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Aloe Care Health Medical Alerts Review Staff

In a Nutshell

Aloe Care Health medical alert system allows seniors to live independently at home and on the go while giving their family peace of mind. Users stay connected to caregivers and 24/7 emergency response centers via voice-activated hubs, wearable buttons, and GPS-equipped mobile devices. Caregivers stay in touch via the app for real-time updates and direct communication. All this offers freedom when you want it, and support when you need it.


  • Voice-activated Smart Hub
  • Built in 4G so no Wi-Fi needed
  • GPS mobile device with fall-detection technology


  • Requires self-installation
  • Family app requires a smartphone

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Best For

  • Older adults who want to live independently
  • Concerned family members and caregivers

Monitoring Services

Aloe Care Health provides a 24/7/365 monitoring service, so your loved one can maintain direct contact with caregivers and emergency medical personnel. The service is provided through a Smart Hub installed in the home, as well as a mobile companion and wearable button for immediate access to help no matter their location. 

Pressing the Smart Hub’s central button connects the user to Aloe Care Health’s 5-diamond emergency response center, where their professional team will connect you with the right support, be it a medical professional or family member. Alternatively, there are 2 additional buttons on the hub—one to notify the primary caregiver, and the other to send notification to all caregivers/family members in the designated care circle, requesting someone to check in.

In the event of an emergency, the user may be unable to reach the Smart Hub. This is when the voice-activation system is essential. Saying the word “Emergency” at least twice will prompt the hub to ask the user to confirm if it is an emergency. A “yes” response immediately connects the user to the emergency response center, and a “no” response cancels the call.

Aloe Care Health also offers an automatic fall sensor, specially designed for the bathroom (the location of most falls), to detect whether the user is standing, sitting, or lying down. This does not require any wearable technology but works through a 3D mapping of the bathroom, calibrated during initial setup. The system senses if the user does not stand up within 1 minute of lying down, interprets this as a possible fall, and alerts the monitoring service to set up a 2-way call to establish what help is needed. Aloe Care Health also provides built-in motion sensors to notify caregivers of unusual activity, as well as air quality and temperature sensors to ensure a healthy home environment. 

A new addition to the roster, Aloe Care’s Mobile Companion device now brings the company’s same technological prowess outside of the home. Operating on the AT&T LTE network and powered by GPS, this on-the-go device allows seniors access to response teams, caregivers, and family members while running errands, exercising, or simply spending time outside of the house.

Product Features 

Aloe Care Health offers 3 packages: Essentials, Essentials Plus, and Total Care. 

Essentials includes:

Aloe Care Health’s 4G, voice-activated Smart Hub, wearable care button, 24/7 emergency call center, built-in motion, air quality and temperature sensors, secure app for caregivers/family with unlimited users, unlimited 4G service for check-in calls from the app to the hub and a motion activated night light.

Essentials Plus includes:

Everything included in the Essentials package plus the Aloe Care Mobile Companion, an on-the-go device that works nationwide on the AT&T & LTE network and features 24/7 emergency response, GPS location detection, 2-way inbound and 1-way outbound calls, a wearable fall detection device, and vibrational feedback settings for the sight- and hearing-impaired. 

Total Care includes:

Everything included in the Essentials Plus package as well as automatic fall detection in the bathroom with voice recognition (no wearables necessary). Plus, 2 motion sensors for additional home coverage (Wi-Fi is required).

The Smart Hub included in all 3 packages is a secure speaker that enables seniors to connect with everyone in their care circle or their main caregiver, as well as the 24/7 emergency response center if needed. The Smart Hub can be activated either by voice or the touch of a button. It detects the air quality and temperature of the room and alerts about any anomalies as well as any major changes in movement. Anyone in the care circle can connect to the senior via the Smart Hub by touching the check-in button on the app. This sets up a call to the hub which can be answered manually or by voice activation—a great way to offer your loved one assistance, or just to chat.

The portable care button comes complete with 2 versatile wearing options: on a pendant like a necklace, or a wrist band like a watch, so you can adjust to suit your needs.

All 3 packages include the Aloe Care Health mobile app, designed as a central platform for caregivers and family members to stay connected both with the senior and each other, helping maintain the best care and support possible while allowing the senior to live independently.

The Mobile Companion Device included with the Essentials Plus and Total Care packages grants even more freedom and peace of mind to both its wearers and their family members and caretakers. It fully integrates with the family mobile app, rounding out the mobile app and the at-home Smart Hub to create a full-spectrum network of independence, security, and protection.

Installation Process

The Aloe Care Health monitoring system comes with step-by-step installation guides to walk you through the entire process—from unboxing the product, to finding the right locations for the Smart Hub and motion sensors. There are also videos on the website for more assistance.

You’ll need to download the mobile app onto your smartphone (from App Store or Google Play). Open the app and enter your account details; the username and password are provided when you purchase the package. Once your account is set up, the app will instruct you how to connect with the hub and other hardware devices. You can then invite other family members/caregivers (number of users is unlimited) to connect through the app and create a personalized care circle for your senior’s needs.

This is a self-installation system so there are no technicians sent out to set everything up for you. However, the guides and videos have been designed to be user-friendly, even for technophobes. Plus, once you have the skills, you now have the flexibility of tailoring the system to suit the user’s needs and adapting it as those needs change.

Contract and Fees

There is no long-term contract with Aloe Care Health, and you can cancel at any time. There is a one-off payment for the package for all the hardware, and then a monthly subscription cost. The monthly cost is $29.99, $39.99, or $49.99 per month, depending on whether you choose the Essentials, Essentials Plus, or Total Care plan.

Cost per Month
Essentials Plus
Total Care

Note that an additional 1-time hardware cost is required for the equipment, which starts at $149.99 for the Essentials plan and goes up based on the package you choose.

Customer Service

As well as the 24-hour emergency care line, Aloe Care Health has a comprehensive FAQ section on their website. There is also an option to contact an agent by email at, or by phone on 1-888-256-3227.

Bottom Line

If you are concerned for vulnerable loved ones who still wish to live independently but need the reassurance of monitoring technology for peace of mind, then Aloe Care Health medical alert system is for you. The service gives you the freedom to live independently at home and while away with the knowledge that, should you need it, help is just a button click or voice command away. There are no long-term contracts to tie you down, so if your needs change and you no longer require the services of Aloe Care Health, it’s a quick and simple process to cancel without any further obligations.

About Aloe Care Health

Aloe Care Health has been innovative in developing comprehensive systems for collaborative care. Based in New York, the company was founded largely by caregivers, so they really do have insight and understanding of the needs of this sector. Their aim is to provide technological solutions to ensure seniors can live independently as long as possible and feel reassured that support is on hand should they need it. Aloe Care Health believes strongly in allowing the technology to do its job, thereby freeing up caregivers to do theirs.

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The author of this article has been paid by Natural Intelligence to write this article. Neither the author nor Natural Intelligence provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. If you think you may have a medical emergency, call your doctor or your local emergency number immediately.

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