    • No

    BusChecks offers more free styles than any other business check provider. For example, its laser checks include common styles like blue marble, blue safety, and green lines, as well as special styles like Wall Street and patriotic. BusChecks’ manual checks offer up even more styles, including American cuisine, Chinese cuisine, and fruit backgrounds.

    The other great strength to this provider is the range of business accessories. BusChecks has a strong selection of checkbook covers, check registers, currency management tools, envelopes, fraud prevention stamps/pens, and ink stamps.

    • Wide range of laser and manual check styles
    • Great range of accessories and add-ons
    • Tools to keep track of your spending
    • No satisfaction-guarantee policy
    • Website lacks information about shipping costs
  • 6


    • 74c per check$37 for 50 checks
    • Dozens of designs highly customizable
    • No

    VistaPrint is a high-end option that helps you portray your company’s image and values. Its custom checks come in dozens of styles and designs. Styles and themes include: elegant, floral, nature and landscapes, patriotic and military, conservative, and fun and whimsical. Logos and messaging can also be added.

    This is the only business check online service on our list that doesn’t deal exclusively with business checks. VistaPrint is actually a one-stop shop for business accessories and tools. Its services include business cards, signs and banners, custom stationery, marketing materials, labels and stickers, swag, and web design services.

    • Lots of other products (e.g. business card holders)
    • Dozens of styles and designs to choose from
    • Helps you portray your company’s image and values
    • Very expensive
    • Doesn’t specialize in business checks
  • 7
    Checks SuperStore

    Checks SuperStore

    • 16.0c per check $39.99 for 250 checks
    • 4 styles
    • No

    On the face of it, Checks SuperStore doesn’t really stand out on any of the 6 key factors shown in our comparison table. However, it makes this list due to the 87% approval rating (‘excellent’ or ‘great’) on Trustpilot. What customers appear to like best about Checks SuperStore is how simple it is to order company checks and the speed with which those checks are shipped.

    Aside from that, Checks SuperStore offers pretty much everything you would want when buying business checks online. It offers a strong selection of laser and manual business checks, including 3-to-page checks, high-security checks, and laser wallet checks. It can format its checks to be compatible with any software.

    • Good customer rating (4.2/5 on Trustpilot)
    • Quick shipping
    • Simple ordering process
    • Fairly expensive for what’s on offer
    • Design options aren’t great
  • 8
    Checks In The Mail

    Checks In The Mail

    • 20.c per check $49.99 for 250 checks
    • 9 styles
    • Yes no time limit

    One thing you’ll notice when trying to order company checks is that most of the websites could do with an upgrade. When you open the Checks in the Mail website, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to discover that its service is very user-friendly. By user-friendly, we don’t just mean it looks good. We also mean all the options are laid out on the front page in a way that makes it easy for you to find what you’re looking for.

    If you’re looking to buy in bulk to qualify for cheap business checks with free shipping, then Checks in the Mail is the place to do it. It has a strong selection of business supplies for cheap, such as tax forms, binders, and covers. It even has a range of social distancing signs and decals you can stick in your office or store.

    • CPSA compliant
    • Regular discounts on business products
    • User-friendly website
    • Fairly expensive
    • Some complaints about slow shipping
  • 9
    Walmart Checks

    Walmart Checks

    • 10.0c per check $49.96 for 500 checks
    • 8 styles
    • No

    As a company built on repeat customers, it’s no surprise Walmart’s business checks division has the best setup for repeat orders. When you’re ready to re-order your business checks, just enter your bank routing number, account number, and zip code. Within a couple of seconds, Walmart Checks will have your custom checks ready to re-order.

    Aside from the re-ordering process, the biggest selling point to Walmart Checks is that it’s owned by, well… Walmart. When you order business checks from Walmart Checks, you benefit from the same level of affordability and reliability as with any other Walmart product or service.

    • Typical Walmart level of affordability and reliability
    • Compatible with top financial software programs
    • Laser checks can be customized with logo and/or message
    • There are cheaper options out there
    • Hard to see where it stands out from other providers
  • 10
    Sam's Club

    Sam's Club

    • 8.7c per check $43.44 for 500 checks
    • 8 styles
    • Yes (365 days)

    Sam’s Club is a membership-only retail club owned by Walmart. Sam’s Clubs Checks is part of Sam’s Club. You must purchase a Sam’s Club membership (starting from $45 per year) to order business checks. Once you’re in, you get access to everything Sam’s Club membership entails, including exclusive discounts, cash back, and more.

    One of the best things about Sam’s Club is you get free shipping on most things. To order cheap business checks with free shipping, just sign up to Sam’s Club, select your preferred type of business check, and head to the checkout.

    • Low members-only prices
    • Up to 5% cashback on purchases such as gas
    • Free shipping in most cases
    • Only Sam’s Club members can order company checks
    • Not worthwhile becoming a member just for checks

How to Choose an Online Business Check Service

Running a business can be a rewarding experience, but it requires constant vigilance to keep expenses under control. This is a fact that business owners are reminded of every time they have to write a check. It’s ironic then that those very checks that serve as a reminder of the cost of doing business can also serve as a golden opportunity to save money.

Online check ordering services provide businesses a way to significantly cut costs without sacrificing quality or security. In fact, by ordering checks online, a business can save anywhere from ⅓ to ½ the cost of buying checks from a bank.

There are also other benefits to buying checks from an online provider, as well as special features that vary from service to service. It’s important to compare check printing services before ordering checks to see who provides the most value for money.

Important Features in a Check Ordering Service

Check Variety and Add-ons

Determining which check ordering service you use begins with choosing which type of checks you need for your business. There are several varieties of business checks, including:

Software Compatible Laser Checks

Think of these as computer checks — they can be put into a printer and filled out with your PC or Mac. You should ensure that the check provider you choose is compatible with the accounting software that you use, be it QuickBooks, Quicken or another platform, to ensure your checks deposit.

Manual Checks

These are checks that you fill out by hand with a pen. They come in a variety of forms, such as 3-to-a-page that can fit into a binder, or in a compact size for traveling.

Payroll Checks

These are checks designed specifically for paying employees. They are available in both manual and laser form and come pre-printed with deduction captions for local, state and federal taxes.

High-Security Checks

While any business check will include measures against fraud, these checks take added safety measures, such as watermarks, heat-sensitive ink, invisible fluorescent fibers, chemically sensitive paper and anti-copy technology.

In addition, check services offer all of the above check options with different methods of tracking checks, such as side stubs, or duplicate copies of registers. You should also see if they include accessories, such as endorsement stamps, binders, or deposit tickets.

Some services offer further customization options, such as special designs, or the option to imprint your company’s logo on the check.

How Much Do Business Checks Online Cost?

While you’re sure to save money ordering checks online, as opposed to from the bank, there is some variance between the different check types and the various services. As a general rule, laser checks will cost you more than manual checks, and checks with extra features, such as high-security checks, will come at a premium. You'll also pay more for additional products, like deposit slips, address labels, return address labels, and more.

When comparing prices, it is important to ensure that you know how many checks are included in a set in order to get a proper apples-to-apples comparison. Also, many services offer a bulk discount with the price of checks going down the more you order.

Money-Back Guarantee

It is essential that you be able to get your money back if any part of your order has not been carried out properly and your check contains false information. Because of the sensitive nature of payments and bank information, you cannot afford to have an erroneous account number, routing number, name, or address on your business checks. Of course you should double and triple check your information before submitting your order and the service should have a mechanism in place to ensure you that they have the correct information before printing. However, mistakes still happen occasionally and you have to know you will be compensated if your checks are unusable.

Shipping Time and Cost

Shipping times vary for different services, and often you will have different shipping options for different prices at a given provider. Times can range from 2 to 14 days, and beyond. Cost generally depends on the weight of your order, as well as your location within the U.S. Bear in mind that customized orders, particularly ones that require a checks designer, can add as much as 10 days to the process.

Is it Safe to Order Business Checks Online? 

When dealing with sensitive information such as the finances of your business and your bank account information, you want to ensure that the check company you are ordering from is safeguarding your information. While it is convenient to provide your banking information for your checks online, it should only be done so if the company has taken the proper precautions and encrypted your personal information.

In addition, you want to ensure that the checks you're receiving adhere to the Check Payment Systems Association's (CPSA) security specifications. If your transactions are particularly sensitive and you require more security assurances, it is suggested that you opt for high security checks.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best place to order checks?

Based on our research, Deluxe is the best place overall to purchase business checks. Although it is relatively expensive, it offers more types of checks, more customization, and stronger security than any other provider.

2. Can you order business checks from anywhere?

Most places that sell business checks online ship to all 50 states. Standard shipping is often free, while express options vary in price.

3. What is the cheapest way to order checks?

Ordering business checks online is virtually always cheaper than ordering from the banks. The cheapest online business check services can save you up to 80% off your next checkbook.


Choosing to order business checks online is only the first step toward finding the best deal. Step 2 is comparing your options online. In the above guide, we presented the best business check services as measured by a range of factors, including price, customization, customer service, and security. We hope this guide helps you find your best place to order business checks.

Nadav Shemer
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