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Costco Business Checks Review 2024

Elana Kutscher

In a Nutshell

Costco business checks are printed by Harland Clarke, a payment solutions and checks provider, and are available for customers to order on the Costco Checks website. It offers a surprisingly wide selection of checks, including manual, computer, and high security, making it a good choice for small to large businesses. Of course, Costco’s competitive rates are not surprising at all.


  • Large variety of manual, computer, and high security laser checks
  • Discounted price for Costco Executive Members
  • Customer support via phone and email on weekdays


  • Can be hard to choose what you need
  • Website sometimes goes slowly

Costco Checks Costco Checks Visit Site

Best For

Small, medium, and large businesses. 

Customization Options 

Costco business checks come with a variety of customization options; depending on the type of check, you can choose the color, theme, or both. While the colors and themes are nothing fancy, they do look professional. On all checks, you can add your business logo, the ultimate touch of professionalism.

Check Styles and Add-ons 

There are 3 kinds of business checks you can order from Costco/Harland Clarke Printing: 

  • Manual checks

  • Computer checks 

  • High-security business checks

High security checks include additional layers of security on each check, but these can be either manual or computer. 

Manual Checks

Manual checks are appropriate for small businesses, or possibly mid-sized businesses whose bookkeepers need the option of writing out checks by hand. Manual checks work the same way as personal checks; you write it out to whoever you need to, only the money comes out of your business account, not your personal account.

Costco offers 1 type of high security manual check and 7 kinds of standard regular checks. 

Computer Checks 

A clean, easy choice for any sized business; these are checks that you fill out on your computer and then print in the office. Computer checks make your business look professional and organized; what’s more, they’re not a hassle to order. 

At Costco, just go to the website and select your printer (continuous or laser/inkjet) and your software. You’ll then be presented with different options that suit your needs. The number of options depends on your printer and the accounting software you use. 

High Security Checks

There are 8 choices for high security checks at Costco, some of which are manual and some are laser. Harland Clarke’s high security laser checks come with more than 25 security features that help reduce check fraud, check forging, and check copying.


If you’re a returning customer, you can click on the Quick Reorder button, sign in, and order the same checks you ordered previously, without having to go through the process of choosing and customizing them.  


There’s a wide range of pricing options at Costco because the selection is so varied. As you can see from the tables below, when you order checks with 1 copy, it’s a lot cheaper than ordering checks with 2 copies; however, sometimes you may need that extra carbonless copy for your records. Also, the tables below include the minimum order of checks, but there are options for ordering more as well. 

Special Member Prices

Executive Members at Costco get a discount when they order checks, which can add up to a significant amount of savings. If you’re already a Costco Goldstar or Business Member (which are standard memberships that cost $60/year), you just need to pay an additional $60 to become an Executive Member. If you’re not a Costco member, the total cost of becoming an Executive Member is $120. Of course, if you order large amounts of checks, you’ll make that money back in no time.

Manual Checks

When it comes to manual checks, the pricing is fairly simple. As you can see, Costco Executive members can save anywhere from a few bucks to around $30.

Costco Gold Star/Business Member
Costco Executive Member
Proprietor Checks— 150 checks
Manual Checks—  600 checks, 1 part)
Manual Checks— 600 checks, 2 parts
High Security Manual Checks— 600 checks, 1 part
High Security Manual Checks— 600 checks, 2 parts

*Prices last updated June 2018

Computer Checks and Forms

The price of the computer checks you order will vary according to your software and hardware. However, to give you an idea of a ballpark range, below is a pricing table where you can see how much computer checks cost for continuous printers and laser printers. The number of checks are the minimum in each category.

Continuous printer, QuickBooks software PRO 2006 or higher

Costco Gold Star/Business Member
Costco Executive Member
Continuous Multi-Purpose Check Top, With or Without Lines—1 part, 250 checks
Continuous Multi-Purpose Check Top, With or Without Lines—2 parts, 250 checks
Continuous Draft Check—  1 part, 500 checks
Continuous Draft Check—  2 parts, 500 checks

*Prices last updated June 2018

If you have a laser printer, then you also have the option of ordering laser high security checks from Costco (see below). However, if you don’t want high security checks, you can also opt for regular checks that you can print on your laser printer. As with the continuous checks, prices vary according to your software and hardware. 

Laser Printer, QuickBooks software PRO 2006 or higher

Costco Gold Star/Business Member
Costco Executive Member
Laser A/P Check Middle, Laser Multipurpose Check, Laser Payroll Check—1 part, 500 checks
Laser A/P Check Middle, Laser Multipurpose Check, Laser Payroll Check—2 parts, 500 checks

Laser Wallet Check—1 part, 500 checks
Laser Draft Check—2 parts, 500 checks

*Prices last updated June 2018

High Security Checks

High security laser checks are the most expensive product, as you can imagine. However, the extra security features can be worth the financial investment—it’s up to you to decide.

Cost of High-Security Laser Checks from Costco

Costco Gold Star/Business Member
Costco Executive Member
Multi-Purpose Check Top, With or Without Lines, Laser A/P Check Middle—1 part, 500 checks
Multi-Purpose Check Top, With or Without Lines, Laser A/P Check Middle—2 parts, 500 checks
Laser Draft Check, With or Without Lines—1 part, 500 checks


*Prices last updated June 2018


Don’t forget the shipping costs. There are 3 options for shipping from Costco:

  • Standard trackable: Free, 7-10 business days

  • Business expedited delivery: $10.60, 5-7 business days

  • Business secure trackable: $20.75, 4-6 business days


Costco’s standard business checks work similarly to personal checks; which means that it’s up to you, the business owner, to make sure they don’t fall into the wrong hands. Costco includes some fraud prevention tips on its site:

  • Keep checks in secure location

  • Choose signature delivery when you order checks

  • Order checks to your home, not your business

  • Destroy unused checks from closed accounts

However, when you order high security manual or laser checks, you’re in a whole different world. There’s a reason that these checks cost more than double the amount of standard checks: they come with Harland Clarke’s rigorous security features. These include:

  • Visible fibers

  • Toner adhesion

  • High-resolution intricate border

  • Warning band

  • Chemical reactive paper

  • Prismatic multi-colored background

  • Secure document

  • Invisible fluorescent fibers

  • Padlock icon

  • Colored pantograph

  • Controlled paper stock

  • True watermark

  • Erasure evident

  • UV dull paper

  • Foil hologram

  • Thermochromic heat sensitive icon

  • Multiple microprinting features

  • Warning box

  • Void indication

  • Patented security weave

  • Chemical wash detection box

  • Fugitive ink

  • Security screen backer

  • Microprinting

If check fraud is something you’re concerned about, ordering high-security checks is definitely a good option.

Payment Options 

You can pay for your order of business checks using Visa, MasterCard, and AMEX. You also have the option of paying by phone, as opposed to online.


Ordering checks from Costco is quick and simple, if you know what you want. If you’re just starting out in your business, you’ll need some extra guidance. While Costco’s customer support can describe the different products, a better idea would be to speak with an experienced bookkeeper and get some guidance before you make your purchase.

Once you know what you want, ordering the checks is easy, and filling them out is easy too. Of course, the checks aren’t the real issue—everyone knows how to fill out a check. The real issue is that you have an experienced bookkeeper or accountant who knows how to use your checks with your software and printer. 

Costco Checks Costco Checks Visit Site

Customer Support

Customer support is available to help you through the ordering process, or to answer questions about the different kinds of checks before you buy. You can reach customer support by email or phone, Monday - Friday, 8:00am-10pm (ET).

The Bottom Line 

It’s easy to buy business checks at Costco when you know what you need. If you don’t know what you need, it’s best to speak with an expert to get some guidance, and then place your order. The actual ordering process is quick, easy, and secure, and the checks themselves are high-quality and professional-looking. You can choose from manual, computer, and high security checks, which can be customized with your logo. 

Elana Kutscher is a seasoned digital enthusiast who writes for Top10.com. She has hands-on knowledge of software and online platforms, having collaborated on multiple projects with leading tech firms.
Costco Checks

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