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Deluxe Payroll Services Review (2023)

Customizable And User-Friendly Interface
By StaffBy Staff -
Last Updated: Jul 04, 2023
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From $39 per month
QuickBooks, email integration
Benefits & HR
Works with all third-party benefits, including 401K, workers’ comp

Our Verdict

Is Deluxe Worth Signing Up For?

Deluxe is no small name in the HR and payroll industry. With more than 100 years of experience and over 4.8 million customers, Deluxe continues to set the standard for businesses across the globe. Offering automated, streamlined services, Deluxe has some of the most comprehensive payroll and HR services out there, including hiring, onboarding, payroll processing, employee management, and benefits administration. 

From $39 per month
QuickBooks, email integration
Benefits & HR
Works with all third-party benefits, including 401K, workers’ comp

Deluxe at a Glance

Editorial Score

Automatic Tax Filing

Automatic payroll and tax filing

HR Features

Workers' compensation and garnishment payments in basic plan, additional HR tools for premium plan

Employee Experience

Employee self-service portal with PTO, worker info, and direct deposits

Customer Service

12-hour daily phone support


90-day trial

Deluxe Pros & Cons


Comprehensive all-inclusive payroll & HR
Easy onboarding, workers’ comp, unemployment
Compliance tax filing including W-2, W-4, 1099, etc.


Pricing plans and add-ons are somewhat confusing
Can’t try it out for free

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How Deluxe Works

Deluxe at a Glance

Best for: SMBs, startups, enterprise corporations, restaurants, retail, healthcare, contractors 

Price range: From $39 per month +$7 per employee

Benefits & HR: Works with all third-party benefits, including 401K, workers’ comp, unemployment insurance, garnishments

Automatic tax filing: Yes

Apps: iOS & Android

Features and Add-ons

Deluxe has been in the industry a long time. What I like about Deluxe is that it continues to update its offerings, developing more advanced features and richer benefits as time goes by. SMBs can appreciate the hands-free, full-service HR and payroll processing Deluxe provides because it’s simple, intuitive, and heavy on the features, including some big ones like:


Obviously, this is the lion’s share of what this review is all about. Deluxe has full-service payroll. What this means is the company will take care of every aspect of payroll for your business. The system itself is very intuitive, so you don’t have to sit there translating a whole new language to get payroll processed each month. 

Deluxe provides an easy system to let you set up automatic payrolls, including onboarding software, benefits enrollment deductions, and W-4 withholdings. You can also set up a direct deposit, so payroll is automatically issued. 

In addition to processing payroll, Deluxe has good reporting that employees can access online, directly from the platform. This is handy for keeping track of deductions, spendings, and filings. I also like that Deluxe offers time-tracking and paycheck calculations that include paid time-off and regular wages calculated. 

Hiring and onboarding

After payroll, this is definitely the biggest benefit Deluxe has to offer for most businesses. The platform includes everything from start to finish, from its easy text-to-apply application feature, all the way to its self-service onboarding process. Deluxe has completely streamlined the aspects of interviewing and hiring new employees. Oh, and best of all, it’s all digital. So everything is accessible from anywhere and paper-free.

 Benefits administration

Deluxe has an automated system for HR solutions as well. You can customize things like benefits or send out notifications about online enrollment for particular benefits you offer. And Deluxe will work with all third parties, so if you already have benefits you’re currently working with, Deluxe will incorporate them into the platform automatically. 

Time tracking 

The app really makes Deluxe shine in the time-tracking arena. Available for Android devices, Deluxe Time helps you track your time no matter where you are, adjust shift schedules, and manage time-off and earnings all from your phone. The app also provides you with advanced reporting and analytics on the go. 

Some other clutch features Deluxe offers include employee-self-service, document management, workers’ comp admin, detailed reports, on-demand support, and employee management (including performance tracking and streamlined termination wizard).

Tax Compliance

Deluxe provides tax filing with its payroll services, including W2s and 1099s, at the end of the year. Tax filings are available for all 50 states, and Deluxe also keeps you up to date with new labor laws and other pertinent governmental, state, or local tax laws. So you are fully compliant without missing a beat.

Payment Options

Deluxe has several payment options that come with two out of three of the plans. You can get 2-day direct deposit, paper checks, and pay cards to pay your employees. And what’s particularly impressive about Deluxe is that it allows you to sync up your pay cycles and set rules to create a more fluid payment system.

Deluxe App

Another thing I really appreciate is that Deluxe offers an intuitive platform that includes automation and easy setup. The system is pretty advanced in terms of functionality (for example, you can set up rules, automations, and data syncing). Deluxe keeps it all simple in case you’re not tech-savvy. 

The processes are all very straightforward (click here, enter there), so anyone can manage the system. And since things are automated, you only have to deal with the initial setup or new entries on occasion. The rest basically does itself.

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Pricing & Special Offers

Deluxe offers three annual plans, a light plan, a blended plan, and an all-inclusive. So there’s a good variety for the various sizes of businesses out there.

The Works
Price per month starting at
$39 +$7 per
$49 +$7 per
$39 +$12 per
Full-service payroll and tax filings
Digital hiring and onboarding
Employee self-service
Workers’ compensation administration
2-day direct deposit, paper checks, and pay cards
Detailed payroll reports
HR reports
On-Demand support
HR document management
Employee performance tracking
Workflow automation and templates

Team directory and org charts
Advanced user permissions, access levels, and roles

Single sign-on
Streamlined termination wizard



All plans require an annual contract, but there’s no cancellation fee. So it’s not really a commitment. Deluxe also has some services available as add-ons, including unlimited workflows, time tracking, project codes, PTO accruals policies, applicant tracking system, HR support, and full benefits administration. Additionally, you can test off the service for 90 days with a satisfaction guarantee.                        

Bottom Line

When you look at the features, user reviews, and platform, it’s not hard to understand why Deluxe has been around for as long as it has. A full-service payroll system that takes care of everything plus automation to boot is nothing to sneeze at. Deluxe takes things further with automatic tax filing, HR benefits administration, and employee management, making it a truly comprehensive package.'s editorial staff is a professional team of editors and writers with dozens of years of experience covering consumer, financial and business products and services.
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