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Fiverr vs. Logoinn

Oli Johnson
Fiverr vs. Logoinn
A well-designed, professional logo is one of the standout features of any successful business. Fiverr and Logoinn are two of the most popular logo design companies, each offering specialized logo services and comprehensive logo design packages at great prices.

Fiverr offers endless choices, with thousands of logo designers waiting to take your order, while Logoinn offers premium, high-quality logo designs that are excellent value for money. Let’s dive into the differences between the two and see who comes out on top.

Professional Designs

Logoinn has been in the logo design business for over 15 years. It offers a number of fairly-priced professional logo design packages and produces professional, high-quality designs. In comparison, Fiverr offers a much larger pool of creative logo designers to choose from, with a much wider range of experience and quality.  

With Fiverr you can request a professional, high-resolution logo in just 3 simple steps, and in most instances, you will have several different packages to choose from. Depending on the type of project you’re working on, you can choose the number of concepts, revisions and source files available.

Winner: Fiverr 

Logos from Fivver start at just $5. Fiverr and Logoinn both have a solid selection of professional logo designers. However, when compared to Logoinn's limited variety, Fiverr's depth and quality make it the clear winner.

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Personalized Service

Both Logoinn and Fiverr are rated highly by customers, especially when it comes to variety, customization and revisions.

Fiverr offers a great range of logo design packages at some bargain prices. However, Logoinn has a team of highly experienced designers, who develop high-quality, professional logo designs tailored to the individual customer. It offers unlimited revisions, very fast turnaround times, and promises a 100% money-back guarantee.

Logoinn Pricing

Monthly price
Design concepts
Delivery time
24 hours
24 hours
24 hours
4 business days
24 hours
Startup Gold
24 hours
*Prices last updated May 2018

The range of benefits Logoinn offers seem almost endless; it’s difficult to find another logo design company that offers so much at such personalization at such a great rate. And with 6 different logo-design packages, there really is something for everyone, and for every budget. What’s more, if you come across a logo design package with another provider, offering the same price and benefits as Logoinn, it will beat it by 10%.

Winner: Logoinn

Logoinn provides a variety of pricing plans and packages, as well as 24/7 customer support via phone, email and live chat.

Value For Money

Fiverr offers some unbeatable prices when it comes to logo design. It has a range of designers offering incredibly cheap prices - starting from just $5. However, you need to be careful, because you will get what you pay for when it comes to quality and turnaround times. Most jobs that cost $5 are for the most basic tasks, but of course include add-on options such as quicker turnaround times or extra revisions for an extra fee. With that said, most users have found that filling out a completed and thoughtful brief can lead to a stress-free working relationship with designers.  

While Fiverr does offer some high-quality designs, Logoinn specializes in offering truly impressive, professional logo work, which is great value for the quality. Additionally, Logoinn provides complete branding packages that include logos, websites, brochure stationery and much more.

Winner: Fivver

Logos from Fivver start at just $5. You may need to spend a bit more time searching for the perfect logo designer, but there is no doubt that Fiverr is a better value for the money. 

Which Logo Design Company Is the Best Pick?

Fiverr offers budget prices and an endless choice of designers, ranging in style, experience and price. Plus, it’s easy (and fun) to browse and navigate Fiverr’s interface. Fiverr is perfect for users that love visuals and don’t mind spending some time browsing.

Logoinn can’t be beaten if you want an all-in-one package for your startup or want to add a touch of refreshment to your company’s logo. It also offers an extensive range of benefits, including: a range of professional logo design packages, unlimited revisions, fast turn around and a 100% money-back guarantee. While both companies offer quality logo design services at great value, Fiverr is our top pick for the best in logo design.

Overall Winner: Fiverr

With Fiverr, there is something for everyone, and a great variety of logo designers that can't be beaten anywhere else.

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