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Walk-in Tub Prices Review

Sarah Badani

In a Nutshell

If you are in the market for walk-in tubs and want to find good price quotes, Walk-in Tub Prices is the service for you. An online portal for consumers seeking local contractors who can price and install a walk-in tub for their houses, apartments, and rentals, Walk-in Tub Prices gives shoppers a one-stop-shop for all walk-in tub needs. The system is convenient since it's all done online, and Walk-in Tub Prices has a huge network of contractors.


  • Wide network of trusted local contractors
  • Free service to use
  • Easy online application process


  • Not enough information on the website
  • Doesn't work in all areas of the US
  • Limited to the contractors in the network

Walk-in Tub Prices at a Glance

Editorial Score


Varies by provider

Safety Features

Varies by provider

Therapeutic Features

Varies by provider

Customization Options

Varies by provider


Varies by provider

Walk-in Tub Prices Walk-in Tub Prices Visit Site

Walk-in Tub Prices at a Glance

Best for: Consumers looking for a good comparison shopping tool

Average price range: $6,000-$8,000 

Warranty: Varies based on contractor

Therapy types: Hydrotherapy, aromatherapy, chromatherapy

Main safety featuresStability hand bars, elevated seating, non-slip floors

Tub Types

Let’s get one thing straight before we begin. Walk-in Tub Prices is not a contractor. You won’t be having a Walk-in Tub Prices technician come to your home, give you a price quote, or do any work for you whatsoever. So, what is Walk-in Tub Prices all about? It’s an online portal that helps homeowners find local contractors who will be able to do the job you’re looking for. The idea is to give consumers a faster way to shop by supplying them with the relevant information straight off the bat.

Obviously, since Walk-in Tub Prices is not a contractor, the service doesn’t determine which tub types or other services are available. What we can say is that Walk-in Tub Prices has a large network of professional contractors that cover the spectrum when it comes to walk-in tubs. Here is a partial list of the services available through the recommended partners:

  • Deep soaking tub installations
  • Soaker tub installation
  • Wheelchair-accessible tub installations
  • Hydrotherapy (water jet) tub installations
  • Aromatherapy tub installations
  • Chromatherapy tub installations
  • Combination tub installations
  • Air bathtub installations
  • Speed drain technology
  • Custom door configurations
  • Convenient safety features


One downside to the Walk-in Tub Prices process is that you don’t get actual pricing information on the website. Instead, you’ll fill out your application, get recommended to a local contractor, and speak directly to them in order to get your price quote. In truth, most online contractors will require you to speak to a representative directly before getting a personalized quote anyway. So, this isn’t much different from the usual walk-in tub installation process.

How much your walk-in tub installation or repair will cost really depends on a lot of factors, including:

  • Which brand you go with ultimately
  • Which style walk-in tub you choose
  • Which materials you decide on
  • Which extra features you want
  • Your location

The average cost of a walk-in tub installation runs from $6,000-$8,000, but the price can vary significantly depending on the above-mentioned factors. A hydrotherapy walk-in tub can go as high as $12,000-$20,000. Your best bet is to be in touch directly with the contractor to figure out what your needs are and what type of price range you're looking at.


Here are some reviews from people who used the professionals within the Walk-in Tub Prices network:

“I was most satisfied with the fact that after I get out of the tub I am able to walk better, it takes the pain away. I am satisfied that it works.” - Arthur & Marjorie

“I was satisfied with the air jets. My husband and I have arthritis and it makes such a difference to have the tub.” C.B.

“The installers were very nice. They did everything they were supposed to do and cleaned up. I have nothing but praise for them.” - J.K.

“My husband is semi-disabled. He can now take a shower without worrying about falling.” R.L.

Walk-in Tub Features

The beauty of working with a network of professionals is that you can expect to find a lot of features. And Walk-in Tub Prices partners are no exception. Here are some of the walk-in tub features you can request from multiple contractors within this network (note: you’ll need to check in with your contractor to see if they offer a specific feature):

  • Stability hand bars

One of the biggest reasons for injuries in the shower is because of instability. With such a slippery surface, it’s easy for people to slip and fall, dislocating hips and bruising, breaking, or injuring other parts of the body. This is especially true for senior citizens, but anyone can fall victim to slick tub flooring. Walk-in Tub Prices partners offer safety features, including stability hand bars, so people have a convenient, sturdy surface to hold onto when entering and exiting the tub. Hand bars are also a good option for people if they suddenly get woozy in the shower.

  • Elevated seating

Elevated seating makes it safer and more comfortable for people to sit in the tub. There are also dual seat tubs available.

  • Non-slip floors

One of the most important safety features, non-slip floors, ensure that the slippery surfaces you stand on or rest your feet on won't cause injuries.

  • Hydrotherapy jets

Additionally, Walk-in Tub Prices partner contractors can install tubs with more advanced features like hydrotherapy. Daily hydrotherapy has been shown to relieve sore muscles and joints, making it a good option for those who are particularly active, the elderly, or anyone who has recently been injured. Hydrotherapy is also a wonderful stress-relief; just imagine settling down to a soothing hydrotherapy treatment after a long day at work from the comfort of your own tub. Hydrotherapy is even good for promoting good blood circulation, lowering blood pressure, and calming arthritis pains.

There are also multiple door configurations that can be installed for more convenience and comfort.

Walk-in Tub Installation

Before you even begin the installation process, you'll need to fill out the online application form. This is relatively simple, with basic questions like the reason you are interested in a walk-in tub (health, safety, hydrotherapy), when you want the project completed (immediately, within 6 months, not sure), and whether or not you own your house.

Next, Walk-in Tub Prices will suggest a professional contractor in your neighborhood who is qualified to do the job you’re requesting. You’ll be in touch with the contractor to get a personalized quote. If you like the quote, you can hire them on the spot. How long this process takes and what other steps are involved will vary depending on the contractor. But the process is generally pretty quick.

Walk-in Tub Prices Walk-in Tub Prices Visit Site


Another downside is that Walk-in Tub Prices doesn’t offer a warranty or guarantee for workmanship done by one of the network contractors. Most online portals don’t offer this, but instead, you’ll have to deal directly with the contractor if there’s an issue. The good news is that many of these contractors offer solid warranties, guaranteeing both the work that was done (installation, repairs, etc.) and the parts and products.


Walk-in Tub Prices is an easy to use online portal that helps homeowners find local prospects for walk-in tub installations and repairs. The service is totally free, so you have everything to gain from using it. The network has a lot of reputable contractors, and everything is done online. So, the process is relatively quick.

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