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10 SEO Marketing Tool Tips You Need to Know

Sarah Pritzker
SEO Marketing Tool Tips
Despite the rise (and fall) of many other marketing tactics, SEO still remains at the helm when it comes to lead generation, brand awareness, and increasing visibility. Getting your site to rank is a complex matrix that most marketers struggle to implement properly.

The good news is that SEO doesn't have to be complicated anymore. Using the right SEO tools, just about anyone can get their business on page one of a Google search and enjoy the premium results that stem from such a comfortable position. Here are a few basic but brilliant SEO marketing tool tips that you need to know if you have a business in 2024.

SEO Marketing Tool Tip #1: Speed Counts, Big Time!

Here's a crazy fact: more than 50% of consumers will leave a mobile page if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load. And what's more, for every additional second, your page views are reduced by 11%. Is that wild, or what? What these stats tell us (other than the fact that our attention span has shrunk to microscopic proportions!) is that page load speed is a vital factor in your website's success. So, optimizing page load speeds is the first SEO marketing tool tip we have to offer.

Google will actually rank you lower if you have a slower page load, so it’s really important that you take a look at what’s slowing your pages down. Is it a hosting issue? Change hosting plans. Is it a browser load problem? Get your programmers on it asap. Is your site image-heavy? Ad-heavy? Or loaded with double-barreled code? Whatever the reasons, search them out and find solutions to pick up the pace fast.

Google PageSpeed Insights can help with this one. And by all means, please optimize for mobile page loads because that’s the lion’s share of traffic these days.

Takeaway: Seek out and fix any problems that stand in the way of optimized page load speeds. 

SEO Marketing Tool Tip #2: Actually use Google Analytics

Most businesses have Google Analytics set up, but how many actually use it properly? Assuming you even look at your analytics, are you cross-referencing the results? Are you applying them to your digital marketing campaigns? In short, are you using the priceless information that this valuable and FREE SEO tool is providing you with?

If not, shame on you. Just kidding, but seriously, start sitting down with GA and pick through the information. It’ll help you better target your top channels for greater revenue.

Takeaway: Utilize the great gift that is Google Analytics to the max.

SEO Marketing Tool Tip #3: See Where You’re Ranking

SEO marketing tools will help you rank, but you won’t know whether or not things are working unless you check where you’re holding. Use tools like Moz Check My Listing to get an idea of where you’re holding and what listings might be holding you back from ranking higher.

You can also utilize tools like SimilarWeb to see where your traffic is coming from the most often and how you’re faring versus the competition.

Takeaway: Find out where you’re holding. It’s actually step one for building a solid SEO campaign.

SEO Marketing Tool Tip #4: Content is King, Optimization is its Crown

There’s a story about a prince who trades places with a pauper who looks just like him. Long story short, he gets in trouble and is thrown into the dungeons. The guards didn’t recognize him without his royal garb.

What’s this got to do with content or SEO marketing? Content is king, but a king without his crown isn’t worth much. Content needs to have the right keywords, tags, and optimization. Content needs to be relevant, fresh, of good quality, and useful. Content needs to be a mix of informative articles, FAQs, and good links. When content checks these boxes, it’s golden.

Takeaway: Load your site with content that your visitors will find useful, has a good mix of keyword usage, and is published regularly to hit the content sweet spot.

SEO Marketing Tool Tip #5: Plan for Keyword Usage, Don’t Wing It!

We've already discussed how important good content is for website ranking. And what's an essential element to good content? Keyword usage. Keyword usage isn't about sprinkling a semi-relevant phrase into the text every few lines. It involves strategy, research, and planning, which is why a keyword planner is the next important SEO marketing tool tip we can offer you.

Planning ensures that you are targeting the right keywords, and not just chasing a random hype phrase that is either irrelevant or unattainable. Using tools like Google Keyword Planner will give you an accurate, up to date, and niche-relevant list of keywords and keyword phrases to target.

Takeaway: Utilize a keyword planner to generate quality content, plan your website, and boost rankings.

SEO Marketing Tool Tip #6: Maximize the Power of An Image

A picture is worth a thousand words, and an optimized image is worth ten times that. That's because an image with a good ALT tag will be indexed, while one without it will go unnoticed by the spiders. Images also need to be of good quality, relevant, and properly captioned with an accurate description. Image optimization can boost click-thru rates, create a better user experience, and reduce page load times. Win-win!

Takeaway: Use images often, and use them properly for maximum results.

SEO Marketing Tool Tip #7: Monitor Your SEO Status

Having SEO tools is one thing, using them properly is an entirely different matter. Sometimes, you can have great tools and intentions, but one small issue is holding you back from getting the rankings you deserve. This is where an SEO checker is so important. Tools like SEO SiteCheckup or Google Search Console will monitor your SEO and point out areas that may be causing you problems. They can also be used to check out the competition, compare, and monitor for better results.

Takeaway: Run a health checkup on your website periodically to see where your SEO marketing efforts are putting you. Then, fix whatever problems come up.

SEO Marketing Tool Tip #8: Leverage Your Social Media Mentions

Social media platforms and SEO directly feed into one another and nurture your overall website productivity. So, in the world of marketing, we all love both of these tools. To get the SEO rankings you want, make sure you're getting the most out of your social media accounts, as well. Tools, like Social Mention and e-Clincher, let you get a full picture of your social media accounts, along with the analysis tools to help you maximize these channels. You should look at engagement, hashtags, keyword phrases, and other important information that you can glean from these accounts. This information will tell you more about your target audience and how to better suit their needs (and rank higher).

Takeaway: Leverage your social media accounts by analyzing top keywords, mentions, comments, and sources.

SEO Marketing Tool Tip #9:  Harness the Power of URLs

Keyword-present URLs have been shown to boost search engine rankings. It’s a simple fact. So, when you’re choosing your site name, make sure it’s appealing for both people and search engines. At the same time, you don’t want to overdo it programmatically, either. Complex parameters are frowned upon by crawlers, so KISS.

Takeaway: Choose URLs that have important keywords and are designed to be crawler-friendly.

SEO Marketing Tool Tip #10: Have Good Link Practices

Using external links to drive traffic to your site is a great way to get noticed by the search engines. Google loves seeing these links because it tells the engine that your content is valuable enough for someone else to share it. So, getting other sites to link to you is golden...as long as it’s legit.

Google doesn’t allow you to buy links from various sites just to boost your presence. This is a blackhat technique that will get you booted out of the system if you’re caught. So, what can you do? Be awesome. No, really. Generate incredible content that other sites will want to share with their viewers. This ensures that you are getting quality inbound links and will respectively boost your rankings.

Takeaway: Create quality, useful content that will get shared around organically.

SEO Marketing: The Key to Business Success

While social media, paid advertising, and other marketing techniques are important, SEO remains one of the best ways to get your name out there to the widest audience possible. And everyone knows the more of a presence you have, the greater the ROI.

Search engines put your brand in front of the eyes of millions of potential customers if you play your cards right. Using smart SEO marketing tools ensures that you rank high in the SERPs, giving you the coverage your business needs to succeed.

Sarah Pritzker
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