Medical Alert Review StaffDec. 17, 2018

In a Nutshell

Medical Alert provides comprehensive at-home and on-the-go medical alarm solutions to keep you safe and independent while living in your own home and community. Its broad range of services are used by consumers, hospitals, home healthcare agencies and healthcare professionals nationwide. Equipment comes at no charge with no activation fees or long-term contracts, providing loved ones with peace of mind.


  • Mobile system battery life is up to 36 hours
  • Fall detection on every system and mobile GPS


  • No activity monitoring
  • Smoke detection not standard

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Monitoring Services

Medical Alert monitors at fully redundant, 5 Diamond and SIA certified emergency response centers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Connect America, Medical Alert’s parent company, is a government-approved provider of advanced products and services including medical alarms, telehealth and remote patient monitoring in over 30 states. These medical alarm and telehealth solutions have been chosen by consumers, hospitals, home healthcare agencies and healthcare professionals nationwide.

How It Works

Activating a Medical Alert system is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Push the button. You’ll immediately be connected to an operator
  2. Talk to help
  3. Help arrives fast

Products and Features

Medical Alert has both at -home and on the go systems to match any lifestyle, including an exclusive Mobile Elite product that has GPS location, fall detection and a caregiver app. In addition to the exclusive mobile product there are 2 other mobile systems and one of them is an all-in-one button that you can speak directly into. If an at-home system is more desirable, there are 2 options that work with or without a traditional landline. Fall detection is available on every system. All solutions come with a lifetime warranty and are completely waterproof.

Installation Process

Each Medical Alert system kit includes a base unit, and 2 waterproof pendants with both wrist and necklace options. Installation is as simple as plugging in the equipment to an electrical outlet and, in the case of the landline product, to a phone line. Once you've done so, simply press [help button] to test the equipment. The wrist and necklace pendants come out of the box already synced with the base station. Pressing the button will immediately connect you to trained professionals at the monitoring center.

Contracts and Pricing

Prices Starting at
At-Home Landline
At-Home, No Landline

*Last updated: May, 2018

Medical Alert offers competitive pricing with no hidden fees. There are no long-term contracts and customers can cancel at any time. Landline services are available from $18.29 per month, and making an annual payment adds free shipping and a free month of service. At-home cellular options start at $25.62 per month, and on-the-go mobile services start at $32.04 per month.

Medical Alert Medical Alert Visit Site

Extra Features & Options

Medical Alert keeps things pretty simple, offering emergency medical alert system devices without a whole lot of extra bells and whistles. You do get a free lockbox when you pay annually, plus the company sometimes offers free shipping and a free month during special promotions. But you won’t find a whole list of additional services available to confuse you when you’re making your selection. Medical Alert keeps it short, simple, and straight to the point.

Bottom Line

You won’t find too many surprises with Medical Alert as far as medical alert services provided. Both the landline and non-landline (cellular) home units come with a 600-foot range and up to a 72-hour battery backup, which is fairly standard in the industry. Medical Alert is an industry leader and the largest medical alarm company in North America that offers competitive service and pricing.

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