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Laithwaite's Wine Review

In a Nutshell

For 50 years, Laithwaite has supplied premium wines to customers at great prices, with selections that are custom-made according to customer preferences and ratings. From its humble beginnings as “Bordeaux Direct,” Laithwaite has become a major supplier of handcrafted wines to hundreds of thousands of customers in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and the US.


  • Money-back guarantee
  • Personalized recommendations
  • Fine and rare wines, as well as bottles for just $9.99 each


  • No gift certificates available
  • No liquors available
  • Does not deliver to all 50 states

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Laithwaite’s at a Glance

Price Range: Less than $10 per bottle to more than $1,200 each

Best For: People who want to make their own custom wine orders based on their particular preferences 

Order Frequency: Bottles shipped following day, delivery can be expected within 1-12 days (depends on which state)

Bottles per Shipment:  Will send you a case of 12 bottles every 3 months or you can create a custom order with more or fewer bottles. 

Wine Types and Quality

Laithwaite’s offers quite a wide assortment of wines. These include all types of dry red and white wines, blends, rosé, sparkling, and sweet wines from vineyards in dozens of regions in more than 15 countries across the world.

The quality of the wine really runs the gamut too. Listed on the site you can find almost 250 wines rated 5 stars, and more than 300 that are rated with 4 stars (out of 5). The prices range from less than $10 to well over $1,200.

Membership Options

There isn’t a set membership plan for Laithwaite’s, like there is with most competitors. Instead, you can order a case of 12 bottles every 3 months, or fill out a customer order where you choose how many bottles to have in the case—as well as which wines.

There is also the Laithwaite’s Unlimited plan, under which you pay an annual fee of $89 and then receive free shipping on all of your orders throughout the year. Pricing

While there isn’t a rigid set of membership options, with Laithwaite’s you can find a revolving assortment of wine deals. Here are a few recent offerings:

Price per bottle
Total price
The 15 bottle sale
$19.99 for first case and then $14.99 for each case after
Luxury reds sale
$19.99 for first case and then $14.99 for each case after
99-Point Super Tuscan


$19.99 for first case and then $14.99 for each case after

12 Roses for Spring
$19.99 for first case and then $14.99 for each case after
Joyful Spring Bubbly
$19.99 for first case and then $14.99 for each case after

Featured Wines

Fine Napa Chardonnay Exclusive
One of the highest-rated wines offered by the company, this Chardonnay is all about richness and elegance. That shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, considering that the grapes are 100% estate-grown and aged 12 months in a barrel.

Cost per bottle: $26.99

Goes great with: chicken, a nice creamy pasta, or just a cheese plate and a clear spring afternoon.

Magical Argentine Phenomenon - The Waxed Bat 2018

This is a rich, deep, and lush red that has notes of smoke, pepper, and licorice. Luckily, there are no notes of bat—just the type of luxurious flavors you’d expect from a top-notch red.

Cost per bottle: $13.99

Goes great with: a nice grilled steak with some roasted potatoes, and relaxing in your castle in the Carpathian Mountains, waiting for the sun to go down so you can head out.

Vintage French Fizz

This bubbly rosé is crispy and tasty and perfect for a get-together or just some after-work me time. It’s an affordable alternative to champagne, and a tasty one at that.

Cost per bottle: $21.99

Goes great with: sushi, cheese and crackers, day-drinking to mark the start of summer - even though it’s still February.

Giving the Gift of Wine

Laithwaite’s doesn’t have a gift card option, but you can buy a shipment for someone, as long as you provide the right delivery details (and you should let them know it’s coming so they can be present to sign for it).

Also, on the company website you can find a section for gift suggestions, including crystal wine glasses, a hand-crafted decanter, and, uh, wine.

Laitwait's Wine Laitwait's Wine Visit Site

Customer Service

On the Laithwaite’s website, you can find an extensive knowledge base full of answers to all types of questions. In addition, you can fill out an online query and receive an answer within a few hours, or contact the company by phone or email.

Bottom Line

Laithwaite’s has been in the wine club business for more than 5 decades, and has the expertise and options to show for it. The company offers a wider variety of wines than almost any competitors, and at prices that can fit almost any budget. It’s a solid option for people who love wine and are looking for a way to enjoy it on their own terms, while also discovering all types of new wines.

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