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Roll by ADP Review

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In a Nutshell

Roll is a mobile payroll app that works with simple, chat-based commands. At the heart of the application is an advanced AI. Simply send commands like “Run payroll” or “Hire John Smith,” then the chatbot asks whatever questions it needs to and takes care of the rest. Roll also includes automatic tax filing, plenty of payment options, and unlimited payroll runs. It’s a simple but elegant solution, especially for small businesses with basic needs.


  • Extremely simple chat-based user interface
  • Run payrolls and other operations from anywhere at anytime
  • Multiple payment options, including next-day direct deposit


  • Lacks advanced benefit options and custom earning types
  • No third-party accounting integrations as of yet

Roll by ADP Roll by ADP Visit Site

Roll by ADP at a Glance

Best for: Small businesses

Price range: $17/mo + $5/employee

Benefits & HR: Medical Insurance, Health Savings Accounts (HSA), Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)

Automatic tax filing: Yes

Apps: Android, iOS, Web

Features and Add-ons

Roll by ADP is a payroll application that lets you compensate your employees using a simple chat-based command interface. It may not include the kind of advanced features you have come to expect from Workday or Rippling, but the feature set it offers is more than enough for small businesses with modest payroll needs. Below are some of its best features.

Chat-based interface

Roll’s chat-based interface makes it very simple to set up employee profiles, run payrolls, and file taxes. Powered by artificial intelligence, the chatbot-like virtual assistant can help you get started quickly and easily. Use simple text commands like “Run payroll” or “Hire Anna” and have the chatbot guide you through the steps.

When adding a new employee, for example, just send a text saying “Hire John Smith.” The chatbot will ask you a few questions about your new employee, then send them a link to complete their own profile using the app. The chatbot guides you through the entire process of creating a payroll, from completing your company profile, through adding employees, all the way to sending out the paychecks. 

Unlimited payroll runs

Roll supports unlimited pay runs and multiple pay schedules. That means you can run a payroll any time you want without any additional charges. You can even set up off-cycle payrolls to offer bonuses to employees. You can also offer raises, subtract deductibles, and pay benefits using the same platform.

Automatic tax filing

Roll by ADP can also easily run, pay, and file payroll taxes for your organization. The process is completely automatic once you grant consent and assign limited power of attorney to ADP to file taxes on your behalf.

Employee self-service

When it comes to finding and managing their payment information, employees may not want to rely on you for every little thing. Roll lets employees know and manage their own pay data by simply logging into the app. Once you’ve added a new employee, they can easily log into the app and set up their own profiles, as well as download pay data whenever required.

Benefits and insurance

As far as benefits are concerned, Roll lets you set up deductions and contributions for medical, vision, and dental insurance for employees. You can also create Health Savings Accounts (HSA) and Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) for your employees. 

Apps and integrations

Being a fairly simple payroll app, Roll does not integrate directly with any third-party accounting software. However, Roll’s website says that a Quickbooks integration is already in the works. You also receive periodic Excel reports that can be imported to the accounting application of your choosing. 

You can access Roll by downloading the smartphone app on your Android or iOS device.

Tax Compliance

When you set up Roll for the first time, it asks for your consent to be granted limited power of attorney so that it can file taxes on your behalf. You are also asked to connect your bank account for payment remittance. After that, the process is largely automatic. Your taxes are handled by ADP, a leading provider in the human resources software industry.

Payment Options

Roll lets you pay employees using direct deposits and company checks. You can also add any applicable premiums and bonuses when choosing the payment method for your pay run. There are several earning types to choose from, including hourly contracts, flat fees, overtime fees, performance bonuses, holiday premiums, and business expenses. You can also make one-off payments and off-cycle payments to employees. One-off payments can help you pay for one-time services and contracts, whereas off-cycle payments are good for holiday bonuses and other fees outside of the regular payroll.

Pricing/Costs & Fees

Roll by ADP offers a single plan which costs $17 per month and an additional $5 per employee added. When you sign up, you automatically receive 3 free months to try out the app. After that, all contracts are month-to-month and charges are deducted from your account at the beginning of each month. The plan also comes with unlimited payrolls, so you can start a pay run any time you want.

Roll by ADP Roll by ADP Visit Site


Unlike conventional payroll solutions, Roll is a chat-based payroll application. That means everything, from adding company information to preparing pay runs, is done through an AI-powered chatbot inside a mobile app. However, you can also access a mirror version of Roll on your desktop by scanning a QR code on your smartphone.

Despite the unusual interface design, Roll comes with the same range of features as any other payroll software. You can add company information, file employee data, adjust employee compensation, include tax information, and launch pay runs. 

You can also introduce benefits and subtract deductibles before each pay run. While the chat-based interface is certainly different from other payroll apps, the process is very smooth and works especially well for novice users without extensive requirements.

Roll is perfect for people who don’t have any previous experience with payroll applications. There are no detailed charts to slog through or navigation menus to contend with. All commands can be accessed easily by sending simple text messages. You also don’t need any fancy hardware to run Roll as the app is entirely mobile-based. You can handle pay runs on the go using your Android or iOS device.


Roll by ADP is an easy-to-use payroll app that lets you compensate employees fast without having to worry about extensive setup or complex reports. The intuitive chat-based interface is great for beginners, although the lack of advanced benefit options and third-party integrations may be a deal-breaker for some.

Ritoban Mukherjee is a tech journalist, web designer, and content marketer with bylines in Quartz, Gizmodo, OneZero, Techradar, and Tom's Guide. He's a huge fan of no-code web development and believes it to be the future of online work. He designs and develops websites using Figma, Webflow, Wordpress and more.

Roll by ADP customer reviews

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Top Reviews

Ease of use

Brand satisfaction

Value for money

Service quality

a month ago

They're great! I can easily see my pay stubs along with the times I have clocked in and out or even if I missed a punch. They show me tax deductions and even let me edit my direct deposit information as needed.

1 months ago

ADP has recently improved itself and is a much easier platform to use and to perform all our company's payroll actions now.

2 months ago

It's great as I was able to look up old pay stubs and review all my payment information any time of the day.

2 months ago

It is very accurate and easy to use. I never have any problems with it, and everyone at work likes it.

2 months ago

I love doing our payroll with ADP. It's awesome and makes it easy for our employees to access their information. It really is a good service to use and makes my job more enjoyable.

2 months ago

It automatically computes taxes and prints checks. You can easily configure the software for any style checks.

3 months ago

It is very easy to use and very to the point. It's an added bonus that it helps you save your password and username so it's easier to login and keep track of your hours.

3 months ago

So easy to you use. It allows you to see all of your checks and even gives you the option to view actual pay stubs.

4 months ago

Simple to use and easy to contact my sales representative. My Boss moved us into this system and it is much better than Paycom, which is what were using. We all love the system. There were a few glitches at first, but overall it's been great.

2 months ago

I like ADP because they are reliable. They help me with my paycheck. I like having them as my payroll resource. They seem to do a good job because I have never had any issues with them. I feel they are doing their job and are doing it well.

2 months ago

It is super user-friendly and it's easy to reach their customer service when you need help. It would be great if I could have multiple businesses under one account. It would make paying bills is easier.

3 months ago

I use ADP so my employees can track their direct deposits. It's ok overall, but it could be easier to use. And, their customer service could be better at handling any issues we have with their software.

3 months ago

Overall ADP is a good payroll software. It needs an improved user interface for our employees to more easily access and see their time, hours worked, ect.

3 months ago

ADP was easy to use, but also had some glitches and didn't "talk" to our 401k administrator. We had to manually upload those values on a biweekly basis which is very time consuming. They really need to look into updating it to better integrate with other systems.

3 months ago

ADP provides quick and easy access to payroll, as well as managing retirement funds. There is nothing I would currently improve on. I find that, generally, everything is quick and easy to use.

a month ago

ADP's payroll software helps me better track the hours my employees work and distributes the correct amount that each person receives based on their occupation and position in the company.

a month ago

I find ADP to be a bit complicated, but all payroll systems are, so it's really no different. I feel making it more intuitive would be helpful.

2 months ago

I use ADP currently for my payroll service for work. It is a very good app and keeps me informed and up-to-date about all of the payroll needs for my employees.

2 months ago

Making their software easier to use would be a nice improvement. Adding more payroll options for the user to select from would be good also.

3 months ago

I no longer use it as I am retired. When I used it, I had to watch closely for errors in the accounting, as I am a very detailed person and wanted to make sure all the information was correct.

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