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Netop Review

Top10.com Staff

In a Nutshell

Netop is an advanced remote access tool ideal for enterprise users and help desks. The security-focused remote access software is suitable for regulated industries such as finance, retail, manufacturing, and healthcare. It has a 15-day free trial and features hosts, guests, and traffic gateways for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android. For more advanced users there’s also WebConnect, which is designed to be deployed as an on-premises tool.


  • On premises and cloud options
  • Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android
  • Separate utility for viewing logs


  • Not totally beginner friendly
  • Connection speed influences performance

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Netop Remote Control at a Glance

Best for: IT professionals
Price: From $33/year per device
File Sharing: Yes
Real-time Chat: Yes
Security: 256 bit AES encryption, role based conttrols, multi-factor authentication

What Services and Features Does Netop Remote Access Offer 

Netop Remote Control features a sophisticated variety of tools which are designed with the needs of enterprise professional IT users in mind. 

Multi Platform Connectivity

Users can download remote control clients for Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS and Android, as well as for the Toshiba 4690/TCxSky (an IBM operating system commonly used in point of sale / POS terminals).

Users that require remote support should install the Host installer while those that need to provide support should download Netop Guest. A browser based support console is also available for fast, light-weight support engagements.

Netop Remote Control also supports users that want to run a host-guest remote support system entirely on-premises without touching the cloud—although there is a separate licensing and pricing model for that implementation. 

Speed Dial 

The guest console, which is designed for use by those providing support, contains a speed dial menu in which users can save connections for future use. All users need to initiate a remote access session is the IP address and user name of the machine they need to connect to. Once the correct credentials have been provided a high resolution access session will be automatically initiated. 

Two Way Live Chat

There is a 2-way live chat system that allows the support team and the end user to communicate in real time. Users can also exchange files in either direction. There is a 2-way drag and drop functionality, delta transfer, and crash recovery. 

Users can also initiate an audio video chat in order to provide richer support and they can receive information about the connection tunnel that exists between the 2 machines. 

On Screen Annotations

Sometimes the easiest way to resolve a support issue is to draw annotations on the machine receiving support. With Netop, users can draw a variety of shapes and annotations on the guest machine in order to draw recipients’ attention to certain functionalities. 

Full Keyboard And Mouse Control

Support staff can take over the mouse and keyboard of the user that is receiving support. 

Prices, Plans and Value for Money 

Netop provides separate pricing options for users that want to use the tool in the conventional manner, over the cloud, and for those that wish to deploy the tool for use in an on-premises setup. For the latter, Netop provides perpetual licenses. Pricing for on-premises is by quotation only and custom pricing is offered which takes into consideration the number of devices and users that companies need to provision on the tool. 

The pricing for the Cloud offering is as follows:

Computers licensed
Price (per device per year)

Netop’s licensing structure is based upon the number of computers that are licensed. The sliding scale pricing model means that it’s cheaper for organizations to sign up large amounts of devices. For instance companies that have more than 500 computers to connect pay only $11.75 per device per year. Netop is capable of scaling from small installation based right through to enterprise grade rollouts.

Ease of Use and Setup

In order to set up the system users need to download and install either the guest or host download for their operating system. Clients are available for Windows, Mac, Linux, and the Toshiba 4690/TCxSky POS OS. 

After running through the installation steps the clients should be set up. Those that need support simply need to open up the host client and provide the details to their support team. Those using the guest tool need have an array of tools with which to initiate connections with users and retain them for future use.

It’s a streamlined system to set up on both ends. 

Netop Security

Netop allows companies to comply with the security requirements of PCI DSS, HIPAA and ISO 27001. Strong encryption is paired with multiple authentication options, granular role based access control and extensive logging option to ensure organizations meet their security burdens. 

For those worried, the good news is that Netop provides the encryption and security measures used by banks and other data-sensitive organizations to keep their data safe. There’s no reason to worry.

Netop Performance

Netop doesn’t guarantee a certain performance during remote access sessions. Practically speaking the speeds which users are going to receive during the sessions is going to be determined primarily by the speed of connection that they have on both ends.

Netop Customer Service

Netop has put considerable effort into creating comprehensive documentation to guide users through the setup and deployment phases of using their remote access tool. Users can also receive support through online chat and email. A global team provides support and service from offices in the US, Europe and Asia. All team members are highly proficient and speak excellent English, so help is just a message away. 

What People Say About Netop

"We use Netop every time a call requires a remote connection. I'd say about 300 times a day." 

Gary Buchelt, Support Center Manager, Gilbarco Veeder-Root 

“By using Netop, I can tell you who accessed which machine, on what date, at what time, for the past several years,”

Laura Kolterman, Systems Engineer, First Interstate Bank

“As PCI compliance demands became more stringent, we decided to move to Netop”

 Brian Jensen, vice president of technical services,  CKE Restaurant Holdings

Netop Netop Visit Site


What are the main operating systems supported?

Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android

How many computers can a company use the tool for?

There is pricing available for install bases with more than 500 machines

Where is the company based?

Netop’s headquarters is in Nottingham, England

Bottom Line

Netop is an advanced support and remote access tool for enterprises in regulated industries like finance, retail, manufacturing and healthcare. It is designed to be used by companies responsible for overseeing many endpoints on a variety of operating systems including Windows, Mac, Linux, Toshiba 4690/TCxSky (which is commonly used in POS systems), iOS and Adroid.

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