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vcita Marketing Tools Review

Top10.com Staff

In a Nutshell

vcita is a business management app that includes helpful tools like scheduling, payments, CRM, and document sharing directly from the application. Now, this service also includes marketing tools to help businesses get more leads and convert them into loyal customers. With easy to follow templates, guides, automated campaigns, client management, email, announcements, and more, vcita makes automated marketing something anyone can handle.


  • Easy and beautiful email and SMS campaigns
  • Create campaigns via mobile app
  • Advanced customer management system


  • Template customization is limited
  • No SEO tools

vcita at a Glance

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vcita vcita Visit Site

vcita Marketing Tools at a Glance

Best for: Small teams, service-based businesses

Key uses: Business management, automated email marketing

Price: Starting from $19 per month

Free trial: 14-day free trial 

Email Marketing

Email marketing is where vcita shines. It’s got everything from automation (more on that in a minute) to customized campaigns and more. vcita has some beautifully designed templates, and the team is always adding new designs to keep the content fresh. Admittedly, vCita doesn’t offer as many design customization options as other website builders, but since the focus is more on marketing and business management, this isn’t the focal point of the app.

Back to email automation. vcita offers easy to set up automated email campaigns based on various journeys and actions your customers and leads take. This is a lot more detailed than some email automation tools out there. You can set up automation for things like anniversary discounts, thank you for your purchase emails, or shopping cart reminders. Once they’re set, you don’t have to do anything since the emails are sent out on autopilot.

You can create and manage your email campaigns on your mobile device with the vcita mobile app. This is a great feature because most businesses today (especially vcita’s target audience) aren’t sitting behind a desk, but actually doing business on the go. And what’s more, vcita lets you utilize multichannel marketing campaigns with SMS and email syncing. You can send out an email and then follow up a short while later with a friendly text message or reminder.

Social Media Marketing

vcita lets you add a call to action button directly on your Facebook pages. It also gives you the ability to create and send coupons and promotions to your social media followers. vcita has a detailed tag-based system that lets you customize each of these campaigns, so you can send out a different message to each group in your contact lists.

Website Design

vcita has a basic landing page builder. It’s not as advanced as something like Wix or other dedicated website builders, but for a marketing and business tool application, it’s a great option. And best of all, it’s easy to use.

vcita pages are mobile-responsive, and there are several well-designed templates to choose from. There are built-in forms, payment method functionality, and file sharing included within this feature. Oh, and another good thing about vcita website design is that pages are built with optimization in mind. The layout and design promote customer action with CTAs and forms ready to capture leads and move them down the funnel.


vcita's online scheduler is a handy tool, especially for freelancers. It allows you to book appointments, classes, or events and sync with calendar apps, email, and more. So, you never run into scheduling issues or miss an important appointment because you forgot to put it on your calendar.

This feature is pretty extensive, too. You can customize your calendar and post it on your website, so clients can book directly from the site without having to make a phone call or leave your website. This also comes with branded invoices for a more professional appearance.

Lead Generation

vcita also does lead generation and capture really well. It has forms and pop-ups like most marketing tool services do. Aside from that, vcita has quick and easy segmentation. So, you can select the criteria by which to segment leads, prioritize your marketing efforts, and launch more targeted campaigns based on things like location, status, interests, or other tags. This is a great feature, in our opinion, that really helps distinguish your marketing campaigns from the onslaught of emails people are used to ignoring.

vcita also has a LiveSite widget that is essentially a lead capture tool on steroids. You can set up the widget across your social media channels and websites to give your customers a more personalized experience (think “Hello, Shawn, here’s what you were looking at the last time you visited” when you visit the site). Via LiveSite, customers can also schedule appointments and get more information. So, it’s a really advanced tool that is worth having in your toolbox.


vcita has three plans to choose from for individuals. There are also team options we’ll discuss below. The solo plans include:

Essentials Plan
Business Plan
Platinum Plan
Annual pricing
$19 per month
$45 per month
$75 per month
Monthly pricing
Automated campaigns
Send automated campaigns
Send and customize automated campaigns
Campaign recipients
Facebook and reserve with Google Integration
Online lead capturing widget
Email and SMS marketing campaigns
Online coupons
Custom client portal domain

The Essentials Plan is good for very small businesses that don’t need a lot of customization or frills. It offers the basics like online lead capture and business management tools. The Business Plan gives you a lot more in terms of marketing, though. You can send out automated campaigns, create online coupons, and incorporate SMS marketing campaigns. Finally, the Platinum Plan is ideal for medium or larger businesses that want to have marketing without restrictions.

vcita offers a 14-day free trial that lets you test out the system for free. What’s really great about this free trial is that you don’t even have to put in your credit card details (so there's no fear of paying for a service simply because you forgot to cancel).

Team plans range from $45 a month (annually) up to $196. Unlike the solo plans, even the most basic business plan offers all of the vcita marketing and business management tools, albeit to a greater or lesser degree.

vcita vcita Visit Site

Customer Service

vcita’s customer support options are impressive. To begin with, you can schedule a demo directly on the website (there’s that online scheduling coming in handy again), send an email, or speak to a representative. You can also browse through the detailed help center for more answers.

What’s really great about vcita customer service is the setup assistance. You can jump onto any of the weekly webinars to get an explained walk-thru of the entire system and setup process. There are also detailed video tutorials and setup guides that take you one step at a time through everything. If nothing else works, vcita will also set up a private session with a rep to personally walk you through the process. That’s dedication!

Bottom Line

vcita is a great business management app that also offers some helpful marketing tools within its system. The services range from fast and convenient online scheduling to detailed contact management and branded payments and invoicing. vcita excels at customization, allowing you to personalize your email campaigns down to the last detail, so it is just the right message for each of your customer segments. If you’re looking for a comprehensive solution for lead capture, marketing campaign management, and landing page optimization, vcita is a great place to start.

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