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Wix Marketing Tools Review Staff

In a Nutshell

Marketing can mean a lot of different things to different businesses, but most will agree that SEO, analytics, social media, email, and fresh content are essential pieces to the marketing puzzle regardless of who, what, or where. Wix does a great job of combining all of these necessary functions into a neat package with its user-friendly and feature-rich website builder. Delivering a complete marketing toolbox, Wix is putting SMBs on the map.


  • Easy to use, even for beginners
  • Wix Code for more advanced customization
  • Wix SEO Wiz for tailored marketing


  • Can't switch out templates later on
  • So many options can get overwhelming

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Wix Marketing Tools at a Glance

Best for: Small businesses, startups, self-employed, gig workers

Key uses: SEO, email marketing, website building, website design, blogging

Price: From $13 per month

Free trail: Limited free plan, 14-day free trial for premium plans


Wix runs the gamut when it comes to SEO features. It starts with the basics, like a custom domain name and keyword tags, but quickly progresses to more advanced features like a personalized SEO plan to boost your rankings. Wix SEO Wiz creates a customized checklist, so you can really grow your business in an organized and effective fashion. You’ll be able to do a lot with this toolbox, including:

  • Track competitor’s performance
  • Analyze SEO for better Google rankings
  • Check visitor behavior and site traffic

One of the biggest marketing features Wix offers is social integration. Create a posting schedule and automate it, promote products, design post page styles, and add content quickly to your various pages. Share posts and various creations of your own design on Facebook and Instagram directly through the platform. Wix also has a neat social media channel analysis. This feature will help grow your audience via the popular social media channels as well as ensure that your content stays fresh.

And to top it all off, Wix has a good amount of analytics to track site performance and other important stats for business growth.

Email Marketing

Wix really hands you the reigns when it comes to email marketing personalization. What that means is that it’s possible to choose how little or how much customization you want in emails and email campaigns. If there’s not a lot of time, Wix has plenty of attractive email templates that you can add branding to for fast and easy email marketing with flair. If you have a bit more time, though, Wix gives a lot of flexibility to really create emails for individuals and mailing groups.

Additionally, Wix has several convenient tools that make email marketing a much more pleasant task for any marketer. For one (very major) thing, Wix has a full contact management system in place. So, you can keep track of subscribers and set up auto-mailing lists and rules. You can also set up automation via Wix, to automatically send out things like Welcome or Thank You emails to new customers, cart reminders, and other important recurring emails.

Plus, it’s easy for newcomers to subscribe to mailing lists with conveniently-placed (and customizable) buttons. Get a personalized email address to fit your website domain. That’s pretty basic, but it’s also important if you want to create a professional persona.

The email tool also has excellent mailing analytics. Keep tabs on things like open and click-thru rates directly through the platform. It’s impressive how much Wix packs into a single tool. 

Website Design

We have to say, Wix impressed us with its latest updates, and here's why. Wix was once the go-to option for cheap, fast, and easy website design. But the website builder has really upped its game, and today, you can get a much more professional and customized look from this builder. Choose the type of site structure you want, including product pages, image galleries, and blog sites along with the traditional text-based pages. And that's just the beginning.

Wix has a pretty large set of prefab templates to choose from. With more than 500 designs made by professional designers, you don’t need to have any artistic flair to get what you want from this website builder. 

Wix is an easy tool to use for building a website from the ground up, as well. It has the handy drag-and-drop editor, so you can customize and design your pages to look exactly how you want them to and select from over 100 fonts or upload a custom font.

One thing that is crucial for marketing is being mobile-friendly. All Wix pages are optimized, so your customers will have a seamless and smooth experience on any device.

Being unique is also an important marketing technique, and Wix has a few features that can help out in that department. Adding effects to your pages like parallax, reveal, and fade-in scrolling can differentiate your website from competitors. Wix supplies these cool features and provides some great tutorials to help you figure out how to use them when building your site for maximum effect.

Finally, Wix offers some more advanced design elements that some of the more basic builders don’t. Things like video backgrounds and animation can really add another dimension of professionalism (the WOW factor) to set your company apart.


Wix has a free hosting plan, but it’s pretty limited. If you want any premium features, you’ll have to pay for them. You can test drive the platform for 14 days with the free trial to see how you like it. Once you decide to subscribe, Wix has several plans to choose from. Here’s a pricing table for the standard website builder:

Website pricing
Unlimited bandwidth, 10GB storage
Unlimited bandwidth, 20GB storage
Unlimited bandwidth, 20GB storage
Video minutes

All plans come with free domains for a year and no-ads experience. Upper plans include things like site booster app, visitor analytics, events calendar, professional logo, and VIP support.

There’s a different pricing structure for business and e-commerce sites:

Business Basic
Business Unlimited
Business VIP
Business & eCommerce pricing
Call for more details
Video hours

All plans include $300 ad vouchers, the ability to accept online payments, unlimited bandwidth, Wix ad removal, and connecting your domain. Upper plans include the same advanced features as website builder plans. Wix also has a dedicated service for marketers called Ascend, which is an upgrade to the regular Wix subscription. This has three plans (Basic, Professional, and Unlimited), ranging from $9 to $45 a month. 

Wix.Com Wix.Com Visit Site

Customer Service

Wix has a pretty extensive help center. It’s loaded with useful articles to answer just about any question you could think of. If that’s not enough, you can submit a ticket and/or request a callback. Wix customer service is available in several languages, but it’s accessible 24/7 in English only.

Speaking of customer service, we think it's great that Wix incorporates live chat and customizable social media widgets because everyone knows that between social and customer support responses, that's where the most marketing is done today.

Bottom Line

Wix offers a boatload of cool and convenient features to help make your marketing tasks faster, easier, and more productive than ever. From blogging to video and content creation, basics of website building, and the all-important SEO Wiz, Wix really goes the extra mile to help its clients make the most out of their websites.

Aside from all the built-in features that make it easier for a marketer to get the job done, Wix has a tremendous app market. So, you can pretty much integrate any tool you want to make your website really stand out; tools like social media channels and buttons, loyalty programs, customized welcome bar, contact forms, chat functionality, news feeds, and even complete email marketing platforms. 

Any marketers looking for a comprehensive and easy to use website builder with built-in marketing functionality will do well to check into Wix today.

Frequently Asked Questions
Does Wix have email marketing?+-

Yes, Wix offers a free email marketing service that let's you enjoy a host of features with no obligation. As part of the free plan, you can send a total of 5,000 individual emails each month over the course of 3 campaigns or mailings.

How do I create a newsletter on Wix?+-

Wix Email Marketing includes designer-made templates and an intuitive editor that help you with the process of creating a newsletter. All you have to do is decide on the content and when you want to send it, and Wix will do the rest for you.

What is the best Wix marketing tool?+-

Wix is a great choice as it offers a boatload of cool and convenient features to help make your marketing tasks faster, easier, and more productive than ever. With Wix you can track competitor’s performance and analyze SEO for better Google rankings.'s editorial staff is a professional team of editors and writers with dozens of years of experience covering consumer, financial and business products and services.

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Ease of use

Brand satisfaction

Value for money

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a year ago

It's an excellent site that does things well. The layouts and options and overall steps are great.

a year ago

Wix is a very reasonable service to use as far as their price and they are very simple to use and their websites look professional.

a year ago

I feel like the data analytics from Wix provides a deep understanding about my business.

a year ago

Very easy to use marketing tools, and they were quite effective as well. It was a great experience.

a year ago

Of course it is great I've ever seen... since I using this this I never face any problem.

a year ago

I think this service is one of the best on the net. They have all the tools and quality effects you need to set up a system that is effective for you.

a year ago

Wix was very easy to use when creating my own website. Never had any issues while running my own site. It's the easiest I've ever used.

a year ago

The platform is super quick to build and easy to use so it is a good deal overall.

a year ago

I have used Wix to create multiple business websites and have recommended it to others. The websites are easy to make and look extremely professional.

1 years ago

They offer a great easy to use service that you can access for free. This is a great service.

1 years ago

Wix handles all of my marketing needs from advertising to SEO services and it is affordable.

1 years ago

Easy to use, good web tools for selling things, good customer support. Never had issues with it before. I sell art online and it has been instrumental in my business. Being able to link everything to one webpage and have it update with my Instagram is really nice.

1 years ago

The platform the wix platform overall is a good website hosting domain. It's a little difficult in the begging.

1 years ago

I personally use marketing tools for my small business so having wix is a great help for my business and products I sell.

1 years ago

Super easy to use and reliable. It also is intuitive and super smooth. The value is amazing for what it gives.

a year ago

They are not perfect but they do a credible job. They are reliable and provide a professional service.

a year ago

I gave Wix the rating I did because it is a great website but there are some flaws.

a year ago

My website was done within budget and it looks really good. The website builder is easy for anyone with basic computer skills to use.

a year ago

It is very user friendly for beginners. It is very organized and you can easily find what you need.

a year ago

Wix is good for simple user friendly websites, it is also very budget friendly.

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