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Top 10 Best VPN Services to Use With Dating Sites

Sarah Pritzker
Top 10 Best VPN Services to Use With Dating Sites
We’ve all employed the useful services of a VPN to get the coveted content hiding behind restricting barriers based on location and preserve our rights for privacy and anonymity. But geo-blocked TV shows aren’t the only thing a VPN is useful for revealing. In fact, if you are in the singles scene, it might interest you to know that VPNs can expand your dating options exponentially.

Yes, a VPN is a useful little trick you can use if you want to get the most out of a dating site. This handy convention helps expand singles’ options in a number of ways, including:

  • Unblocking restricted sites based on location
  • Unlocking certain features that are tied to your IP address
  • Hiding your identity
  • Keeping your private information safe
  • Unblocking social media sites where you can meet other singles

What's Love Got to Do With It? Why Use a VPN for Online Dating

In case you were asking yourself that question, the answer is pretty simple. The best VPN services were literally designed for this stuff. Privacy, protection, and internet safety are practically synonymous with these services; it’s almost the VPNs devout mantra. Here are a few ways VPNs and geo-blocked dating sites were made for each other:

  • Hiding your IP. Of course, the most obvious feature boasted by all VPNs is their ability to hide your IP. Once cloaked, the service cannot differentiate you from other members in terms of location. So, any location-based dating site that restricts you simply due to your geographical position in the solar system can be defeated by this simple but effective feature.
  • Privacy protection. Additionally, while most people on dating sites are out there to find love and companionship, there are some nefarious ne'er do wells who would do unthinkable things to you if given a chance (and not in the kinky, dating fantasy style you're thinking of). VPNs are built to protect your anonymity and privacy. With solid features designed to keep you hidden from all, VPNs actually help singles stay safer on these online dating sites as well. So those catfishers, scammers, and downright creeps can be kept at a safe distance while you enjoy the less loathsome characters in the network.
  • Secure connections. Finally, we wish we could say that all online dating services have the best of intentions. But we don’t have the time or money for plastic surgery on an elongated schnoz, so we’ll stick to the truth. While some dating sites are legit, there are plenty out there that are nothing more than scams waiting to rob you blind. These services play on the hopefulness of singles looking for love. And they end up taking you for all that you’ve got. A VPN can prevent this by letting you connect via a secure channel that keeps your identity and your payment transactions safe and secure.

Ready to take the plunge? Whether you’re hot for POF, Bumble, Tinder, Badoo, or any of the other geo-blocked dating sites out there, not to worry. Here are ten of the best VPN services for unblocking dating sites:

1. ExpressVPN


  • Excellent reputation
  • Fully-featured VPN with the works
  • Extremely strong security features


  • One of the more expensive options
1 month
6 months
$9.99 per month
15 months (includes 3 free months)
$6.67 per month

ExpressVPN is possibly the unrivaled champion of virtual private networks. After all, it’s tough to beat 3,000+ servers spread over 160 countries, multi-device applications, and 24/7 tech support. What’s even more appealing for singles seeking to unblock dating sites, ExpressVPN has some wickedly good security features, including 256-bit AES encryption, kill switch, DNS leak protection, and split tunneling. 

In addition to accessing those dating sites you've been eyeing eagerly, ExpressVPN allows you to unblock other types of content from all over the world, as well. From Netflix to Hulu and the BBC, now you can bypass geo-restrictions to stream your favorite TV shows, music, movies, sporting events, and more. You can even unblock social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat, to help you broaden your dating potentials and appeal.

And in case you were worried, ExpressVPN has a 30-day money-back guarantee. So, you can test out the service and cancel anytime within the first month if you’re not very satisfied with the results.

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ExpressVPN ExpressVPN Visit Site

2. CyberGhost


  • One of the cheapest options
  • No logs policy
  • Up to 7 devices


  • Long commitment required for competitive pricing
  • Ad-blocker doesn’t block HTTPS sites
1 month
1 year
$5.99 per month
2 years
$3.69 per month
3 years (two months free)
$2.75 per month

CyberGhost has not only got one of the cutest mascots in the history of virtual private networks, but it's also one of the best options for unblocking dating sites (handy if you're looking to unblock dating sites). Available for all sorts of devices, including Windows, Mac, and Linux-run machines, Android, iOS devices, FireTV, AppleTV, SmartTV, and more, CyberGhost is one of the most affordable VPNs. And you can use it on an insane number of devices (7 to be exact) to boot.

CyberGhost is great for online anonymity. It hides your IP address, protects your online identity, and ensures that your banking transactions are all securely hidden behind things like military-grade encryption and DNS leak protection. What's more, CyberGhost has a strict no-logs policy. This means that it doesn't collect and store information about your identity or other personal data about you. 

And if you’re into gaming dating sites, then CyberGhost can help you get laid, or at least get your game on. That’s because this VPN offers you the ability to play region-locked video games from the coolest developers on the market.

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3. NordVPN


  • Lots of security features
  • Almost 5000 servers
  • Ad and malware blocker included


  • No phone support
  • Limited number of double VPN servers
1 month
1 year
$6.99 per month
2 years
$3.49 per month (limited time offer)
3 years
$3.49 per month

NordVPN has a long list of features that make it desirable for anyone trying to stay under wraps while on the web. From next-generation encryption to a handy kill switch that automatically boots you off a website if the VPN ever goes down for any reason, NordVPN knows a thing or two about staying protected online. It also has a handy feature that uses a double layer of protection to ensure your web traffic is secure at all times. And for those in the know, NordVPN connects with The Onion Router. So, either it’ll keep you safe or make you cry trying (just kidding).

NordVPN has more than 4900 servers across 59 countries. So, you can also enjoy uninterrupted streaming (you know, while you’re waiting for all the ladies to respond to your irresistible one-liners). NordVPN lets you block ads and malware too, so you can avoid annoying marketing ploys and shady scammers looking to clean out your bank account while you’re not looking.

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4. Surfshark


  • Unlimited device connections 
  • Massive Netflix libraries
  • Ad blocker included
  • Cheapest VPN out there


  • Fewer servers than competitors
  • Support options are limited
1 month
12 months
$5.99 per month
24 months
$1.99 per month

Ironically, Surfshark is a smaller fish in the sea when compared to giants like ExpressVPN and NordVPN. But lemme tell you, this shrewd VPN has razor-sharp features to cut through the geo-restrictions and other media-blocking barriers you’re sick of dealing with. The service offers industry-leading encryption to cloak your identity and your data, auto kill switch, and MultiHop that lets you connect via numerous countries simultaneously to further protect your ID.

Surfshark also offers a refreshingly open device policy. You can use one subscription on an unlimited number of devices. So, whether you're at your desktop computer, on your mobile device, or using your FireTV, your single Surfshark will keep you hidden throughout your internet perusing.

And users will certainly appreciate the CleanWeb feature, an opportunity for safe surfing that’s unburdened by pesky ads, annoying phishing attempts, and dangerous malware attacks. All that for less than two bucks a month, Surfshark is easily the cheapest and most consumer-friendly VPN out there.

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Surfshark Surfshark Visit Site

5. ZenMate


  • No logs policy, made in Germany
  • Unlimited devices
  • Easy VPN extension


  • Not as feature-rich as competitors
  • Doesn’t always work in China
1 month
6 months
$5.39 per month
18 months (limited time offer)
$2.22 per month

ZenMate is another popular choice for users because of its low pricing plan and solid security and protection features. Boasting a massive 3600+ server network across more than 73 countries, ZenMate has an app for a wide range of devices, including Windows, Macs, iOS devices, Android devices, and more. And if you're tech-challenged, then you'll really appreciate ZenMate's easy-to-use system. It has browser extensions that you add to your web browser (one-click, we promise). Then, you can just browse regularly, and the VPN will take care of the rest. 

ZenMate has some of the most competitive rates out there, so it’s an affordable way for just about anyone to unblock dating sites, content platforms like Netflix, HBO Go, and Amazon Prime, and social media networks. And ZenMate has a 30-day money-back guarantee, just in case you were nervous about jumping into a commitment (because it’s not like you’re fishing around online dating sites with the hope of pledging yourself to someone for life or anything like that). 

ZenMate also has multiple protocols for optimal security. Letter combos like iKDv2, L2TP/IPsec, and OpenVPN all amount to the same thing: more security for your surfing. You’re welcome.

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ZenMate ZenMate Visit Site

6. UltraVPN

Looking for borderless internet? UltraVPN just might be the answer. For fast and unlimited access to your own virtual private network, UltraVPN delivers fast server speeds, unthrottled streaming, and locations across all seven continents. Use UltraVPN to unblock content on Windows, Macs, iOS, Android, and Fire TV devices.

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7. PrivateVPN

PrivateVPN is another great choice for unblocking dating sites and other restricted content platforms. Featuring unlimited bandwidth and speed, a 30-day money-back guarantee, and IPv6 leak protection, PrivateVPN has got you covered. And if security is your goal, PrivateVPN uses 2048-bit encryption. Oh, and PrivateVPN doesn’t log any personal details. So, you’re in the clear no matter where you surf.

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8. IPVanish

IPVanish has over 1400 VPN servers around 75 locations, 40,000 shared IP addresses, and unmetered connections for all your various devices. It also has solid security features like SOCKS5 web proxy and 256-bit AES encryption. Users can also choose from IKEv2, OpenVPN, and L2TP/IPsec VPN protocols to suit your needs. IPVanish even offers file management and security with SugarSync. So, all of your files are encrypted and backed up automatically.

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9. Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield was rated the fastest VPN in the world for two years running. That's an impressive boast for a virtual private network! Add to that a 45-day risk-free trial, up to five device connections, and military-grade encryption, and Hotspot Shield is sounding pretty sweet. Hotspot Shield even has a freemium plan if you're just looking for the basics. Or get the full service that includes the works like a password manager, robocall blocker, and identity theft protection.

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10. TunnelBear

TunnelBear is a lot more than your average VPN (or bear, for that matter). Get important internet security features like password security and data theft protection, IP tracking, and data encryption with all of the TunnelBear packages. Plus, you can enjoy top server speeds from servers based all around the globe. But best of all, TunnelBear respects your privacy. It performs independent security audits annually to maintain the optimal security standards across the board.

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Using a VPN to Register for a Dating Site (AKA VPN for Dummies)

Wait a minute, you’re thinking. I’m not some techie who can manipulate computers or hijack websites to do my bidding. If machines are truly taking over the world, I’m one of those helpless schmucks who’s going to be eaten first!

Relax. Using a VPN to unblock dating sites is easier than you could ever believe. Here’s all you need to know to fly stealthily under the radar of the geo-blocked dating site you’re pining to use:

  • Purchase and/or download the VPN service you want to use (more on that in a minute)
  • Click Connect

That’s it. Seriously, that’s it. Depending on which country you’re trying to get content from, you may have to select a different country from the one that’s set as the default. But again, this isn’t rocket science. Simply click on the country that you need to pretend you’re in to get your dating site mojo on. For example, if you want to unblock a USA dating site, set your VPN to the USA, and you’re good to go.

Now, you can visit the dating site just like you would any other time (enter the URL into the browser or click the link that brought you there in the first place). Only this time, you’ll have full access thanks to the magical powers of the mighty VPN warrior.

How to Choose the Best VPN Service for You

VPNs are all pretty much the same...said no one ever. In fact, VPNs vary considerably, and the two biggest factors that separate the men from the boys are a service’s features and pricing plans. To get the best VPN for you, select one that hits the price-feature sweet spot that works for you. In other words:


Unlimited bandwidth, thousands of servers, hundreds of countries, AES 256-bit encryption, leak protection, encryption, etc. The list goes on and on. The trouble is, most people don’t know what half of these things are or need a lot of these features either. So, how do you find the best VPN for you? Pick the one with a good amount of features that are important to you. For example, if you like streaming blocked content from Netflix, then pick a VPN that A) Unblocks content from Netflix and B) Has a lot of servers so that your streaming isn’t interrupted mid-show.

When it comes to VPNs for dating sites, you want to look for something that has good privacy and security features. You don't necessarily have to know what an RSA-4096 handshake,  SHA-512 hash message authentication code, or perfect forward secrecy is to know that this service is going to provide you with top-of-the-line security (spoiler: that's talking about ExpressVPN).


The other important feature to look for is an affordable pricing plan. After all, you’re already juggling the price of a dating site membership, stockpiled far more cologne than the average human being should ever use in one lifetime, and purchased a laughably-optimistic number of condoms. So, you don’t want a heavily-priced VPN service zapping what’s left of your bank account. Look for something that’s affordable while still providing you with the features and usability you want.

Sarah Pritzker
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