ZenMate Review

ByTop10.com StaffJan. 29, 2019

In a Nutshell

ZenMate’s easy-to-use plug-in is its key differentiator. Simply one-click install this user-friendly plug-in for safe and secure browsing in up to 30 countries worldwide. Users can access geo-restricted content, browse securely, and stay risk-free, all with a single click, swift encryption and rapid streaming. ZenMate allows users to travel invisibly through the online network by desktop, laptop, or mobile device, anytime, anywhere.


  • Optimized for high speeds
  • Instant setup


  • No live support available
  • Servers in only 30 countries

ZenMate ZenMate Visit Site

Use ZenMate on all your devices
Use ZenMate on all your devices


Per German law, ZenMate does not store any of its customers’ personal information or IP addresses, making it impossible for data to be transferred to anonymous third parties or authorities, acquired by hackers, snoopers, governments, ISPs, or any other parties with ulterior motives. If any institution wants access to your user data, they will not find anything. This of course is the opposite of most countries, which require mandatory user data retention. 

ZenMate only passes data through industry-grade TSL encryption standards and routes it through its own private servers, thereby protecting customers who are browsing at home, in the office, or using public Wi-Fi.  


ZenMate is a full suite VPN with additional tools like tracking protection and ad blocking by using the ZenMate WebFirewall. Plus, there is a proxy extension for your browser that can be turned on with just one click. There is no software to download in order to begin browsing safely and securely. ZenMate’s user-friendly interface helps make connecting easier.

Users have access to a wide range of countries, including: Germany, Romania, Hong Kong, the United States, France, the United Kingdom, Spain, Netherlands, Switzerland, Canada, and Singapore. Users also have access to a secure turbo-speed connection, tracking protection and malware blocking solutions.

ZenMate works with Google Chrome, Firefox and Opera, as well as other desktop browsers that are based on the Chromium Open Source Browser Project. Any mobile devices running Android or iOS can be secured by using ZenMate.


Overall ZenMate is on par with competition in terms of processing speeds. Certain alternative factors - such as the normal speed of your internet connection and how many other customers are using the service simultaneously - will also have a major impact on overall speeds. 

Several Speedtest.net tests showed that ZenMate performed well, but in some instances speed was downgraded when using the ZenMate service.


There are 3 different packages you can choose from. All packages include  premium customer support, servers around the world and unlimited bandwidth and server switches. 

2 Years
1 Year
1 Month

Last updated: April, 2018

Customer Support

Customer support is email-based through the ZenMate website. On the whole, customer support has been shown to respond within a reasonable amount of time, generally in less than 24 hours.

There is also a very detailed FAQ page which features answers to many common questions, with no need to contact customer support directly.

ZenMate ZenMate Visit Site

Ease of Use

Overall, ZenMate is an easy product to work with. The ease of the one-click installation process, as well as the very user-friendly interface and accessibility to a wide variety of some of the most popular countries make this service shine. The solid streaming speed, allowing customers to stream easily from some of the most popular sites, is also a nod in their favor.

How ZenMate worksBottom Line

ZenMate VPN was built with speed in mind, geared toward gaming and video streaming. With 99.9% uptime it’s consistent, and with over 3,000 IP addresses in 30 countries, you’re bound to find a fast server in the location of your choice. With such an affordable pricing plan and a 30-day money-back guarantee, ZenMate is worth more than a shot.