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Simple Home Quotes Walk-in Tub Review

Michael Graw

In a Nutshell

Simple Home Quotes makes it easy to get quotes from local contractors if you’re installing a new walk-in tub. Just answer a few questions about what your tub is for and your contact information, and Simple Home Quotes will gather up to 3 estimates from companies in your area. You’re never obligated to go with one of these quotes and you won’t be inundated with calls from contractors. Plus, Simple Home Quotes is completely free to use.


  • Completely free to use
  • Get up to 3 estimates within hours
  • Only takes a few minutes to get started


  • No reviews from past users
  • Quotes can differ widely from final pricing

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Tub Types

Simple Home Quotes partners with local contractors in your area to help you find the best estimate for your walk-in tub installation. The company doesn’t put limits on what type of walk-in tub you can get—you’ll need to work with the suggested providers to determine what tub styles and manufacturers they install.

Simple Home Quotes partners with several well-known walk-in tub manufacturers, including American Standard, Kohler, and Safe Step. So, you are somewhat more likely to get connected with contractors that install tubs from these brands depending on who is available in your area. 

Of course, it’s up to you to do your homework when choosing among the estimates that Simple Home Quotes provides. You should have an idea of what type of tub you want. If you want a walk-in tub from a particular manufacturer, be sure to ask the contractor whether they work with that brand and whether they can order the specific tub you have in mind.


Simple Home Quotes doesn’t charge anything for its service. You’ll never pay a fee or commission for generating estimates from local contractors for your walk-in tub installation. In fact, Simple Home Quotes never asks for payment information as part of its process.

Estimates for your walk-in tub installation are offered by contractors in your local area. The estimates can vary widely, especially since these contractors often work with different manufacturers or have different specialties.

One thing that’s important to note when using Simple Home Quotes is that the platform doesn’t ask for a lot of specific information about the walk-in tub you want. For example, there are no questions about what brands you’re interested in, how big a tub you need, or the age of your bathroom or plumbing system. So, the estimates that you get from contractors are usually minimum estimates, and the final pricing for your installation can vary a lot from the quote.


Simple Home Quotes doesn’t publish any testimonials or reviews from past users on its website. We also found that the company isn’t listed on major review sites like Trustpilot or with the Better Business Bureau.

Walk-in Tub Features

The features of your walk-in tub will vary depending on the specific tub you choose. Make sure to ask the contractors that Simple Home Quotes provides estimates from what tub brands they offer and whether they have any special features. 

Walk-in Tub Installation

During Simple Home Quote’s estimate process, you can specify whether you are looking for a walk-in tub installation immediately, within six months, or anytime in the future. Only contractors that can conduct your installation within the specific timeframe will offer quotes. However, you will need to ask the contractor how long the process will take and whether they will remove your old tub, if you have one.

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The contractor that carries out your walk-in tub installation may or may not offer a warranty on their work. You should ask them if there is a warranty and, if so, what it covers and how long it lasts. Since Simple Home Quotes is not involved in the installation process, the company doesn’t offer any warranty of its own. 


Simple Home Quotes is a fast and free service that helps you get an estimate for how much your walk-in tub installation will cost. Entering your information only takes a few minutes, and a representative from Simple Home Quotes will get in touch by phone or email within several hours to deliver quotes from up to three contractors in your area. Importantly, there’s never an obligation to use one of Simple Home Quotes’ partner contractors.

We like Simple Home Quotes because it eliminates one of the most difficult parts of installing a walk-in tub: finding the right contractor for the job. With Simple Home Quotes, you can quickly get on your way to finding an affordable local contractor that fits your needs and budget.

Michael Graw is a freelance journalist and photographer based in Bellingham, Washington. His work has been published on a wide selection of popular websites, and he has built a solid reputation for his writing in the technology and finance sectors. Michael has a particular interest in new technology and runs a small business where he constantly puts the latest web, business, and consumer tech through its paces.

Simple Home Quotes customer reviews

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Ease of use

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16 days ago

They are an amazing business with affordable prices and well-put-together material. They are very much worth the money we paid for the tub.

1 months ago

Very simple because they explain everything in detail so you understand it better, like how everything works with the walk-in tubs.

1 months ago

A great example of Simple Home Quotes is breaking down step by step the ways the service will be convenient for use by the individuals using the service.

2 months ago

It is a great service because of the premium care it gives to its customers and people that are interest in their product.

2 months ago

I think the customer service was very helpful and it was able to assist me in making the right choice.

20 days ago

Our walk-in tub is easy to use and affordable. It has standard features, a good buy, and a comfortable setting.

a month ago

Simple Home Quotes is a better option as it gives you more knowledgeable advice and I was able to get a much better quality tub using their service.

2 months ago

Walk-in tubs add great value to a home if there are elderly and physically disabled individuals residing in it. It depends on certain factors such as the location of your house, the people living inside and also the potential buyers.

1 months ago

I like that they have a variety of different options and styles to choose from. They make the process very easy.

2 months ago

It was a great installation to my bathroom. I love the ease it offers me. I would recommend it to anyone.

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