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ISL Online Review

Daniel Rosehill

In a Nutshell

If you’re looking to deploy a scalable remote access solution, then ISL Online provides a good tool that is capable of securing access to hundreds of endpoints—with 2FA access and support for Windows, Mac, and Linux remotes. The remote desktop app is a clean and easy-to-use interface that can be customized with company visuals. If you’re in the business of providing remote support, then this might be worthy of inclusion on your shortlist.


  • Support for Windows, Mac, and Linux remotes
  • Rich annotation support to guide users
  • Multimonitor support and quick screen toggle


  • Not the cheapest support tool available
  • Some smartphone users report connection difficulties

ISL Online at a Glance

 Best for 
Professional support teams that need to support a variety of remotes
Options for paying for support minutes, cloud licensing, and self-hosted
File Sharing
Real-time Chat 
RSA 2048/4096-bit

What Services and Features Does ISL Online Offer 

ISL Online is a comprehensive support tool that is designed for helpdesks that need to remotely support a wide variety of endpoints. It features: 

Easy Credential-Based Connections

In order to initiate a remote support session, those that require support need to have the support client installed while those providing it need the support / agent desktop app. After both parties ensure that they have the right software installed, the client reads off a connection code which allows the support staff to remotely access their desktop. 

Unattended Access

Sometimes, support teams need to access computers remotely without their clients’ involvement. In other instances, support teams might need to access and troubleshoot computers that they own. Both of these scenarios can be well-addressed by using the unattended access features, which allow support team members to access remotes without any human intervention.

Cross Platform

In order to support as many users as possible, the ISL Online team has made both the support and client tools available for Windows, Linux, and Mac. I tested out the tool using an Ubuntu Linux (host) to Windows 10 (client) setup and the connection worked flawlessly. Additionally, Windows RDP connections can be tunneled through ISL Online in order to provide Windows users with a more secure connection configuration. SSH is also supported.


Using ISL, support teams can draw annotations on their screen which will appear in real time on the client’s computer. 

Support agent’s can choose from a pencil, marker, arrow or eraser—and change the color. These will appear for a number of seconds on the user’s screen.

Session Recording

ISL Online supports session recording. Recordings can be initiated manually or configured to run automatically. The latter is useful for compliance purposes. 

Live Chat

Two-way real time live chat is supported between agents and clients. This runs through a small chat window that undocks automatically after a connection is initiated. In addition, users can initiate VoIP phone calls and video conferences for more interactive support experiences. Finally, users are able to share files through the file sharing functionality. 

Live Guest Metrics

The remote access system also provides real time system monitoring from the support user’s client to the agent’s monitoring panel. The system information tab reports, in real time, upon:

  • The user’s RAM and CPU consumption
  • The user’s local storage capacity and availability
  • The user’s upload and download speed
  • Whether the user is connected by battery or to AC power
  • The user’s monitor configuration
  • The user’s operating system, uptime, processor, and total RAM available

Prices, Plans and Value for Money 

ISL Online is available for use on a few different pricing models.

Pay Per Use
Self hosted
Free trial
500 minutes’ access per year
Yearly user license. One simultaneous connection allowed per license
Lifetime cost
15 days’ trial

Users can opt to pay $145 per 500 minutes’ connection time per year on the pay per use plan. Alternatively, the cloud hosted plan costs $469 per license per year—however this only allows one simultaneous support connection, so multiple seats are likely needed for support teams. Users can realize considerable cost savings by hosting the application on premises. Again, one simultaneous connection is provided for each license—but the fee is for a lifetime license. There’s also a 15-day free trial. 

Ease of Use and Setup

Setting up ISL Online for both support agents and end users is as simple as downloading and stalling the appropriate client (Llinux, Mac, and Windows are supported). After providing a login code the remote support connection is initiated. 

For agents, there’s a navigation bar along the top of the screen which allows them to toggle the input between their own computer and that of the client. Both mouse and keyboard can be easily toggled in this manner. Additionally the quality of the remote display can be changed. This is suitable for users who want to favor a fast connection over a high quality one—or vice-versa.

ISL Online Security

Secure Connectivity

In order to make sure that remote connections are being initiated securely, ISL Online supports a variety of security options. These include:

  • Multifactor authentication (MFA). 
  • Integration with external authentication services for federated logins
  • Exportable audit logs

Additionally, connections are secured using the RSA 2048/4096-bit public/private key exchange for end to end encryption.

ISL Online Performance

Connection speeds through the ISL Online network are fast. I didn’t notice any significant latency while connected on my test support session.

ISL Online Customer Service

ISL Online has put together a rich and comprehensive online Help Center filled with self help resources. This includes technical documentation related to integrating ISL Online with other platforms as well as an FAQ page for common questions and diagnosing frequent issues. Full API documentation is also provided.

What People Say About ISL Online

“This is a great product that just works, no messing, we give the customer the session code, connects very quickly and we can support our client's needs quickly and easily.”

David from 3Tek (Via

“It's a product that simply works, the connection never fails and it is able to connect to practically anything.”

Nega F (Via G2)

“Easy to use for us and our clients. It is also free for our clients, which makes it a simple thing for them to start using. It's very responsive and filesharing works great,”

Kim A, small business owner (Via G2)


What clients are supported for agents?

Users can connect via Linux, Mac, and Windows

Is the consumer client free?

Yes, users can download the consumer client at no cost

How many connections are provided per license?

There is one simultaneous connection for each license

Bottom Line

ISL Online provides a robust remote access environment that is widely used by support teams around the world. It’s truly cross platform and contains an impressive array of features, including annotation and automatic session recording.

Daniel Rosehill is a technology writer and reviewer who writes for and his experience includes leading marketing communications strategies at 2 SaaS companies. His interests include backups and disaster recovery, Linux and open source, and cloud computing.

ISL Online customer reviews

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Ease of use

Brand satisfaction

Value for money

Service quality

Top Reviews

Ease of use

Brand satisfaction

Value for money

Service quality

2 years ago

It's a great online tool and very reliable software, fast and easy

2 years ago

It is a high-quality service and products that are understandable and user-friendly

2 years ago

ISL has fantastic customer service and has worked well for my company and customers for years.

2 years ago

I use this almost daily with my vast cloudcare services. It works very well.

2 years ago

It's a great company to work with for a reasonable price that I would recommend to everyone

2 years ago

It did as advertised. Not really anything particularly amazing or terrible.

2 years ago

This particular product is one I have been using for some time and it has never failed me yet. Definitely needed during COVID-19 working remotely

2 years ago

It was affordable and the interface was easy enough to understand, they just weren't going above or beyond to make the experience as easy as possible.

2 years ago

It's quick to use and very easy to use and I like to use because it's quick and easy.

2 years ago

I use it for work. It is easy to use but does have a few technical problems. I would recommend it

2 years ago

I can't think of anything. Pricing seems expensive for what you get. Customer service was responsive but not the most helpful.

2 years ago

Compared to other companies, I am not sure the value they provide is as good.

2 years ago

I have trouble in the country. My online videos will buffer and most of the time it will drop.

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