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Top 10 Best Movie Streaming Services in 2024

Daniel Blechynden
Top 10 Best Movie Streaming Services in {year}
In the past, Netflix was a clear leader in the movie streaming space. However, things have changed over the last few years, and there are now numerous options worth considering. Numerous tech giants like Apple, Amazon, and YouTube have released their own platforms, and there are loads of stand-alone options that are worth considering too.

But this can make it difficult to select the right option. Some platforms focus on live TV streaming, some offer original content, and others, like Shudder (for horror and supernatural content), have niche offerings. Because of this, it’s important to spend a bit of time deciding which service to sign up for. 

We tested and reviewed the top 10 best movie streaming services to help you choose the right one for you. 

Our Top 10 Best Movie Streaming Services in 2024

  • Sling TV - Best content library
  • Hulu - Best for streaming live TV alongside movies and series
  • Netflix A wide range of genres and a large content library
  • Disney+ - Best family-friendly content
  • Peacock Best budget option
  • Amazon Prime Video - Best for downloadable content
  • Philo Best live content option
  • fuboTV Best for sports-focused content
  • Vidgo Best for movie streaming plus sports
  • Starz Best multi-device streaming option

A Closer Look into the Top 10 Movie Streaming Services - Reviews:

1. Sling TV

A movie streaming service with excellent live TV channels

Sling TV movie streaming

Best for: A huge content library

Price per month: $40-$55

Number of titles: 85,000+

Live TV channels: 200+

Free trial: Three days

Sling TV is one of the more expensive options on this list, but it’s right up there with the best movie streaming platforms we’ve seen. For starters, there are more than 85,000 on-demand titles, which can honestly be a little overwhelming! There are also over 200 live TV channels, as well as loads of free content that you can watch without an account. 

Sling TV also offers a selection of add-ons that enable you to subscribe to specific niche channels. With a three-day free trial on every plan, we’d highly recommend giving Sling TV a go if you can fit its higher prices into your budget.  


  • Huge content library

  • 200+ live TV channels

  • Three-day free trial


  • Poor reviews from past customers

  • Regional content is limited

Why we chose Sling TV: We chose Sling TV because of its huge content library and 200 plus live TV channels. 

Sling TV Sling TV Visit Site

2. Hulu

A streaming leader with more than 75 live TV channels

Hulu movie streaming

Best for: Streaming live TV alongside movies and series

Price per month: $6.99-$75.99

Number of titles: 3000+

Live TV channels: Up to 75+

Free trial: 30 days

Alongside Netflix, Hulu is one of the oldest streaming services around. It boasts more than 3000 titles, including a selection of original movies and TV shows. It also offers a 30-day free trial with some plans, which is nice to see, and prices start from a competitive $6.99 per month. 

However, you will have to pay more for access to live TV channels, with the top-end plan reaching $75.99 per month. Overall, Hulu is an option worth considering if you’re looking for on-demand movie streaming combined with a suite of live TV channels. 


  • Affordable base plans

  • Excellent original content

  • A suite of add-ons and bundle deals available


  • Numerous adverts without “no-ads” add-on

  • Downloads are severely limited

Why we chose Hulu: We chose Hulu because of its excellent library, top-quality original content, and a suite of live TV channels. 

Hulu Hulu Visit Site

3. Netflix

The best overall movie streaming service

Netflix movie streaming

Best for: A wide range of genres and a large content library

Price per month: $6.99-$19.99

Number of titles: 6000+ 

Live TV channels: No 

Free trial: No

Netflix has long been a leader in the movie streaming world, and although the competition is getting fierce, it remains our number one overall choice. For one, it’s an affordable option, with prices starting from just $6.99 per month. 

It also boasts an attractive library, with over 6000 titles available on Netflix US, including thousands of original titles. There’s a tidy mobile app, customer service is decent, and offline downloads are available for most movies and shows. There’s no free trial, but Netflix is definitely an option worth considering regardless. 


  • 6000+ titles

  • Attractive mobile app

  • No lock-in contracts


  • No free trial

  • No live TV channels

Why we chose Netflix: Netflix tops our list due to its large library and strong history in the movie streaming industry. 

Netflix Netflix Visit Site

3. Disney+

A family-friendly streaming giant

Disney+ movie streaming

Best for: Streaming original Disney content

Price per month: $7.99-$19.99

Number of titles: 1500+

Live TV channels: Optional

Free trial: None

Disney+ is a popular movie streaming platform that offers a wide selection of movies and TV shows, including those from the popular Disney, Pixar, and Marvel brands. It’s quite an affordable option, and bundle packages are available if you want to purchase it alongside Hulu and ESPN+. 

It’s also a super family-friendly option, with a decent chunk of child-friendly content and kids' shows. There’s no free trial, but it could be worth paying for a month to test the platform if you or your family enjoy your Disney movies. 


  • Loads of child-friendly content

  • Download on 10 devices

  • A cost-effective option


  • No free trial

  • Limited adult content

Why we chose Disney+: We chose Disney+ because of its family-friendly library and competitive prices. 

Disney+ Disney+ Visit Site

5. Peacock

A super affordable option

Peacock movie streaming

Best for: Anyone on a tight budget

Price per month: $4.99-$9.99

Number of titles: 1200+

Live TV channels: 50+

Free trial: No

Peacock is a super affordable movie streaming platform boasting more than 1200 titles and over 50 live TV channels. There’s no free trial, but there are thousands of hours of content that can be accessed completely for free. 

What’s more, Peacock is the place to find NBC shows, including The Office. There are loads of decent originals, and you can even stream sports content if that’s your thing. Overall, we’d recommend giving it a try if you’re on a tight budget or are looking for a decent free streaming platform. 


  • Loads of free content

  • Super affordable option

  • Decent selection of Live TV channels


  • Blockbuster content is limited

  • Small range of child-friendly content

Why we chose Peacock: We chose Peacock because of its super low subscription costs and selection of free content. 

Peacock Peacock Visit Site

6. Amazon Prime Video

A popular platform from a tech giant

Amazon Prime Video movie streaming

Best for: Downloadable content

Price per month: $6.99-$14.99

Number of titles: 20,000+

Live TV channels: Optional

Free trial: 30 days

Amazon Prime Video offers a huge range of content, with more than 20,000 titles and a selection of optional live TV channels. It’s quite an affordable option, and it’s included for free with an Amazon Prime membership. 

What’s more, there’s a 30-day free trial for the average user, alongside a six-month trial for students. The mobile app stands out as excellent, and most content can be downloaded to watch offline. 


  • Great range of downloadable content

  • 30-day free trial

  • Optional live TV channels


  • No local channels

  • Add-ons are expensive

Why we chose Amazon Prime Video: We chose Amazon Prime Video because of its excellent range of downloadable content. 

Amazon Prime Video Amazon Prime Video Visit Site

7. Philo

Affordable live TV channels and on-demand content

Philo movie streaming

Best for: Cost-effective live TV streaming

Price per month: $25

Number of titles: 70,000+

Live TV channels: 60+

Free trial: Seven days

Philo offers more than 60 live TV channels and over 70,000 on-demand titles, making it an attractive option for both live TV and movie streaming. It comes in at $25 per month, which is cheap for live TV, but a little on the high side if you’re only going to use it for movies. 

The single subscription option includes a range of features, including unlimited DVR recording, the ability to stream on three devices concurrently, and a selection of premium add-ons. Philo is definitely worth considering, and we’d recommend using the seven-day free trial to take a closer look at its library. 


  • Huge content library

  • Seven-day free trial

  • Unlimited DVR recording


  • Limited sports and news channels

  • Expensive if you don’t need live TV

Why we chose Philo: We chose Philo for its attractive features, huge on-demand library, and affordable live TV streaming. 

Philo Philo Visit Site

8. fuboTV

A premium option offering unmatched content choice

fuboTV movie streaming

Best for: Live sports streaming

Price per month: $32.99-$94.99

Number of titles: 6500+

Live TV channels: 34-222+

Free trial: Seven days

fuboTV is expensive, but it’s worth every cent of the cost if you can sneak it into your budget. For starters, the English-language plans come with a minimum of 116 channels. More are available with the top-tier option, and there are loads of add-ons that you can purchase for an extra fee. 

What’s more, fuboTV offers more than 6500 on-demand titles and streams a large number of major sporting events. It’s a great option for the sports fanatic, but it’s worth using for its movie streaming services as well. 


  • Loads of add-ons

  • Excellent Spanish-language plan

  • A focus on major sporting events


  • Very expensive

  • 4K/HDR availability is limited

Why we chose fuboTV: We chose fuboTV because of its huge channel list, large on-demand library, and its focus on streaming major sporting events. 

fuboTV fuboTV Visit Site

9. Vidgo

An up-and-coming streaming option with excellent on-demand content

Vidgo movie streaming

Best for: Movie streaming plus sports coverage

Price per month: $39.95-$99.95

Number of titles: 14,000+

Live TV channels: 150+

Free trial: No

Vidgo might seem like an overly expensive option at first glance, but it actually offers excellent value for money when compared to similar services. It boasts more than 14,000 on-demand titles, over 150 live TV channels, and excellent sports coverage. 

What’s more, Vidgo boasts an excellent mobile app, although the on-demand interface is a little confusing and outdated. Overall, though, we’d recommend trying it if you can afford to fork out the high cost upfront. 


  • Stream on three devices concurrently

  • Quite an affordable option

  • Decent selection of sports networks


  • Limited DVR recording

  • On-demand interface could use work

Why we chose Vidgo: We chose Vidgo because of the excellent value for money for what’s on offer.  

Vidgo Vidgo Visit Site

10. Starz

A movie-centric streaming platform

Starz movie streaming

Best for: Affordable movie streaming

Price per month: $8.99

Number of titles: 1500+

Live TV channels: 20

Free trial: Seven days

Starz is a super affordable option, but it’s also a little on the basic side. It only has around 1500 on-demand titles, although, on the plus side, more than 1400 of these are movies. You will also have access to 20 premium live TV channels, and you can watch on up to five screens simultaneously. 

What’s more, Starz offers a seven-day free trial, so we’d suggest jumping on this and giving it a try if you think it could be a fit for your needs. 


  • A super affordable streaming option

  • 1400+ on-demand movies

  • Stream simultaneously on up to five devices


  • No 4K support

  • App can be buggy and difficult to navigate

Why we chose Starz: We chose Starz because it’s one of the most affordable movie streaming options on the market. 

Starz Starz Visit Site

Our Methodology: How Did We Choose the Best Movie Streaming Services? 

To rate the best movie streaming services, we undertook extensive research and testing and rated each platform based on a number of features. These included the following: 

  • Price, deals, and free trials

  • Catalog offerings, original content, and live TV channels

  • User interface and functionality

  • Past user reviews

Every review was completed by a movie streaming expert, enabling us to deliver accurate, consistent reviews across the board. 

Why Should You Consider Movie Streaming Services? 

Gone are the days when you had to head down to the video rental store if you wanted to have a family movie night. With the rise of streaming services, putting a movie on is as simple as opening your device, signing into your account, and selecting the title you want to watch. 

Other benefits of movie streaming services include the following:

  • Price: Most movie streaming services have a very affordable monthly subscription.

  • Content library: You will have access to hundreds, if not thousands, of titles with your movie streaming subscription. 

  • Convenience: As mentioned, it’s super easy to watch with a movie streaming subscription. 

  • Technology: Most movie streaming platforms come with useful features like the ability to add a title to your watchlist for viewing later, offline downloads, and concurrent streaming.  

Which Movies Can You Stream Online? 

Modern movie streaming services enable you to watch a vast selection of movies online. Most platforms offer thousands of on-demand titles, and many have quite different libraries. If you’re looking for something specific, a quick internet search should reveal which streaming platform it’s on. 

What You Need to Know Before Choosing a Movie Streaming Service

With the number of options on the market, choosing a movie streaming service can be a difficult and confusing process. Consider the following factors when making your decision. 


Some services come in at a few dollars per month, while others can cost $100 plus for a top-end package. Make sure you select something that works with your budget.

Subscription options

Pay careful attention to what each provider offers. Can you download titles to watch offline? Is live TV streaming available? What’s the difference between subscription tiers?  

Compatible streaming devices 

It’s also important to ensure the movie streaming service you choose is available on the device(s) you want to watch it on. For example, look for a service with a decent mobile app if you want to watch content on your smartphone or tablet. 

Simultaneous streams

If you’re sharing your movie streaming subscription with a partner or other family members, simultaneous streaming can be useful. Platforms that support simultaneous streaming enable you to watch on multiple screens concurrently. 

Parental controls

Last but not least, you might want to pay attention to the parental controls on offer if you have small children. These enable you to control what they’re able to watch. 

Do Movie Streaming Services Support 4K, HDR, and Surround Sound? 

Yes, many movie streaming services support 4K, HDR, and surround sound by default. Others, such as YouTube TV, require an add-on for one or all of these. Smaller, cheaper niche streaming sites do sometimes lack these features, but ultimately, it varies from platform to platform. 

Is Movie Streaming Illegal? 

Streaming movies through a legitimate website like Netflix or Disney+ is absolutely legal, as long as you have a subscription. Some free streaming sites are also legal to use, especially if they have a premium tier or use ads to generate revenue. 

However, streaming on unlicensed or illegitimate websites is illegal, so make sure you stick to legitimate sites. 

Are Free Movie Streaming Sites Safe? 

Yes, legitimate free movie streaming sites are completely safe to use. They tend to be ad-supported, so expect to experience plenty of ads if you decide to use a free service. 

For example, YouTube actually has a surprising number of free movies available to stream. These have ads, of course, and you won’t find the latest blockbusters there, but it’s a decent choice if you’re not too fussy about what you watch. 

How Much Does Movie Streaming Cost? 

The price for movie streaming services can vary from just a few dollars per month to $100 plus. Simple streaming services without live TV channels usually come in at under $10 per month, although top-tier plans can reach $20 or more per month. 

When live TV streaming is added, this price sometimes reaches $50-$100 per month, and this price can easily go above $100 if you purchase any add-ons. Some platforms also host free content, which is a great option if you’re on a tight budget and don’t want to pay for movie streaming. 


Price Per Month

Price Per Year









$79.99 (base plan only)

Sling TV






Amazon Prime Video


$69-$139 (not available on all plans)













Other Movie Streaming Services We Reviewed

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There are loads of different movie streaming services out there, which can make it difficult to select the right one for you and your family’s needs. In this guide, we’ve listed the top 10 movie streaming services available in 2024. 

We’ve also provided clear information about movie streaming and how it works. If you’re thinking about signing up for a new movie streaming service, we’d suggest taking advantage of free trials to test a few platforms—remember, there’s no one-size fits all best platform, and the right choice for you might be completely different from the platform your neighbor chooses.

Frequently Asked Questions
Which movie streaming service is best?+-

Netflix remains our number one all-around movie streaming service, but many other platforms offer a similar level of service and may be better for specific needs. Every movie streaming service on this list is worth considering, and there’s no single best option that will work for everyone.

How much do movie streaming services cost?+-

Movie streaming services vary significantly in price. The cheapest options start at just a couple of dollars per month, but this can reach $100 plus for a top-tier package from one of the more expensive providers. There are even a few free options, but be aware they are generally ad-supported.

Is a VPN required to stream movies?+-

No VPN is required to stream movies through a subscription service that’s available in your place of residence. However, you may need to use a VPN to unlock geo-blocked content if it’s unavailable in your country.

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