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In a Nutshell

Much more than a simple payroll service, Deluxe works with anyone from small businesses to major banks and credit unions to meet their business needs.


  • Secure online payments and custom reports
  • Compatible with QuickBooks, Quicken, Peachtree, and more


  • Multiple options can be overwhelming
  • Limited information before you sign up

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Features & Add-ons

Talking about Deluxe’s payroll system is like focusing on the napkins when you’ve arrived at an extravagant gala event. Taking businesses far beyond the basic scope of a payroll system, Deluxe specializes in areas such as identity fraud, security breaches, print marketing, internet marketing techniques, promotional products, design services, and—its original venture—personalized checks.

Of course, the payroll system is also outstanding, offering one of the easiest to use and most comprehensive online platforms available today. With complete knowledge of the legalities, taxes, and minutiae involved in payroll, Deluxe delivers impressively fast and involved services. Here are some of the key features companies can look forward to with Deluxe:

  • Knowledge Exchange Center

Companies are privy to a tremendous database of industry information that can be used for budget planning, collaboration, and research.

  • Security par excellence

As a check service, security is really where Deluxe outshines its competitors. Offering some of the most advanced security features available on the market today, Deluxe provides details like chemical alteration detection, microprint, safety paper, watermarks, chemical protection, heat-sensitive ink, visible embedded fibers, back security screen, anti-theft holograms, and more. Additionally, Deluxe is a member of the CPSA, so you know you are dealing with a fully-certified and reliable company.

  • Professional business checks

Deluxe lets you create the most professional design and appearance possible, regardless of how big or small your business is, by using customized personal checks in a variety of designs. Some of the design features include monograms, photos, and company fonts/colors. All business checks are created with laser imprints for high security and come with vector images so you can use your design anywhere and in any format including JPEG, PNG, GIF, and PDF.

Deluxe also has virtual checks, provide top stubs for each check dispensed for easy record keeping, and deliver check registers for smart accounting.


Since not everyone is an enterprise and larger corporations require more involvement than small businesses, Deluxe has an excellent pricing scale that accommodates a wide range of business sizes and needs. It has a tremendous selection of packages, so take your time browsing to see all of the options. Some of the pricing plans include:

Monthly price
Create Your Brand
$32/month + $299 initial cost
Get Online
Engage Your Customers
Get Found
Attract New Customers
Launch a New Product

*Prices last updated June 2018

Of course, the plans cover the spectrum depending on the specific services you want and features you’re interested in, but prices can range up to $995. Deluxe also offers the first month of payroll services completely for free, so you can test drive the system and see how easy and user-friendly it really is.

One thing we didn’t appreciate about Deluxe was its vagueness about pricing structures and policies. It’s very hard to get information about the different plans, including cancellation policies, fees, and contract lengths. While customers can enjoy both yearly and month-to-month contracts, this is not readily apparent from a sweep of the website.

It’s difficult to compare this company’s pricing tiers with other payroll services because when you sign up for a Deluxe account, you’re paying for a whole lot more than simple payroll services. As such, there’s no way to make an accurate comparison of the pricing plans. Deluxe does give its customers a 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee, so if you are not completely happy with the service, you won’t have to pay. That speaks volumes no matter what service you are trying out.

Tax Compliance

Tax compliance is an important aspect of a payroll service and one that businesses themselves take seriously. Deluxe has been in the business for more than 100 years, so it really has a good grasp on all the ins and outs of this part of the payment industry. The company brings to the table some solid features including:

  • PremiumLink

Deluxe’s PremiumLink payment option is a smart way to keep necessary cash flow available instead of tied up with premiums. This plan allows you to pay workers’ comp payments according to your payroll (not arbitrarily or based on rates, premiums, or averages), so you don’t tie up your funds on large down payments.

  • Knowledge in areas of taxes, deductions, and filings

Not only is Deluxe well aware and up to date with the latest deductions and insurance requirements, but its agents will handle all of the nitty gritty for you, dealing directly with your insurance agents, so you don’t have to deal with the hassle.

Additionally, Deluxe handles all the tax remittances, calculations, and more, delivering in depth reporting alongside this easy to use platform, federal, state, and local tax filing and legislative compliance, electronic new hiring reporting, and year-end W2 processing.

Payment Options

Another benefit to using Deluxe is the flexibility it allows for payment methods. Employers can pay their employees using either eChecks, direct deposit, or payroll cards, whichever is more convenient. This allows companies to do what’s best for them and employees to receive their paychecks quickly and without any hiccups.


Deluxe has possibly the most user-friendly system on the market today. The platform is flexible like you wouldn’t believe, allowing plenty of room for customization regardless of company size or employment needs. Employees can also access the system and use it with ease thanks to Deluxe’s employee self-service funnel.

The platform is accessible from anywhere, so you can quickly update or amend checks even while on the go, and Deluxe offers a quick reorder process for instantaneous check reordering. What's also really nice about this service is the smooth yet comprehensive way it goes about doing things. Without a lot of hassle or fanfare, Deluxe gets payroll done quickly and efficiently. Then it sends out reports and completes payroll information in concise and informative entries into a thorough journal. And, it’s all in Microsoft Excel downloadable format.

Customer Support

Deluxe has friendly and competent customer support staff. All of them are trained in finance, so they have a good handle on the questions you are asking and knowledge of the answers. Deluxe customer support can be reached via email or phone, and they have an online form to fill out as well. There’s also a live chat for a hands-on discussion with a service rep.

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To sum it all up, Deluxe has a tremendous amount to offer the business world. Services include everything a company could need while growing their businesses in a competitive market. Additionally, Deluxe’s payroll service, in particular, is run via cutting edge technology and knowledgeable staff members, offering the most comprehensive and smooth sailing option available. Deluxe comes highly recommended by online reviewers.

About Deluxe

Deluxe went from a simple personalized checks service to being one of the foremost resources for small businesses and financial institutions across the world. Services include print marketing solutions, business services, and promotional gear, and of course, personalized checks. It has even expanded to create the first business-exclusive social media platform. StaffJun. 18, 2019
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