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BusChecks Review Staff

In a Nutshell

BusChecks offers professional business checks that comply with industry standards. Its prices are some of the lowest offered online, without compromising on quality or service. It offers a broad selection of manual checks, laser checks, deskset checks, as well as deposits and accessories. BusChecks also has an excellent customer services team and a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.


  • Low prices
  • Large product range
  • Compatible with many mainstream software solutions


  • Limited design options

BusChecks BusChecks Visit Site

Best For

Small to medium sized businesses looking for professional business checks at the lowest price.

Customization Options

There are various ways of customizing your checks, including various colors, themes, and images.

Once you have chosen your color and style, you can then add your personalization options. At the very minimum, you can add your name, address and zip code, and you can choose which lines you want to be bold. For further customization options you can choose to use a unique font (a $2.50 charge applies if you choose to use a font other than the standard one). A monogram or clipart can be added (again, a $2.50 charge applies) and BusChecks provides a number of possible options for you to choose, ranging from the more serious to the more playful and unique. Also for $2.50, an optional Signature Line message can be added to further personalize your check; this appears above the signature line of your checks and can be up to 40 characters long. Finally, you can add your own custom logo, although this cannot be printed in color.

Check Styles and Add-ons

Various design options are available when it comes to check styles. Each style is offered in a variety of professional, business-like colors, and each style differs slightly which enables you to choose a unique combination that works for you.

For example, for accounts payable checks you can choose from designs such as “Blue Knit,” which has a subtle blue undertone, “Blue Marble,” which has a stronger accent on the blue theme, or other colors such as “Teal Safety,” “Tan Parchment,” and many others. 

There is also the option of choosing “Designer” checks, which give a completely unique look and feel to your business checks. These checks have an image as the background, and certainly make an unforgettable statement. 

The following main categories of checks are offered:

Manual Checks, which include:

  • Accounts payable checks

  • Payroll checks

  • Multi-purpose checks

  • Pocket checks

Laser Checks, which include:

  • Top style

  • Middle style

  • 3-to-a-page style

  • Blank laser checks

  • Deskset Checks

  • Deposits

Accessories, which include:

  • Business binders

  • Pre-Inked stamps

  • Envelopes

In terms of delivery, orders are usually produced within 72 hours after receipt of payment and the required information. Delivery options are as follows:

Security Level
4-5 business days
Trackable, secure
2 day
5-6 business days
Trackable, secure
6-9 business days
Trackable, secure
Bulk mail
12-21 business days
Not trackable, not secure
In-plant rush
2 days faster
Priority printing


Check Type
10 Checks (minimum)
2,500 Checks
Laser checks
Laser checks: High security
Check type
600 Singles
1,200 Singles
Standard manual checks
Designer manual checks

*Prices last updated June 2018

For an additional $7.50 for every 300 checks ordered, BusChecks also offers the EZShield service, that enables you to guard your business checks from unauthorized use of up to $25,000.


BusChecks understands that customers are required to input secure information into its site to order personalized checks. It emphasizes that it will never sell your data or let it enter the wrong hands. It ensures customers that its website is safe and secure, and that any information you share with it is safe and secure. BusChecks also leverages the latest technology to ensure that transactions are kept secure. 

The company’s security measures meet the stringent Financial Stationers Association guidelines. In certain cases, micro-security print is used in the check design (a very small print that breaks up when photocopied). In addition to this, the back side of the check further describes some of the security measures included in the check design.


It is really easy to use and order from the website. After choosing your type of check, including color and style, you are taken to the customization page. Here you input your relevant business details, your bank details, your routing number and checking account number, your starting check number, deposit ticket routing number, transcode number, and then optional extras such as special fonts or your logo.

Then you choose your required quantity and delivery method, pay for your purchase, and you’re done.

What’s also great is that unlike some other business check providers, BusChecks promises that it will offer guaranteed low prices not just for first-time buyers, but for returning customers as well, and that it will not charge more when you need to re-order your business checks.

BusChecks BusChecks Visit Site

Customer Support 

In terms of support, the website offers a comprehensive FAQ section that covers much of what potential and current clients would want to know, such as “Do I risk having my checks rejected because they weren't printed by my bank?” and other useful insights. In addition to this knowledge base, you can email BusChecks, and you will receive a response within 24 hours. You can also log in to the website to check your order status.

For more immediate service requests, the company representatives can be contacted by phone,  Monday to Thursday from 8am to 7pm CT, and Fridays from 8am to 5:30pm CT.

The Bottom Line

BusChecks offers a professional service that’s user-friendly, quick and reliable. While customization options may not be as extensive as other services, they are quite adequate for most businesses and the price that the service is offered at is attractively low. For all-round value, BusChecks is a solid choice.'s editorial staff is a professional team of editors and writers with dozens of years of experience covering consumer, financial and business products and services.

BusChecks customer reviews

Based on 30 reviews

Ease of use

Brand satisfaction

Value for money

Service quality

Top Reviews

Ease of use

Brand satisfaction

Value for money

Service quality

3 years ago

Customer service and prices and easy to use all the time. They are best in class for type of business

3 years ago

Easy way to order checks. Makes my life easier and less stress when we get our custom checks in the mail.

3 years ago

Bus checks is quite a very good brand. I currently use it and have no problems with it. Others may dislike it.

3 years ago

Our company uses BusChecks to order checks. We have very few issues with the checks we get, and my bosses seem to like it. I do the ordering and haven't had any issues.

3 years ago

I very much like the way they look and am completely satisfied. It was a great price and fit into our budget as well. The quality of service was outstanding as well. Very easy to use as well. the shipping was really fast at a great price.

3 years ago

The only problem is cost keeps going up and up. Bus checks is slowly going down hill.

3 years ago

Nice program. So many of these check producers are so similar (I've worked at a few different companies that use different ones).

3 years ago

Good product with service as promised. It is reassuring when payments can be made effortlessly which provide for timely payments.

3 years ago

We have only had easy experiences with BusChecks. No issues here, although we haven't made too many orders.

3 years ago

No complaints about the company, great customer service no technical issues. Very easy to understand

3 years ago

There was good availability to speak to customer service rep if needed...though rep could be more proactive. Checks had a hiccup which is why I had to call

3 years ago

I love this brand for my business it makes a connection with us as our own. It's the brand that was voted on by our payroll department to represent us in our time of being trusted by our debtors.

3 years ago

nothing bad like the quality, the customer service is reliable, I would recommend this organization if you are ordering checks

3 years ago

It service met all expectations and satisfaction for the needs of our company. The fees were alright for what we got, no complaints.

3 years ago

It was easy to set up and make our first orders. I would recommend this business to others, as I feel its been a good selection for us.

3 years ago

Bus checks is very easy to use but it tends to be a little behind other services technology and etc. I think that they could improve a few things and they will be a overall great use of service.

3 years ago

Average checks other companies can do the same. The price is also the same as other companies

3 years ago

My bank suggested. I have tried others but BusChecks were easy to order and use. I will be a repeat customer.

3 years ago

Good for ordering checks, simple. My accountant keeps on top of things for me as we've always believed in leaving many things to professional's. We know what we know & know what we don't know. And Bus Checks knows how to make checks.

3 years ago

Not as good or simple as I would have liked. I have encountered other services in the past which were cheaper and more user friendly

30 reviews
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