Checks Superstore Review StaffDec. 10, 2018

In a Nutshell

Checks Superstore allows you to quickly and easily order custom-made checks for your business. It claims that they can be up to 75% cheaper than what you'll find at your local bank.


  • Top-of-the-line security measures
  • Affordable prices
  • Quick reorder


  • Limited payment options
  • Must use the logos offered on company site
  • No QuickBooks or Quicken checks
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Best For

Small and medium sized businesses looking to make custom business checks that ensure high security and include a wide-range of design options at a lower cost than what they could find at their financial institution.


The company sells a total of 78 styles of manual business checks divided into 6 categories and 7 types of computer checks divided into 5 categories. Customers are allowed to customize the checks, including in terms of the font, signature lines, and by selecting logos that can be added to the checks. The checks can be paired with “FraudArmor” an anti-fraud service which helps you retrieve your documents, funds, and checks, as well as “fully-managed protection” in the event you fall victim to fraud. FraudArmor is one of a long list of security measures that the company provides for customers. The company also sells a wide variety of business accessories that can help you stock up for your business.

Customization Options

When placing an order with Checks Superstore you have a table on the right side of the screen that reads “customize product.” Here you can pick the number of checks you want, the style and/or color you want, and add a logo. Adding a logo costs $1.99 per packet, but you are limited to selecting from the stock logos offered on the stie. While there are quite a few available, you are more limited than on other sites, which allow you to upload an image of your choosing to put on the check. You can further personalize the check by selecting a custom font and signature lines.

Check Styles and Add-ons

  • Manual checks: These can be handwritten, and on Checks Superstore there are 78 styles of manual checks split into 6 categories, including high-security manual checks, 3 to a page checks, 3 to a page register checks, desk checks, desk register checks, and payroll and voucher checks.

  • Laser checks: Also known as computer checks, you can type these up on a computer, and run them through a printer. This style tends to give your checks a more professional appearance. 

  • Payroll checks: These are great checks for bookkeeping. They come with payroll check stubs to help you keep a clear overview of your payments.

  • High-Security checks: Checks Superstore offers both high-security manual checks and high-security computer checks. These checks include an additional 25 security features, though all of the checks sold by Checks Superstore include a long list of security tools. 


Users can purchase checks in several different bundle sizes, starting at 252 and maxing out at 2,000 checks. The largest orders start at $256.99 for 1,512 checks and can reach $359.99 for 2,000 checks. See the pricing table below for more details. 

High security general purpose manual checks252 checks - $68.99504 checks - $115.991008 checks - $175.99
High security safety business register checks252 checks - $75.99504 checks - $115.991008 checks - $175.99
General purpose three to a page checks252 checks - $44.99504 checks - $60.991008 checks - $106.99
Safety general purpose three to a page252 checks - $39.99504 checks - $53.991008 checks - $92.99
Three to a page register checks252 checks - $50.99504 checks - $69.991008 checks - $120.99
Safety business register checks252 checks - $48.99504 checks - $65.991008 checks - $115.99
Business register checks252 checks - $35.99504 checks - $44.991008 checks - $76.99
Desk checks252 checks - $30.99504 checks - $52.991008 checks - $92.99
Desk register checks252 checks - $42.99504 checks - $67.991008 checks - $119.99
Payroll checks252 checks - $42.99504 checks - $58.991008 checks - $102.99
High security laser checks250 checks - $94.99500 checks - $123.991,000 checks - $182.99
High security laser checks (check in middle and check on top)250 checks - $109.99500 checks - $129.991,000 checks - $167.99
High security laser voucher - check on top/middle250 checks - $109.99500 checks - $129.991,000 checks - $167.99
Laser voucher - check on top/middle250 checks - $48.99500 checks - $68.991,000 checks - $92.99
High security laser three to a page250 checks - $94.99
500 checks - $123.99
1,000 checks - $182.99
Laser business checks three to a page250 checks - $32.99
500 checks - $45.99
1,000 checks - $67.99
Laser wallet checks250 checks - $32.99500 checks - $45.991,000 checks - $68.99


Checks Superstore guarantees the security of your checks, which come loaded with a litany of security measures. 

These include: 

  • checksafe backer (prevent reproduction of the reverse side of your check)

  • padlock icon (guarantee that the security measures meet the Financial Stationers Association guidelines) 

  • MP signature line (indicates the presence of microprint to identify photocopying)

  • and chemically sensitive paper (prevents anyone from being able to alter the check’s text with chemicals). 

The Checks Superstore website also features the McAfee Secure Trustmark, which means that it has been thoroughly screened for malware, spam, and other threats. The company also uses SSL encryption on its website.

In addition, Checks Superstore sells a number of “high security” checks, which come with an additional 25 security features not included in the standard checks. 

Payment Options

Checks Superstore accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover card. You can pay by electronic check only if you are a reorder customer. 


Checks Superstore is tailor-made for businesses that want convenience and savings on their bottom line. The checks are not difficult to use, and the pay stubs and accompanying documents should not be a problem to navigate. 

Checks SuperStore Checks SuperStore Visit Site

Customer Support 

If you have any issues with your checks, you can contact Checks Superstore customer service by email, fax, or by a toll free phone number from 7am to 9pm (CT) Monday through Friday. You can also fill out an online form or try the online chat window. The company estimates the average response time to be 24 hours on weekdays. 

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking to buy affordable and secure business checks, you should definitely consider Checks Superstore. The company has very reasonable prices and a wealth of security features that are standard on all checks. And while the customization features and payment options could be more extensive, you can still very easily order affordable and professional business checks for your company, no matter your budget. 

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