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A Psychic’s Perspective: A Q&A with 2 Psychic Source Advisors Staff
Bridgette and Moira from Psychic Source
Have you ever wondered what a psychic reading is like from the eyes of the advisor? Psychic Source advisor Bridgette says she envisions “a golden cord” connecting between heart and her client’s heart. “From there,” she shares, “my spiritual guides take over and I become a channel between my guides and my client enabling me to deliver advice from the pool of universal knowledge.”

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With over 45 years of experience in the psychic field between them, Bridgette and fellow psychic advisor Moira shared their thoughts with us, about the benefits of online readings, repeat customers, and some true stories.p>

What do you think mobilizes individuals to get an online psychic reading?

Psychic Moira: Most often callers have questions concerning Love and Relationship, work, and family. The caller may feel their issue is too sensitive to bring to a friend or family member, perhaps they fear being judged and need to process with a psychically sensitive and empathetic guide. Sometimes people are curious about the psychic process, or they may want to explore their emerging psychic abilities. An online psychic reading allows the caller to engage with an advisor in a convenient, anonymous and secure place.p>

What is the benefit of getting an online reading versus a real-life reading?

Psychic Moira: The most significant benefit of getting an online psychic reading is that the reading is always at your convenience. Unlike an in-person reading, where you must make an appointment (or sometimes reveal personal information) you can call or chat with your Psychic Source advisor when you want to talk, from the comfort and privacy of your own space. You can relax and know that the reading is entirely private and that the psychic does not have your personal information.p>

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What makes a good online psychic reading?

Psychic Bridgette: A good online reading requires the development of a strong connection between me, the psychic advisor, and my client. I want them to feel confident and comfortable that I am offering them honest, effective, and caring advice. I envision a golden cord going from my heart to their heart. From there my spiritual guides take over and I become a channel between my guides and my client enabling me to deliver advice from the pool of universal knowledge.p>

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Please describe the screening process you went through before getting hired at Psychic Source?

Psychic Moira: I've been with Psychic Source exclusively for 15 years. I was not accepted the first time I applied, because at the time they were not in need of additional Astrologers. Rather than see rejection as a setback, I perceived it as feedback about the sincerity of the company. About a year later, Psychic Source offered me an interview followed by 3 test readings and a background check. It's a long process but an important one. I appreciate the fact that Psychic Source takes care in selecting their advisors, and I feel their screening process speaks to their high level of integrity.p>

Psychic Bridgette: Psychic Source’s application process for advisors is rigorous and it is evident they want only honest, sincere, and highly qualified advisors affiliated with them. I had to provide an extensive biography describing my ability and over 30 years of experience in the psychic field. Following Psychic Source’s evaluation of my experience, I was required to give psychic readings to 3 of their evaluators to demonstrate my psychic ability and my ability to make a professional and caring presentation.p>

Do Psychic Source customers alternate between advisors or mostly stick with one that they love?

Psychic Moira: I hope that customers try other advisors! One of the best things about being a part of Psychic Source is knowing that customers can choose between different types and styles of readings. An individual may want to speak to a Tarot Card reader or a Psychic Medium, or they may just want to try someone new. Indeed, I feel very fortunate to work with returning customers, and I truly value the relationships built over years of doing this work. I love my customers, and I am always happy to connect with familiar voices and meet new customers, no matter how long or brief the call.

Can you share a unique/outstanding story in which you were able to positively influence a customer?

Psychic Bridgette: I received a call from a mother of 3 whose husband had just been laid off from his corporate job. They decided to both seek work and so she was suddenly thrust into the job market after 15 years as a stay-at-home mother. As we spoke I saw, in the spiritual realm, her departed grandmother who showed my client as a little girl drawing cats and dogs and laughing as her grandmother taped the pictures to the refrigerator door. My caller burst out crying. She told me that as a child, she developed the ability to draw cats, dogs, even elephants with one continuous line to make simple pictures.p>

I suggested she go to a craft or art store, get the necessary materials, and start drawing again. She seemed to cheer up and said she would do it. A few months later she called me. She said she had made many drawings and had taken her favorite to a local shop to be framed. Another woman was having an item framed and admired my client’s drawing for its simplicity and charm. She said she owned an international fabric company and they were going to be making a line of children’s bed sheets. Long story short, the lady hired my client and she was now making enough money to nicely support the family, and that her husband was now quite happily in the role of a house-husband. She later thanked me and told me her life had changed when I channeled her grandmother.p>

What is unique about Psychic Source?

Psychic Moira: Psychic Source provides excellent 24/7 customer service, and offers a wealth of advisor submitted articles, podcasts, and tools to help develop and expand psychic knowledge. I’m proud to be a part of this exceptional community. What sets Psychic Source apart from other services is the Kindness Initiative. Psychic Source makes a donation for every customer purchase to Futures Without Violence, Paws With A Cause®, and National Center for Housing & Child Welfare. There is no additional cost to customers who may select the charity to spread kindness to those most in need.

Now that you know more about online psychic readings and the experience of the advisor, your next session is sure to be more insightful.

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