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Kaseya Review

Christian Rigg

In a Nutshell

Much more than a simple remote access solution, Kaseya enables IT departments to manage operations and multiple endpoints, receive and action support tickets, and fully automate patching and other tedious and time-consuming tasks. With advanced network monitoring and endpoint mapping, IT departments can respond more rapidly than ever to issues and vulnerabilities.


  • Library of pre-set automations
  • Automatic endpoint patching
  • Background remote access


  • Mac management less robust
  • Limited mobile apps

Kaseya at a Glance

 Best for 
IT technicians and IT departments
Contact vendor
File Sharing
Real-time Chat 

What Services and Features Does Kaseya Offer 

Kaseya offers a full IT management solution for businesses looking to streamline endpoint maintenance and better respond to bugs, errors, and threats. 

Remote Control

The Remote Control software enables technicians to remotely connect to and control endpoint devices, including those running Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS, although macOS Catalina support is limited. Technicians can either take control of a device, or access its file system and other elements in the background, without disturbing the end user. This is, of course, particularly useful when applying patches or distributing new software.

Remote sessions can easily be recorded, with multi-monitor support and live chat to facilitate communication. Furthermore, multiple technicians can connect to and work on the same endpoint device, a useful feature for teams. Finally, all remote sessions are logged to help maintain compliance. 


IT departments routinely have to deal with small, repetitive tasks, but may lack the infrastructure and tools necessary to automate them. With Kaseya, technicians can implement policy-based automations that are easy to scale.

Another great feature is the Automation Marketplace, which allows businesses to buy, sell, and share automations. Technicians can download or create powerful scripts for deploying software, installing upgrades, respooling printers, and more.

Patch Management

The patch management module helps technicians maintain security and compliance over an unlimited number of devices. Kaseya will scan for patch updates, and can automatically send them to relevant endpoint devices, a task which can otherwise take hours of tedious, repetitive work. A central dashboard gives technicians an overview of every device in the system, to easily locate vulnerabilities and patch them in record time.

Audit, Inventory & Documentation

Keep track of all the devices in your environment and network, and get alerted to new devices in real time. Agents can be automatically deployed as needed, or based on a schedule, to discover new endpoints. You can easily filter devices based on operating system, IP address, MAC address, and more, and obtain an impressive amount of information on any device, including, for example, user accounts and last reboot time.

Prices, Plans and Value for Money 

Kaseya does not provide pricing information on its website. Interested businesses should contact the company to get a demo and consult on pricing. 

Ease of Use and Setup

In general, Kaseya is both easy to set up and to use. Remote Control is available as a stand-alone application or can be accessed through a browser, although the capabilities in the case of the latter are somewhat limited. As this is the only way to access Remote Control through a mobile device, full mobile functionality is unfortunately not supported. 

Nonetheless, the Remote Control client enables technicians to connect to and take control of a remote device to provide technical support. A series of buttons overlaid on the screen gives quick access to features like screen recording and switching between displays. 

Automation is at the heart of Kaseya’s software, so while initial configuration may take some time, the returns in overall ease of use are well worth it.

Kaseya Security

Kaseya uses TLS encryption to maintain a secure connection between technicians and endpoints, both for Remote Control access and when, for example, accessing file systems or transferring files.

Kaseya Performance

Kaseya’s performance in terms of remote connection is laudable. While a few users have found connections sometimes slow, in general, Remote Control provides a smooth and stable experience. This is especially true when connecting to workstations, although mobile device management has also seen improvements in recent years.

Performance in other areas, like patching and upgrading devices, ticket management, auditing and monitoring, and reporting have all been praised by users, and are feature-rich and powerful. 

Kaseya Customer Service

Kaseya customer service is available only through the website via a support ticket system. After a ticket has been generated, it’s possible to contact Kaseya by telephone, but in all cases, it’s necessary to first pass through the website. 

In addition to customer support, the website also has a fairly comprehensive knowledge base, with hundreds of articles on setup and installation, software deployment, ticketing, and more. 

What People Say About Kaseya

“Kaseya makes what could otherwise be a huge project super easy stuff. VSA is probably the most important force multiplier in my environment. Our workforce is increasingly mobile and regularly have a huge number of endpoints not sitting directly on the LAN. The ability to continue managing them fairly effectively is excellent.” - Racey C, Kaseya VSA user

“I like the simplicity of executing tasks once they are automated and configure[d] all since the same dashboard. ... Solves core problems like patching the users and servers in our organizations, it simplifies completely the process and reporting in general.” - Sean M., Senior Managed Systems Technician

“Strong product - great support. Kaseya is continually adding features to the VSA. They listen to their customers and respond with value-added features. Our engineers appreciate that their feedback leads to product enhancements. The automation saves our engineers a lot of time. And in the MSP game, time saved helps the bottom line. The product is very dependable and the remote access is secure. We have tried several other remote access agents and Kaseya VSA is hard to beat.” - Bradley G, Director of Operations


Does Kaseya support two-factor authentication?

Yes. Two-factor authentication is fully supported, and can be set up using Google Authenticator or Microsoft Authenticator applications. 

Does Kaseya support drag-and-drop file sharing?

Kaseya supports drag-and-drop file sharing through the File Manager module of Remote Control, although it’s not possible to drag from the host computer directly into the client window.

Can Kaseya turn off a device remotely?

Yes. The Live Connect Task Manager allows you to reboot, power off, and log off the active user. 

Bottom Line

Kaseya goes far beyond simple remote desktop software, enabling technicians to fully manage hundreds or thousands of devices. Between the powerful automation, auditing and reporting, and the remote access, technicians can work on scales from company-wide right down to a single machine. While improvements would be welcome in mobile and macOS versions, the overall experience is both stable and highly functional. 

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