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ExtraValueChecks Business Checks Review 2023

Sarah Pritzker

In a Nutshell

ExtraValueChecks focuses on selling personal and business checks with high levels of security but low prices. It has a rating of A+ from the BBB and shows plenty of positive reviews with an overall approval rating of Good from Trustpilot. There are plenty of shipping options and additional accessories for your business checks.


  • Trackable and secure delivery
  • Fast processing and shipping option of 2-3 business days
  • Plenty of business check options for fast and easy record keeping


  • Could be more information about customization options and prices
  • Most of the business check designs seem quite similar
  • Short customer service hours

Extra Value Checks Extra Value Checks Visit Site

Best For

Businesses that need very high levels of security.

Customization Options

ExtraValueChecks offers plenty of themes and designs for business checks. The standard computer checks don’t come in a wide variety of designs, but you can choose from a range of colors and add your customized company logo. ExtraValueChecks’ standard business checks are also available in a limited number of designs which are all very professional, but you can customize most formats by choosing from 7 different fonts for $2.50 per order. You can also add a clipart logo from ExtraValueChecks’s supply of 50 stock clipart options or a monogram in 1 of 2 styles for an extra $2.50 per order for each addition. For more design choices, you can look at the Designer Business Check section which includes industry-specific designs like "Architect," "Barber," "Makeup" and "Mechanic."

Check Styles and Add-ons

ExtraValueChecks provides a number of check styles and formats for every business need. 

  • Accuvision Checks

Among the various check designs and formats offered by ExtraValueChecks is the Accuvision pocket size checks. These business checks are designed specially to be easy to use and read for everyone, including those with limited vision. ExtraValueChecks Accuvision business checks have larger text printed with greater clarity and deeper grooves to guide your fingertips along the lines. It also includes raised guidelines for the date, payee, numeric value, numeric text, authorized signature, and memo sections to help you fill out the check correctly.

  • Business Checks

ExtraValueChecks offers printed business checks that have pre-prepared stubs for most accounting situations so as to speed up record keeping. You can order business checks that are specifically designed for:

  • Payroll, including hourly salary checks and general disbursement

  • Itemized invoices that allow for up to 8 different invoices entries

  • Itemized counter signature

  • Accounts payable

  • Standard mailer check

  • General purpose and dual purpose stub for detailed records and invoice entry

  • Multi-purpose counter signature for accounts payable and payroll

  • Multi-purpose salary voucher or corner voucher

  • Dual purpose corner voucher checks

Business checks can also be ordered in pocket size or as an executive deskbook with 3 checks to a page.

  • Computer Checks

ExtraValueChecks provides computer checks which are designed to be compatible with all types of accounting software, including Quickbooks, Quicken, and MSN Money. ExtraValueChecks promises that if your software isn’t compatible with their computer checks, they’ll custom format the checks for no extra charge. Computer checks from ExtraValueChecks can be ordered as standard security laser checks or blank checks, with the option of ordering 3 to a page or a top, middle, or bottom check with 2 pay stubs. All ExtraValueChecks computer checks are suitable for accounts payable, payroll, or general purposes. You can also order personal size blank or standard security computer checks.

  • High Security Laser Checks

In addition to the standard computer checks, ExtraValueChecks offers another level of security in the form of High Security blank or regular computer checks. These checks combine extra security features that include a heat sensitive thermocon and chemical reactive paper, while remaining compatible with all accounting software.


ExtraValueChecks has a transparent pricing structure with all regular business checks costing the same amount, beginning at $31.99 for 300 singles and going up to 2,400 duplicates for $149.99. Designer business checks begin at $39.99 for 300 singles and go up to $269.99 for 2,400 duplicates. Pocket checks start at 150 singles for $19.95 and deskbooks at 300 singles for $49.99, but the maximum order number is 1,200 for each of these types. ExtraValueChecks’ Accuvision checks are only available as pocket size checks and begin at $29.95 for 150 singles.

Customization costs $2.50 per item per order for business checks, regardless of which type of business check you order. Computer checks don’t seem to be customizable, but you can add your custom company logo onto computer Quickbooks-compatible checks for free.

Computer checks begin at just $19.99 for 50 checks and you can order up to 10,000 checks at 1 time. 3-per-page computer checks begin at $29.99 for 300 and go up to 9,600 for $319.99. You can also order high security regular, 3-per-page or blank checks from $27.99 for 50 regular checks, $39.99 for 300 3-per-page checks, or $39.99 for 500 blank checks. Check the website for full pricing information.


ExtraValueChecks uses a number of security features  to ensure that its printed checks are every bit as secure as those you buy through your bank. ExtraValueChecks doesn’t share all of the security feature it uses, but it does include a lock icon which indicates that this check is an original check. All checks also include micro-security print in the signature area which will break up if it is copied in any way. ExtraValueChecks also offers high-security computer checks which provide even greater levels of security. These include 14 different security features such as a void pantograph, chemical reactive paper, and a heat sensitive thermocon. ExtraValueChecks also uses industry standard encryption and an SSL server to process your order information so as to protect your personal and financial details.

Payment Options

ExtraValueChecks only offers printed or computer business checks and blank check stock. There are no other payment options available through this site.

Extra Value Checks Extra Value Checks Visit Site

Customer Support

ExtraValueChecks displays many reviews, which express users’ satisfaction with the company’s customer service. You can easily track your order through the Order Status section of the website or call a toll-free number, 708-613-2447. ExtraValueChecks offers customer support through email or phone at 708-613-2447. The customer service lines are manned Monday through Friday from 9AM to 5PM. ExtraValueChecks also has an FAQ section on the website although it doesn’t answer all questions that might come up, and the shipping and delivery times are very clearly displayed for every check type.

The Bottom Line

Overall, ExtraValueChecks is a reliable business checks printing company that provides a range of business and computer checks. The option of extra high security is ideal for businesses that need that level of protection and the rush order processing option of delivery within 2-4 days is highly competitive.

Sarah Pritzker writes for and is a content writer with years of experience and a keen interest in the vast world of online consumer products. She enjoys helping readers make sense of the options on the market in a variety of fields.

Extra Value Checks customer reviews

Based on 30 reviews

Ease of use

Brand satisfaction

Value for money

Service quality

Top Reviews

Ease of use

Brand satisfaction

Value for money

Service quality

3 years ago

They're very good at their products. They are accurate & back up all their products & services

3 years ago

It is great offer with good benefits. I would definitely recommend it to family and friends. I would also use this again

3 years ago

They offer great discounts and deals on boxes of checks, and we like to cash in on those deals

3 years ago

They are an excellent service. l have bought checks from them for a long time and they have the greatest prices. they also give me discounts because they see that l'm a customer.

3 years ago

They offer great discounts, like free shipping on personal checks, and the more you buy the cheaper the checks become.

3 years ago

Great products worth the money I use this product all the time I don't dislike any of this product

3 years ago

heard good things about it from family members and had seen lots of advertising for it thru the ads in the mail. I was very pleased with the checks once I tried it.

3 years ago

Because they're very honest and not dishonest. They are flexible and treat each customer individually

3 years ago

Good experience. I got a great price for buying in bulk and was able to get checks relatively quickly. Could have been nicer quality though.

3 years ago

They save time and money and I like them. There is nothing I really dislike. They are easy to use and they really have helped me with accounts payable.

3 years ago

overall good system to work with in my business. The application is easy to use ad very strong on analytics

3 years ago

Quality of service and price is great. They also have a very easy to use website and call center

3 years ago

I haven't had any problems with them. I would also recommend them. Easy to Use with good customer service

3 years ago

I have no problems with them at all. They provide me what I need but I never reached out to other companies so I can't say it's the best.

3 years ago

the check cost is very reasonable - cheap the checks work through the bank like other checks - guaranteed they have a 4.5 star rating free shipping

3 years ago

Basically a check is a check. If you can cash that check then it's a great check. As long as it works like it's supposed to.

3 years ago

Extra value checks are given to me by my bank and now I just use them all the time

3 years ago

Because it gave me a boast for my business and credibility, although customer service was very difficult.

3 years ago

It is very easy to use. It is also very useful and practical when I need to write checks for my business. A great value for your money!

3 years ago

They are very good value for money. they Ship promptly and checks arrive and are usually accurate information. So that's why

30 reviews
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