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Aloe Care Health Medical Alerts Review (2023)

medical alert devices and a capable mobile app for caregiver teams

Juliette Siegfried, MPH

In a Nutshell

Aloe Care Health offers at-home and on-the-go medical alert devices that connect to a 24/7 monitoring center. While equipment costs are pricey, Aloe Care Health’s monitoring subscriptions are relatively affordable. Its Mobile Companion wearable device has automatic fall detection, and the mobile app enables caregivers to check in with you and, if required, contact the monitoring center for help.


  • Automatic fall detection
  • Mobile app for caregivers
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Upfront cost for equipment
  • Mobile device is bulky

Aloe Care Health Aloe Care Health Visit Site

How Much Does Aloe Care Health Cost?

Aloe Care Health provides four device packages that range from $99.99 to $349.99. You also have to pay for a monitoring subscription that costs between $24.99-$49.99 per month.

Aloe Care Health Plans - Packages & Pricing


Monthly Price

Design For

Connection Type

Equipment Fees

Mobile Companion


On the go





At home

Cellular and WiFi


Essentials Plus


At home and on the go

Cellular and WiFi


Total Care


At home and on the go

Cellular and WiFi


Aloe Care Health Features - Products & Equipment

Aloe Care Health provides several medical alert devices for on-the-go and at-home use.

Mobile Companion

The Aloe Care Health Mobile Companion is an on-the-go medical alert device to wear around your neck or clip to your clothing. It has an emergency button and two-way speaker, so you can communicate with the Aloe Care Health emergency monitoring center. It also supports automatic fall detection and GPS location tracking.

The Mobile Companion connects to Aloe Care Health’s monitoring center and Aloe Care Health mobile app via 4G cellular networks. The device has a battery life of up to five days.


The Essentials package includes a smart hub for your home as well as a wearable bracelet with an emergency button. The smart hub has an emergency button and two-way speaker, so you can communicate with the monitoring center during an emergency. You can also voice activate an emergency response by saying “emergency” repeatedly to the smart hub.

Aloe Care Health Features Medical Alerts - Products & Equipment

The hub includes sensors for temperature, carbon dioxide, and volatile organic compounds, and can automatically issue an alert to the monitoring center if it detects unsafe air conditions. The hub also has a motion-activated night light.

The smart hub connects to the Aloe Care Health monitoring center via 4G cellular networks or your home’s WiFi network. It must be plugged in, but has an internal battery backup that lasts up to six hours, so it continues to function despite power outages.

The Essentials Plus package includes the smart hub, wearable emergency bracelet, and Mobile Companion device.

Motion Detectors

The Total Care package includes a smart hub, wearable emergency bracelet, Mobile Companion, two motion detectors, and a fall detection device intended for use in the bathroom.

The motion detectors can be placed anywhere in your home and will issue an alert if it detects unusual activity. The fall detection device is placed on the wall and uses a motion sensor for fall detection. It can be voice activated to issue an alert, but doesn’t have a two-way speaker like the smart hub or Mobile Companion.

The motion detectors and fall detection device require an in-home WiFi network to connect to your smart hub.

Aloe Care Health Optional Features & Accessories

Aloe Care Health doesn’t offer any optional add-ons or accessories at this time.

Aloe Care Health Installation & Setup

Aloe Care Health devices are designed to work out of the box, and setup is basic and easy to understand.

Mobile Companion

The Mobile Companion needs to be charged when it arrives, which takes around six hours. After that, it’s ready to use with no further setup necessary.

By default, the device arrives with fall detection turned on. You can turn it off using the Aloe Care Health mobile app.

Smart Hub

The smart hub must be plugged into a wall outlet in your home. Aloe Care Health recommends placing it away from televisions or other noise sources, and in an area of your home within easy reach. Be sure to not obstruct the motion detectors on the front of the device, which activate the night light.

Press the center button on the hub to confirm connection to your cellular network. The included wearable emergency bracelet arrives already connected to your hub.

Aloe Care Health Monitoring Services

Aloe Care Health has a US-based 24/7 monitoring center that’s rated with a TMA Five Diamond certification. All Aloe Care Health products include nationwide coverage.

Aloe Care Health’s response team accepts calls from you or from the caregiver team. Caregivers can use the Aloe Care Health mobile app to make an audio check-in with a device user, and can patch in an Aloe Care Health dispatcher to the conversation if they feel something is wrong. 

Is There an Aloe Care Health App?

The Aloe Care Health mobile app is a key component of this medical alert device system. You can use the app to configure your devices, including turning automatic fall detection on or off on the Mobile Companion, and connecting your smart hub to your WiFi network. You can also use the app to check temperature and air quality readings from your smart hub.

Caregivers can use the app to track a user’s location using the GPS in the Mobile Companion, and can initiate an audio check-in using the two-way speakers built into the Mobile Companion and smart hub.

Aloe Care Health Medical Alerts Features - Mobile App

Caregivers can write a note after each check-in, which is visible to all other users on your caregiver team. The mobile app enables you to add an unlimited number of users to your caregiver team.

The Aloe Care Health app is free for iOS and Android. 

Aloe Care Health Contracts - Warranty & Insurance

Aloe Care Health offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on all products. You pay for all monitoring plans on a month-by-month basis, and can cancel any time. You pay for the equipment upfront, so it’s yours to keep if you decide to cancel your plan.

Aloe Care Health does not offer a warranty for any of its devices, nor a protection plan. If you break or lose a device, you can purchase a replacement directly from the company.

Aloe Care Health Customer Service - Help & Support

Aloe Care Health provides customer support by phone and email from 9am-5pm Monday-Friday (ET). We called and were connected to a representative in less than two minutes.

The Aloe Care Health website includes a searchable online knowledge base, as well as user guides for the smart hub. These include step-by-step tutorials to help you set up your device and connect the Aloe Care Health mobile app. There’s a useful troubleshooting section should you have any issues with your Aloe Care Health profile, software, or hardware.

How Aloe Care Health Compares to Other Medical Alerts

Aloe Care Health

Medical Guardian

Life Alert

Medical Alert

Cost of Upfront Equipment





Monthly Monitoring Fees



From $69.99


Activation Fees





Optional Monthly Add-ons





Water-Resistant Devices





Fall Detection


Yes ($10 per month)


Yes ($10 per month)

GPS Location Monitoring





Mobile App






Cellular, WiFi

Landline, Cellular, WiFi

Landline, Cellular

Landline, Cellular

Optional Accessories


Alert 911, emergency buttons, fall detection pendant

Emergency buttons


Aloe Care Health vs Medical Guardian

Medical Guardian offers a wide range of at-home and on-the-go medical alert devices, plus a large selection of accessories and add-ons. You have more flexibility to create a custom alert system that suits your lifestyle, but Medical Guardian monthly subscription costs that include the add-ons could add up quickly compared to Aloe Care Health.

Medical Guardian offers a mobile app for caregivers, but unlike the Aloe Care Health app, doesn’t offer check-ins.

Aloe Care Health vs Life Alert

Life Alert offers a simple emergency button with limited features compared to Aloe Care Health devices. It doesn’t support automatic fall detection, and the Life Alert mobile app doesn’t enable caregivers to check in or share information. The Life Alert device also doesn’t have GPS tracking. 

Life Alert charges high monthly subscription fees compared to Aloe Care Health.

Aloe Care Health vs Medical Alert

Medical Alert provides an at-home and on-the-go device, as well as an optional fall detection pendant. Its system is cost-comparable to Aloe Care Health’s devices, but the at-home device requires a landline connection and doesn’t support WiFi.

Medical Alert has a basic mobile app, and it doesn’t enable your caregiver team to check in with you.

The Bottom Line

Aloe Care Health offers a capable medical alert system for at-home and on-the-go use. The Mobile Companion includes automatic fall detection, and all devices can connect to the 24/7 monitoring center by cellular network. Plus, Aloe Care Health’s equipment and monitoring fees are affordable relative to competitors.

Aloe Care Health especially stands out for its mobile app, which enables caregivers to check in with device users. Caregivers can leave notes for one another, and patch in an Aloe Care Health responder to the conversation if something is amiss. 

Overall, Aloe Care Health provides good value for money. 

Frequently Asked Questions
Who owns Aloe Care Health?+-

Aloe Care Health is owned by Evan Schwartz, Lasse Hamre, Ray Spoljaric, the company’s three co-founders. The company has received investment from City Light, the Million Lives Fund, the Springbank Collective, and Drumbeat Ventures.

How long has Aloe Care Health been in business?+-

Aloe Care Health has been in business since 2018.

Is Aloe Care Health legit?+-

Aloe Care Health operates a 24/7 monitoring center that’s certified as TMA Five Diamond. The company isn’t rated by the Better Business Bureau or Trustpilot.

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