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In a Nutshell

Paycor’s payroll solution allows businesses to manage recruiting and hiring, analyze employee data, protect against compliance errors, reduce manual HR processes, and ensure accurate timekeeping. Designed for small- and medium-sized businesses, this cloud-based solution is designed to take the administrative burden of hiring and managing employees away from partnering businesses and allow them to focus on the important things.


  • Cloud-based, paperless software
  • Onboarding tool helps new employees


  • Minimal support for setting up the software
  • Limited benefits packages

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Best For:

Small- and medium-sized businesses looking to recruit and grow

Features and Add-ons  

Paycor offers a choice between its all-in-one Human Capital Management (HCM) platform or a simple payroll tool for businesses that don’t need all the added functionality. The cloud-based software should be fairly simple to set up for any business with an in-house tech team. Paycor also provides useful demos to help with the setup process. However, some customers have reported not getting enough support from Paycor’s team with setting up the software – which could be an issue for smaller business that don’t have a resident technical expert on site. 

Major features of the HCM platform include:

  • Recruiting and onboarding management: Includes compliance, real-time analytics and reporting, and the ability for new hires to upload their information before their first day at the office.
  • Learning management: Organizes, manages, and tracks individual employees’ training. Employees can use the tool inside or outside of the office.
  • Timekeeping: Includes mobile punching, alerts and messaging, and tracking and reporting.
  • Payroll and tax: Includes tax compliance and real-time analytics and reporting.
  • Benefits: Includes 401k and medical insurance packages.


Unfortunately, Paycor doesn’t offer any pricing information whatsoever on its website. The final cost of the product varies per partnering business, and depends on the size of the business, the industry in which it operates, and whether the business is looking to use Paycor’s all-in-one solution or a handful of selected features. Judging by customer reviews, Paycor is best suited to companies with 50-1,000 employees. With fewer than 50 employees, the cost-per-employee becomes much higher than similar competitors. With more than 1,000 employees, you may be better off with an HR services company that caters to large businesses.

Tax Compliance

As part of the service, customers receive assistance from tax experts who work to ensure compliance across multiple US jurisdictions. Paycor calculates your employees’ salaries and tax, debits the total amount from your business’s account, deposits the money with the employees, and files reports when they are due. It also connects directly to many of America’s largest 401(k) providers. 

Payment Options

With Paycor, businesses can pay their employees via direct deposit or, alternatively, by Paycard using Paycor’s integration with several major Paycard providers. Employees can access all their pay stub and benefits information automatically through the Paycor mobile app. The software can also be used to automate processes such as employee child-support payments and wage garnishments (which involves a court order for an employer to withhold a certain amount of pay until an employees’ debts are paid off).


Judging by customer feedback, the software is simple and easy to use. Some businesses have reported having trouble with setting up the software, but once setup is complete employees should have no trouble using the system. Employees get access to a suite of free demos and tutorials to help navigate the system, and employees and management alike can benefit from the intuitive dashboard and detailed reporting and analytics. 

Customer Support

Paycor’s customer support has mixed reviews, with some customers complaining of slow customer support or of not being provided with full or accurate pricing information. To speak to a member of Paycor’s sales team, call toll-free 800-381-0053 during business hours or reach out through the direct contact form on the Paycor website.

Paycor Paycor Visit Site

Bottom Line

Paycor has a strong suite of HR products covering most major needs, such as hiring and recruiting, payroll, tax compliance, and leadership and training. It’s unfortunate that the website doesn’t disclose any pricing information, but if you can overlook the initial hurdles, Paycor has a solid offering for mid-sized businesses. The payroll solution offers the same necessary basics as that of its competitors. Perhaps the biggest highlight is the recruiting tool, which makes it easy to view and manage open jobs and applications and to onboard new employees with minimum fuss.

About Paycor

 Short Bio Bob Coughlin founded Paycor in 1990 with a vision of providing small and medium-sized businesses with payroll and HR services backed by the latest technologies and strong customer service. Today Paycor boasts more than 30,000 businesses in all 50 states, and remains committed to its vision with Coughlin and other members of its founding team still at the company.

Industry: Healthcare, Manufacturing, Nonprofits, Professional Services, Restaurants, Retail

Founded: 1990

CEO: Bob Coughlin

Founder: Bob Coughlin

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