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Fiverr vs. Tailor Brands: Which Logo Design Firm Is Right for Your Business?

Daniel Clinton
Fiverr vs. TailorBrands head to head battle
When choosing a professional logo design firm for your business, you should consider key factors such as variety, price, customization options, speed of delivery and personalized service. Two of the leading sources for logo design services are Fiverr and Tailor Brands. How do these two companies stack up in a head-to-head comparison in these key areas? Let's take a look.

Logo Design Variety

Fiverr is a platform for freelance graphic designers who make logos, so variety is its strong point. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of designers to choose from, each with their own unique style and point of view.  

Fiverr lets you choose your preference between a number of styles, such as:

  • versatile
  • flat/minimalist
  • mascot/cartoon
  • vintage/retro
  • 3D signature and hand drawn.

It asks you what your preferred price range is and the time frame in which you need to receive your logo. It then shows you the designers that fit your needs. You can filter your search by seller rating, by the type of logo styles or sizes they will provide you with and even by the language they speak.

Tailor Brands uses technology such as machine learning to craft an original logo for your business based on your preferences. Tailor Brands’ logo wizard asks you a series of questions to help create a logo that will suit your business. It starts by asking you the name of your business, and requests a short description of what service or product the business provides.

Next, the wizard prompts you to choose a logo type: Icon Based, Name Based, or Initial Based. It then has you choose between different examples to determine your preferred style. The wizard then crafts your logo. Tailor Brands’ computer-generated logo system can not compare with Fiverr where variety is concerned.

Winner: Fiverr  

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While you certainly want a professional that you can trust to design your logo, being able to request revisions is an important option. Tailor Brands offers unlimited revisions with its premium plan, however, a designer doesn’t do the revisions for you - you make the changes yourself with the DIY editor.

With Fiverr, the individual designers decide how many revisions they will offer for each pricing plan. Some will offer unlimited revisions even on the cheapest Basic plan level, while others might start with 2 revisions on their cheapest pricing tier and add revisions as you go up in tier. In any event, you can decide how important revision control is for you, and pick a designer accordingly. Perhaps you feel more comfortable doing the revisions yourself, however, you’re paying for professional design, so it only seems right that a professional do your revisions until you get a product that you’re happy with.

Winner: Fiverr


If you must have a logo immediately, then Tailor Brands may very well be the best option for you. Its automated system for logo creation is quicker than any human designer ever could be.  The quality of designs is surprisingly good and you can do any customization of colors or fonts by yourself in an instant.

Fiverr designers offer varying delivery times, but none can compete with Tailor Brand’s speed. There are just a handful of Fiverr designers that will deliver in up to 24 hours, while others will deliver in up to 3 days, or up to 7 days. You must take into account that revisions will take time as well.

Fiverr's delivery times are flexible and relatively quick, although some of the highest rated designers may have a longer delivery period. Tailor Brands takes the cake here with the quickest logo creation there is.

Winner: Tailor Brands 

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Tailor Brands does not allow you to merely purchase your logo. You must sign up for one of two branding subscription services. In addition to purchasing your logo, the subscription gives you ongoing features, such as a landing page,  social posts design, seasonal logos, unlimited backup, brand strategy planning, and more.

The Dynamic Logo plan is $9.99 per month, while the Premium plan is $49.99 per month. The more expensive plan’s features include a business card design tool, weekly Facebook posts, a social covers design tool and a Facebook ads tool. You can cancel your subscription at any time. Discounts are offered for annual or 2-year subscriptions.  The Dynamic Logo plan drops to $2.99 per month when billed annually and $2.50 per month for a 2-year subscription, while the Premium plan drops to $10.99 per month when billed annually and just $9.99 per month for a biennial deal.

Fiverr, with its wide variety of independent designers, offers an array of pricing options. All designers offer a Basic plan, a Standard plan and a Premium plan. Basic plans start as low as $5 and can be in the hundreds of dollars for some designers. More logo versions, vector files for printing on merchandise, social media kits and other features are added as you move up in tier. Generally, the number of revisions you are allowed also increases as you move up in tier. Tailor Brands is selling you not only a logo, but a branding service, while Fiverr sticks to logo-based features. Because of its low minimum price and diversity, Fiverr gets the win in the Pricing category.

Winner: Fiverr 

Personalized Service

While Tailor Brand's logo design is automated, those with a premium subscription plan can have the staff manually make requested tweaks to their logos if they are not able to make the changes with the Logo Tools feature. The company offers one tweak for free and all other changes can be made for a fee. Sizes, colors and fonts can be changed.

Tailor Brands also has a knowledge base in which it has answers to frequently asked questions about using the product and subscriptions. For further questions customers can submit a query by email with Tailor Brand's customer support staff.

Fiverr makes the sellers on its site adhere to a service pledge, so that despite the large number of independent designers, there is a uniform standard of customer service. In addition, because sellers are highly dependent on user reviews, they tend to go above and beyond to please buyers. All sellers can be contacted from their gig page prior to the ordering of a service or afterward. If there is a dispute about an order you can use Fiverr's Resolution Center to solve the problem or contact Fiverr customer support if necessary.

Fiverr features a help center with FAQs and video tutorials, as well as a user forum. For questions that demand an answer from Fiverr support staff, you can submit a request through the company's Help Center page.

Fiverr has the edge in this category as well. With so many sellers competing for your business, they will go out of their way to please the buyer. With its automated system, Tailor Brand's strong suit isn't personalized service.

Winner: Fiverr

Overall Winner: Fiverr

Tailor Brands offers a cool technological solution to those in need of a logo in a hurry that wish to make their own edits to colors, fonts and sizes. It is also a good option for those who want full branding services rather than just a logo.

For those in search of a variety of professional logo designers to choose from at a wide range of prices, Fiverr is an unparalleled platform. You can see examples of each designer’s work and customer reviews before ordering logo design services from them. The wide range of designers, prices, delivery times and the added bonus of a personal touch make Fiverr the preferred destination for anyone seeking a logo for their business.

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