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DirecTV Streaming Service Review 2023 (Formerly AT&T TV)

Over 140 Channels and 65,000 On-Demand Titles

very good
Katy Ward

In a Nutshell

With 4 streaming plans, DirecTV is an excellent choice for those who prioritize their home entertainment needs. As well as providing more than 140 live channels and over 65,000 on-demand titles, its plans include unlimited cloud DVR storage and a voice-activated remote control.


  • Up to 65,000+ on-demand titles and 140+ live TV channels
  • Free trial available
  • Unlimited streams available


  • Relatively high monthly fees
  • Poor reviews on Trustpilot

DirecTV Stream DirecTV Stream Visit Site

Although DirecTV fees are higher than some competitors, it offers several perks that could justify the price tag, such as the freedom to watch unlimited streams simultaneously.

DirecTV Plans & Pricing

Although DirecTV offers both a satellite and a streaming service, we will focus on the streaming service for the purposes of this article. 

DirecTV offers 4 streaming plans. We’ve summed them up in this table:


Best for covering all the essentials


Best for sports fans


Best for sports, news, and movie fans


Best for those who want the widest range of options available

Cost per month

$69.99 *

$89.99 *

$104.99 *

$149.99 *

Number of channels





On-demand titles





Unlimited cloud storage for DVR





Regional sports networks




Premium channels

Showtime, EPIX, and Cinemax included for first 3 months

HBO Max, Showtime, Epix, and Cinemax included for first 3 months

HBO Max, Showtime, Epix, and Cinemax included for first 3 months

HBO Max, Showtime, and Cinemax included

Epix included for first 3 months

*Prices do not include taxes and may be subject to change

How Much Does DirecTV Cost?

Determining which plan provides the best value for your needs will, of course, depend on the amount of time you spend watching TV and which channels you prefer. You can find a full list of the channels available on each plan here.

If you’re a fan of premium channels, it could be worth investing in a Premier subscription, which includes HBO Max, Showtime, and Cinemax. In contrast, the Entertainment plan may not be ideal for sports fans as it doesn’t include regional sports channels.

If you’d like to purchase a DirecTV streaming device and you pass the company’s credit check, you’ll pay an additional $5 per month for this equipment. Otherwise, there is an up-front fee of $120. This device allows you to integrate your live, recorded, and on-demand TV into a single platform. Be aware, you can also watch DirecTV via other streaming equipment, such as Amazon Fire TV, Roku, iPads, iPhones, and Chromecast, which means purchase of DirecTV’s equipment is optional. 

As DirecTV is part of the AT&T group, you can bundle your entertainment package with your internet plan. Packages begin at $124.99 per month, and you can find more information here.

Overall, DirecTV’s fees are at the higher end of the market, although these plans do offer several attractive perks that may make the fee worthwhile in certain cases. While some customers may prefer a more budget-friendly solution, others may, for example, believe the fact that DirecTV has the highest number of regional sports plans of any provider justifies its cost.

DirecTV also offers a 5-day free trial on all its streaming packages.

Optional Add-Ons

In addition to your main TV package, you can add several premium channels to your plan.

  • HBO Max ($14.99 per month): includes all of HBO, plus Max Originals 
  • Starz ($11 per month): includes all 17 Starz and Starz Encore channels
  • Showtime ($11 per month): includes entertainment, movies, contact sports, and documentaries
  • Movies Extra ($5 per month): includes classic movies, originals, and documentaries
  • Cinemax: ($11 per month on Stream): includes series such as Strike Back and new movies every week
  • Epix ($6 per month on Stream): includes original series and thousands of ad-free Hollywood movies

Note that all plans include access to certain premium channels during the initial 3-month period. And with the Premier service, you’ll receive free access to HBO Max, Showtime, and Cinemax as part of your plan.

DirecTV also offers several Spanish-language upgrades and add-ons.

  • Deportes ($5 per month): Spanish-language sports
  • Español ($15 per month): Entertainment favorites and must-have sports

How Does DirecTV Work?

Once you’ve signed up to DirecTV, you can create an account by entering information such as your account number, phone number, or the last 4 digits of your credit card. Once your account is up and running, you can pay bills, view your subscription, and upgrade your plan.

New customers can stream the service on an unlimited number of devices from home and watch up to 3 streams on the go via compatible devices. However, you may be limited to 3 streams if you subscribed to the service when it was DirecTV Now or AT&T Now. 

You can also record up to 3 channels at same time, which could prove invaluable if you and other members of your household can’t agree on what to watch.

The company also provides unlimited cloud storage for DVR and, in another particularly nifty feature, it offers a voice-controlled remote with a virtual assistant.

Overall, we found the website extremely user friendly and did not encounter any difficulties when researching the various packages available.

Is DirecTV Reliable and Safe? 

DirecTV has a rating of 1.1 out of 5 on Trustpilot, with 94% of users rating it as bad. Of those who rate the company highly, some were enthusiastic about the high levels of customer service. Those who were less satisfied mentioned difficulties in contacting a real person on customer service and issues with payment.

Although DirecTV has a rating of A- with the Better Business Bureau, it isn’t accredited by the body and has a score of 1.03 out of 5 based on customer reviews.

Help and Support

You can contact DirecTV via phone, online chat, or social media. Support hours for billing and accounts are 8am-12am, Monday to Sunday (ET), while you can receive 24/7 technical support.

When we contacted DirecTV via live chat, we received an immediate and very helpful response.

If your query is more general, you could consult the extensive selection of FAQs on the company’s website, which provided most of the information we needed.

DirecTV also has a blog that covers general entertainment topics such as TV, movies, and gaming.

What About the DirecTV App?

You can download DirecTV’s app from the App Store or Google Play. It allows you to:

  • Watch movies and shows live or on demand
  • Stream or download home DVR recordings to your device
  • Record movies and shows from any location
  • Pause, play, and rewind your TV via your mobile device
  • Search for TV and movies using voice commands
  • Set parental controls

DirecTV Stream DirecTV Stream Visit Site

Bottom Line

If you spend a lot of time watching TV and movies at home, DirecTV could be a worthwhile investment. Although it comes with relatively high fees, it offers an impressive choice of streaming plans and includes perks such as unlimited DVR recording and voice-controlled remote control. Perhaps the most significant downside we identified is the high number of negative customer reviews on Trustpilot. 

Deciding whether the service is worth your time and money will depend on your budget and how much use you would get out of the service. While it may not be ideal for those looking for an affordable solution, high-usage viewers may appreciate the vast array and perks and high-tech features.

Frequently Asked Questions
What internet speed do I need for DirecTV?+-

The company recommends a minimum internet speed of 8MBPS per stream.

Why am I receiving communications from AT&T?+-

As DirecTV is a member of the AT&T group, you may receive text and email communications from AT&T. One these could be asking you to complete an identity setup.

Do I need an annual contract?+-

No. If you’re signing up for DirecTV’s streaming service, you won’t need to take out an annual contract.

Oxford graduate Katy Ward is a seasoned journalist and editor covering personal finance and software topics for Top10. Over a 15-year career, Katy has worked with several finance titans, including Barclays, Tandem Bank, and Yahoo! Finance.

DirecTV Stream customer reviews

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Ease of use

Brand satisfaction

Value for money

Service quality

Top Reviews

Ease of use

Brand satisfaction

Value for money

Service quality

9 months ago

We loved it. It satisfied our needs and it's all there in a package deal. DirectTV is awesome, we like that it is well arranged.

10 months ago

It is a unique product to use at home for televison viewing for me and others.

a year ago

DirectTV is great. Good signal, free channels occasionally. NFL Sunday Ticket is great.

a year ago

We have been with DirectTV for years. The only problem we have is with outages, but they are quick to correct the issue.

a year ago

It's the best streaming service out here now because they have the greatest channel lineup, and all the sports channels that I love to watch. They have a tremendous 4k picture on my smart TV.

a year ago

I like that the programs are presented with an easy to use menu to pick from, and a DVR to set up shows for recording that you would otherwise miss.

a year ago

Good service and prices. Great programs and sports channels. It is available on all my devices.

a year ago

I liked them because they gave me a plan with many great services that I like to watch. Often times I get a weekend of free movies and shows to watch.

9 months ago

They have many stations that I like to watch. Their customer service is very helpful.

10 months ago

I don't see any provider that has a perfect record. This company provides most of the services I need, but it sometimes is slow in connecting.

10 months ago

Directv has a lot of program offerings. I don't like all of the ad stations. I think they should place all of the ad stations all together in the line up, that way I can stay away from them.

10 months ago

They have plenty of different channels to watch, but their service isn't always the best, it's always freezing up.

a year ago

We're very happy with DirecTV. They're very reliable, have a great channel lineup, and no outages.

a year ago

Everyone has issues at times and Directv has theirs, it just isn't as frequently others. Directv has one of the best quality networks and streams easily on my computer and phone.

a year ago

They provide a wide variety of programs to watch. They could have a signal that didn't disappear in a heavy rain.

a year ago

I had DirectTV until recently. They have a robust support service, but I found them to be pricey.

9 months ago

It is good, but the price is going up and in this day and age it is getting harder to afford things.

9 months ago

It is a bit expensive with service, that is not that great. It's hard to connect to it, which is too bad as it seemed like a good product.

9 months ago

This company is a mostly reliable service, as in not very much downtime. What it could do better is charge less for packages and/or offer a pick-your-own channels package with a price-per-channel offer.

10 months ago

It does well in providing me a wide variety of channels. When the service is interrupted by a storm, it's sometimes hard to get it back.

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